Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270: Disappear

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He had already flown to a distance of less than a hundred feet from the ape king spear.

Looking closely at this ape king spear, I immediately felt a strong sharp air like a bone scraper scraping his skin.

At this time, although he had turned on the first star of the Chaos Eucharist, he still felt a burning pain in his skin.

"How close is this!"

He frowned, which was also thanks to himself, otherwise even a cultivator of the Emperor Realm would not dare to get so close, otherwise it would be torn directly into pieces by sharp air.

He continued to move forward more than a dozen feet, and suddenly his skin began to show a trace of blood.

"Can't go any further! Otherwise it will definitely die!"

Zhao Yuande stopped moving forward.

That day I clearly felt a trace of calling, why is there no such feeling now?

Zhao Yuande is puzzled. Is everything impossible?

He began to glance with the soul, wanting to identify this ape king spear.

But after the identification, only a series of question marks appeared.

What the **** is going on? Do you need the blood of Great Ape King? It is a pity that the killing stick is not in his own hands now.

Should I come to practice the Four Spirit Sticks?

Suddenly this idea appeared in Zhao Yuande's mind. The Four Spirit Sticks method is the great learning of the Great Ape King.

But after all, it is in front of the walls of Baidi City. Although the powerful formation in the city has not been opened, there may be a strong presence that will project the soul of the gods here.

He didn't dare to be too flamboyant, but just urged the spirit concept of the Four Spirit Sticks here.

But the ape king spear still did not respond a little.

Did the spirit fall asleep? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but give birth to this idea.

He simply urged a ray of his soul to explore towards the ape king spear.

The Soul was very close to the ape king spear, and successfully entered the ape king spear.

The inside of the ape king spear seems to be a vast world, and countless terrifying blades go back and forth in this big world.

Just when Zhao Yuande's soul felt extremely shocked and somewhat at a loss, suddenly an extremely old voice came.

"You... you have a breath of master, who are you?" The voice was old, without a trace of vitality, as if it would be wiped out at any time.

Zhao Yuande was shocked, and before he could answer in the future, he felt that the void moved and appeared before a towering high mountain.

" turned out to be the spirit of Wanshan!, although your breath is the same, but the origin is completely different!" Zhao Yuande felt a trace of strong breath from this high mountain, and he couldn't help looking big change.

This breath is good... so familiar! It reminded him of the spirit of Wanshan that he encountered when he was in the lower realm.

He succeeded in ascending with the help of his own field, and now he should be practicing hard somewhere in the fairy world!

The one in front of him is obviously stronger than the spirit of Wanshan!

But if there is no relationship between the two, he does not believe it.

"Spirit of Wanshan... It's an ancient title. I haven't heard this title for hundreds of millions of years!" There seemed to be a trace of recollection in the sound of the towering mountain.

"You..." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of a possibility!

"You are the cultivator of the East Emperor Great World soaring up!" the towering mountain suddenly said.

"How do you know?" Zhao Yuande was shocked, but he was more affirmed with the idea in his heart.

"You must have seen a little guy called the Spirit of Wanshan! That was a little consciousness separated from me in ancient times!" The sound of the high mountain was full of emotion, "I don't know how this little guy is now. Alright?"

"It has soared into the fairy world successfully!" Zhao Yuande heard the other party said, and finally affirmed his guess.

"Even it... How many years have I waited here!" The high mountain sighed softly. "Waiting for my Shouyuan to dry up, it's already desperate! You are finally here!"

"Are you waiting for me?" Zhao Yuande was shocked.

"Yes, I'm waiting for you, the reincarnation of destiny. Although you have lost the imprint of Zhou, but I can feel that it has paid attention to you!" A little excitement appeared in the sound of the high mountain.

"I..." Zhao Yuande sighed. Even if he died once, he still did not escape this so-called destiny, and did not escape the shadow of this universe.

"Don't be excited, since you are here, my fate will be over! When you meet the little guy named Wanshan Spirit one day, you can make it the spirit of this chaotic spear! This is Its mission that can never be escaped!" The sound of the towering mountains slowly changed into nothingness, and finally lost its breath all at once.

At this time, on the outside, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the sharpness of the ape king spear disappeared.

Naturally, he could perceive everything that happened in the ape king spear, and suddenly his body came to the ape king spear, and gently put his hand on the spear.

I felt that this spear actually communicated with my own mind.

With a move in his heart, he pulled the hundred-foot-long ape spear out of the city wall at once.

At the same moment, a powerful spirit swept across the Baidi City.

When it reached the ape king spear, it stopped suddenly.

You should know that Zhao Yuande is covered by the Yinyang Yangtian Mirror at this time. Even the powerful in the fairy land may not be able to find his trace, and although this **** is powerful, it is only a powerful in the fairy land. .

Zhao Yuande didn't do anything forever, and directly moved his heart. The ape king spear turned and swirled into a needle tip and flew into Zhao Yuande's body.

Zhao Yuande's figure flashed to the ground, and then a few flashes disappeared into the open field.

"What!" The strong man was shocked and exclaimed.

Then a figure broke through the void and appeared directly outside the city wall.

He looked at the big hole in the black hole on the city wall, and suddenly yelled.


But in an instant, the entire Baidi City blew up!

The news that the ape king spear was taken away seemed to storm the entire Baidi City.

Several immortal emperors appeared for the first time at the place where the ape king spear was inserted into the city wall.

"Who can tell me how this happened, and why did the ape spear disappear?" A horrified old man's face showed a horrified look.

"The old palace lord, this is weird. According to the elder Shoucheng, it seems that the spear of the king of the apes flew out of the city wall automatically, and then suddenly became the size of the tip of the needle, and suddenly disappeared into the void." An old woman's figure Rickets, but a pair of eyes are snow-white, especially bright in this gloomy rainy night.