Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271: Small Stone

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"I flew out and disappeared in an instant? This is impossible. There is no trace of vibration in the void around me!" The old man with hair shook his head.

"Will it be the descendant of the White Great Ape King, hidden away in secret?" said another little old man in a red robe.

"The Queen of the Great Ape? This is even more nonsense. If there is a big demon within a thousand miles of the demon mirror, it will be alert. The twelve positive and negative yin and yang groups will inevitably capture it!" The old man of Hefa still shook his head!

"In my opinion, there may be humans who have practiced the Great Ape King's exercises and have been affirmed by the Ape King Spear, so..." a strong man who was as fat as a pile of meaty mountains speculated.

"The horse issued an order to scrutinize cultivators with spears for thousands of miles, and once they were suspicious, they would kill them on the spot! The White Emperor City was only allowed to enter or not exit within ten days! Give me all the power to inspire twelve Positive and negative yin and yang large array, thoroughly investigate the end!" The old man of Hefa threw a sentence, directly stepped into the void and disappeared.

The other three strong men glanced at each other, all with sadness in their eyes.

Zhao Yuande had already ran tens of thousands of miles at this time and appeared in a lonely mountain.

He knew that the disappearance of Ape King Spear this time would inevitably cause a big search in Baidi City. The Ape King Spear must not be taken out, otherwise, once found, even the Sun Family and Xuan Ji Sect could not save themselves.

The ape king spear, which should be said to be the spear of chaos, has lost its spirit and has an inexplicable connection with itself.

This connection may be a mission of your own, or it may be the most serious problem you need to face since your rebirth.

What is the connection between Zhou and Great Ape King?

He pulled himself back from the river of time, is it to help the Great Ape King revenge?

Revenge for the Great Ape King, but it must be the enemy against the whole fairy world, the entire heavens and the world, and all the ancient gods!

Zhao Yuande was more shocked when he thought about it, and more frightened when he wanted to!

"Forget it! Don't think about it!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head and said to himself, "After the big deal, decorate the chaos spear, such as plating a layer of gold, so even if it is openly taken out, no one will think that this is Ape King spear."

But even if it is to be used, it will bring back Xuan Jizong, where no one should care.

Everything was calculated, Zhao Yuande looked down at high altitude and found that there seemed to be a shadow of a big city in the west.

"Go there first!"

Soon the sky was slightly white, and Zhao Yuande could see clearly that it was just a small town at the foot of the mountain, but he was not disappointed.

As long as there is a teleport in the city, he can hire someone to send messages to Sun Yang in the White Emperor City, otherwise the character of this guy may be mad.

The city was small, he flew directly into the city, and landed on one of the widest streets.

There was silence in the city at this time. Although there were many shops on the street, none of them opened the door.

Just when he stood in front of an inn and wanted to knock on the door, the door squeaked and opened from inside.

"Son! You're so early, sit inside!" A young boy looks at Zhao Yuande, and he smiles and smiles.

"What city are you?" Zhao Yuande entered the inn and sat down on a chair outside, throwing a few fairy jade to the teenager.

"Thank you, son! Thank you, son!" The young boy took Xianyu's eyes and immediately hurried back, "If you return to the son, this is Vientiane City, because it is backed by the Vientiane Mountains, so it gets its name!"

"Vientiane Mountain Range?" Zhao Yuande frowned. He was really unfamiliar with the site of the Baidi Palace.

"Your son, you are here for the first time!" The young man looked at the words and saw Zhao Yuande's look, he knew that he should have never heard of the name of the Vientiane Mountain Range.

"Well! Tell me about it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"This Vientiane mountain range is our largest mountain in Baihezhou, the most famous of which is the ruins of the ancient ruins of Vientiane Xianguo. After so many years, there are still powerful people who have harvested in it! Just three months ago, one A beautiful fairy also got a million-year-old fairy grass from the ruins. It is said that it was bought on the spot at a high price of 30 million! And..."

"Anywhere else besides the ruins?" Zhao Yuande hurriedly frowned and interrupted, as the teenager said.

"Luoyue Valley, Flame Mountain, Qixing Cave, Dark Abyss... There are more than a dozen dangerous places inside! Of course, the most dangerous thing is one of the three dangerous places in Baihezhou, the Stygian God Cave. It is said that several dangerous places entered into the exploration. In the end, only one escaped. It is said that when the fairy emperor escaped, his body was dripping with blood, the fairy armor on his body was torn, and he had a handful of blood-red long hair in his hands!" , As if he was there at the time.

"Hey! Little stone, you are bragging again!" An older man came up and said to Zhao Yuande, "Son, don't listen to him talking nonsense, he knows what!"

"Humph! Zhang Feng, you have to demolish my desk again! I have no nonsense, this is my grandfather's grandpa... Anyway, I don't know how many generations of grandfather, my old ancestor personally helped the fairy emperor to At home, Immortal Emperor also left a treasure from the Stygian God Cave in my home!" The little boy called Little Stone swelled.

"You took out the broken stone and showed it off many times, and several powerful elders carefully reviewed it and said that it was just an ordinary stone!" The older man gave a contemptuous smile.

"Zhang Feng, I fight with you!" Little Stone rushed towards the other party with open teeth and claws.

"Go to you!" Zhang Feng is 16 or 7 years old, and obviously very powerful.

Zhao Yuande just glanced at it, and he knew that although the other party had not practiced, he already had a vast sea of blood, which was stronger than the small stone. I dont know how many times, he just pulled him out of the distance.

"Okay! Little Stone, I am very interested in your baby, or you will take me to see it." Zhao Yuande saw the little stone and rushed up, suddenly stopped him and smiled at him.

"Ah! Really?" Little Stone jumped up excitedly when he heard this, turned his head to make a face to Zhang Feng, and then said to Zhao Yuande, "Go! Son, I will show you!"

"Son, don't go! He is cheating." Zhang Feng shouted at the figures and found that Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

The two walked through the streets, and soon appeared in a small alley.

The small stone pushed open a somewhat worn door and shouted at it: "Sister, someone came to see our baby!"

"Little stone, what do you do if you don't go back to work?" A young girl in a plain cloth dress walked out beautifully and saw the little stone falling for a while, "I said it earlier, our house Stone is just a thought, not a baby, you have to... uh, see the son!"