Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: A Boxing Kill

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A big man with a big face, tearing off his upper body clothes, and suddenly showing steely muscles, he hooked his fingers on Zhao Yuande and then patted his chest.

That means, hurried to greet this place.

"Hey! Fight, you won't have a chance if you don't fight again!" The other big man also smiled.

What happened here at this time has long attracted the attention of many people who participated in the auction around.

When they saw the two big men, their faces suddenly changed slightly.

"These two guys are the ground snakes in our Vientiane City, Xue Ba, Zhu Qiang! They must be looking at each other as being low, and they are going to bully people."

"They are bullying men and women, and they are full of vices, but why the master of the city does not say that they are expelled from the city, and they are also arrogant here."

"Hey! You don't know, it is said that these two are the inner disciples of the nearby Blast Palace, and the master of the city can't afford to provoke them!"

"The Palace of Blast... That's the biggest force in the world, and it is said that there is a trace of contact with the White Emperor Palace."

"No wonder no wonder... The Lord Lord doesn't want to offend this blast palace!"


Zhao Yuande naturally also heard the comments of the people around him, and the actions of the two had already angered him.

The other party's good mood to discipline his disciples was completely ruined all at once, and he heard that this kind of evil-doing guy immediately sentenced them to death.

"Everyone, since he asked so actively, wouldnt it seem unnatural if I didnt do it!" Zhao Yuande looked around and finally fell on the two disciples, "You also see me clearly, if someone asks you When this kind of demand is beaten, dont hesitate any more and just let them die!"

At the same time that Zhao Yuande exited with a dead word, he also punched him in the chest with a punch.

Seeing Zhao Yuande shot, the big man originally wanted to grin and sneer a few words, but his complexion suddenly turned pale in the next moment.

Zhao Yuande's punch seemed ordinary, but the big man felt as if an ancient ancient mountain came to suppress himself.

He wanted to retreat and wanted to avoid, but he found that he seemed to be frozen, and he couldn't even move a finger.

"Ah! No..." The big man suddenly burst out with a terrified cry.

The companions around him looked at the big man inconceivably, not knowing what he was going to do. Did he want to ridicule his opponent by this means?

But the next moment, he saw the young man they looked down upon, punching him in the chest of the big man.


The big man's body flew into the sky, and before his body flew out, he exploded and burst into a blood mist!

"You... you dare..." Dahan's companion looked at this scene inconceivably, he subconsciously wanted to yell out loudly.

But at this time, he suddenly saw a colorful sword flying out of the opponent's hand, shooting directly at his head.

Before he could dodge, he was directly penetrated by the colorful sword.

"Did you see it! Once you shot, you must be merciless, and you must kill in one blow!" Zhao Yuande walked to the Han's dead body in a hurry, touched it a few times, and found a storage. The ring was directly thrown to the shocked Shi Xiaozhu, "I will give you a little more, that is, after the kill, you must take all the treasures on them. This is our booty!"

"Oh! Yes, Master!" Shi Xiaozhu took over the storage ring, looked around, and suddenly showed surprise on his face.

"Xiaotian, what are you waiting for? You will find it in the pile of flesh and blood, and you will certainly find it." Zhao Yuande waved to Shi Xiaotian again.

Shi Xiaotian froze for a moment, glanced at the **** flesh, and couldn't help but reveal a bright light in his eyes. He rushed over and rummaged for a while.

Sure enough, a storage ring was also found inside.

"Master! There is really one, there are a lot of immortal jade in it, we sent it!" Shi Xiaotian ran back holding the ring, to be handed to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, keep it for yourself!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, frowning slightly. "I will teach you a little more, even if you get the treasure, don't say it. Look at your sister!"

"Oh!" Shi Xiaotian was reprimanded, still with an excited expression on his face.

By this time, the people around him were sober from the shock and cast their incredible eyes on Zhao Yuande.

Even in the building above, several powerful spirits glanced at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande has always been calm, like Mu Chunfeng.

Even the strongest man on the building ship was the strongest in the early days of the Emperor, and there was basically no big threat to him.

"Oh! This is the disciple of Zongmen, so powerful!"

"One punch to kill Xue Ba, one sword to kill Zhu Qiang! Horrible, terrible!"

"Although this man is very low-cultivated, he may have been obsessed with tempering his flesh. Just now I felt that there was a mountain of suppression in the punch, so Xue Ba did not have the strength to fight back!"



After listening to the various discussions, Shi Xiaotian's face was full of pride, this is his master!

She smiled even more on Shi Xiaozhu's face. Her heart was full of longing for the future, hoping that she could really be as powerful as she dreamed. Only in that way could she save her parents and be able to...

For Zhao Yuande, this is just a small episode.

But at this time, a grey-haired middle-aged man in the city's main palace suddenly became very gloomy after hearing the news.

"This is bad! These Xue Ba and Zhu Qiang are the inner disciples of the Blast Palace, and their masters are the elder Simon of the Blast Palace. Although this elder is only a strong man in the Divine Emperor Realm, Extremely short-term protection, if this person knows that his disciple died here, he will definitely be furious, maybe he will even blame himself!"

"You! Send me a letter to Elder Simon at the Temple of Blast immediately. He said that his disciples were killed by a young sect. To push this matter clean, don't let him anger to our main palace! "

"City Lord, can I not go!" The men who came to deliver the letter turned pale. The elder Simon was a lunatic. Didn't he send him the letter to death?

"No! Go right away!" The city master's eyes stood up, and a cold, murderous intention swept across.

"Subordinates go right away!" The city master immediately turned around and left.

What kind of evil I have created, I originally wanted to invite merit, but I didn't expect disaster to fall from the sky...

At this time, the auction of the Jumbo Pavilion officially began. A plump, very expected beautiful woman wriggled her charming waist and walked in front of everyone.

She gently cleared her throat, cast a wink on everyone, and smiled: "My sons and boys, our seniors, our auction has officially started. This auction has several treasures from the remains of the Vientiane Fairyland. , Don't miss it!"