Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275: Hit Me

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The three-tailed wolf's other paw swept fiercely on Shi Xiaotian's shoulder.

Shi Xiaotian's shoulder was suddenly covered with blood, and he was flying backwards a few feet away with a person, breaking a big tree.

"Xiaotian!" Shi Xiaozhu saw that his brother was injured and wanted to rush up to see it, but he felt a terrible strong wind attacking body.

"I slaughtered you!" Unexpectedly, Shi Xiaotian rushed up from the ground with a roll, and rushed back with a long knife.

Brother and sister two wars against three-tailed wolf...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nod.

The food he made for his sister and brother has greatly improved their flesh and is stronger than the body of the three-tailed wolf, so he assured them to fight.



After a hard battle, the two finally beheaded the three-tailed wolf.

At this time, the three-tailed wolf could not see the original look, and was almost split into meat sauce by the two!

"This battle is pretty good, but there are a few battle points you still need to master, first is the fear, and second is the weakness of the beast..."

Zhao Yuande once again explained a lot of knowledge to them in this battle. The two listened to nodding one after another, and their eyes all showed the light of wisdom.

"Continue, I hope you can make progress next time!"

Zhao Yuande took them back to the sky to find the target.

Three days later, both of them seemed to be reborn, their eyes sharp and sharp.

Every day he will make the hunted beasts into food, strengthen their flesh, and let them transform from inside to outside.

Shi Xiaotian no longer has that kind of image of a childish inn, Xiao Er, who has become a brave young man.

And Shi Xiaozhu no longer bowed his head, nor worried about his peculiarity being discovered, from a little shy girl to a slim girl.

Of course, their cultivation practices have also grown rapidly. In just three days, they have also been raised from the blood-sea **** fetal realm to the Lingtai pregnant **** realm.

This is of course the birth of the spirit of fairy spirits, and there is a lot of potential in the two people. It is also the reason why Zhao Yuande has taken them to walk on the edge of life and death in spite of the hard work these days.

"Not bad! Not bad!" Zhao Yuande looked at them and nodded constantly.

"Master! I don't know where you took us to hunt today?" Shi Xiaotian looked at the master with great anticipation.

Shi Xiaozhu's purple eyes are also shining brightly.

"Take you today to see what a true cultivator is and let you know how cultivators should get along." Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Isn't the master the real cultivator?" Shi Xiaotian wondered.

"Let's go! You will know when you go!" Zhao Yuande did not take the two out of the city this time, but took them to a tall pavilion.

There are not many tall buildings like this in Vientiane City. At first glance, it is a relatively powerful place in Vientiane City.

On the pavilion, there are three big characters, Jubao Pavilion, shining.

"Oh! The three of you are here. I wonder if you will come to my jubaoge once a month's auction event?" As soon as the three arrived at the door, some guys walked up with smiles on their faces.

"Good! Take us there!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

During this time he also knew something about Vientiane City.

This Jubao Pavilion was opened by the owner of Vientiane City and has a good reputation.

The lord of Vientiane City is a strong man in the early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm. It is said to be a distant relative of a strong man in the White Emperor Palace.

And his Jubao Pavilion sounds luxurious, but the low-end route is taken, and most of them are some spiritual tools and spiritual grasses, which cannot attract too powerful cultivators.

Generally, it is only those practitioners under Emperor Realm who patronize here.

The guy looked more respectful as soon as he heard it, and led the three to the depths of Jubaoge.

After walking into the courtyard, he appeared in a beautiful garden.

At this time, the courtyard was already full of beautiful seats, and there was a huge building moored in the sky above, and a fan window opened, which was more than enough.

The seat is much free, and Zhao Yuande took the two of them in a remote corner to sit down.

"When you are here, talk more and talk less, and don't argue with others indifferently!" Zhao Yuande whispered to Zhao Yuande.

"Well." Both nodded seriously. What the master said was truth in their hearts.

"Hey! Boy, here is our brother's position." Just when Zhao Yuande's words just fell down, there was a harsh voice in his ears.

The three mentors and apprentices looked up at the same time, and they saw two big men with three big men and three big men, looking at them with a bad look on their faces.

These two strong men are world-cultivators. They hold their arms, and their thick and muscular muscles make people feel terrified when they look at them.


Both Shi Xiaozhu obviously felt a terrible sense of oppression, shock and worry on their faces.

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande waved to the two, beckoning them to rest assured.

And cast a glance at the two apprentices, which means to see how the master handled it.

Both nodded and watched the master's every move with attentive attention.

"Two, I know there is nothing wrong, these seats should be able to sit casually! You see there are many empty seats around these two, you can sit casually." Zhao Yuande's smile on his face was calm, a calm attitude. .

Shi Xiaozhu's brother and sister watched the master still calmly and unhurriedly facing the strong man, still calm and uneasy, and they all felt admiration.

"Fuck you! Boy, don't slap you here, Lao Tzu, slapping you! Believe it or not!" The man who spoke earlier, his eyebrows raised, his face flicked, with a smiley expression. Looking at Zhao Yuande.

"Boy! You're doing this and teaching apprentices. It's really laughing uncle!" Another sneer sneered again and again, "Hurry up and give up to Laozi, these two white and tender young apprentices, Laozi taught you."

"Hey! Good! This little Ni water is tight, at first glance is a little chick, come and accompany the uncle happily, the uncle teaches you the real magical power!" Previously the big man looked at Shi Xiaozhu, his face showing a lewd look .

Shi Xiaozhu heard that these two big men were so arrogant, they couldn't help but step back again and again, his face turned pale.

"" Shi Xiaotian stood up and guarded her sister, her body trembling.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed heavily and turned to look at the two disciples, with a very heavy expression on his face, said, "I haven't finished what I just said, although don't argue with others indifferently, but When they don't know what to do, we will..."

"Boy! What's going on!" Before Zhao Yuande's words were finished, the big-faced man interrupted him. "Are you going to beat me? Come, I will give you a chance to beat me Right!"