Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277: Auction

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Seeing the appearance of this beautiful woman, someone immediately started to talk about it.

"This is the concubine's 26th house concubine's concubine like smoke, the waist, the chest... Gee..."

"Well, if it is heard by the people in the main palace, it will be bad!"

"Impossible! We are guests, they still want to earn our fairy jade!"

"It's superb! It's a pity..."

"Hush... I can't really say that!"


Zhao Yuande didn't feel much after listening to the debates all over the place, but Shi Xiaozhu was frowning, looking at these people who spoke lightly and showed disgust.

"The two of you have remembered that immortal world is so big that any kind of person may encounter it, don't be too happy!" Zhao Yuande warned, "It's better to say in this small place, because they are afraid of my relationship, You won't care about you! But if you go to Ayutthaya, then the fairy will walk around the street, and even more powerful people will be able to meet you. If you show this expression again, maybe someone else will kill you directly without saying anything! "

"Can't be like this! Killing people for a look?" Shi Xiaotian looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

At this time, Shi Xiaozhu nodded secretly, convinced of Zhao Yuande's words, because they had experienced such a scene just now.

The two didn't have any grudges against them at all, just looking at them alone was like coming over and bullying them. If they weren't strong masters, maybe they would be killed here today.

"No matter where you are, the strong will be respected. There is no reason for the strong to kill you! Therefore, before you have enough power and sufficient background, you have to be careful, and you have to be trembling!" Zhao Yuande's voice was severe. The two people nodded and said yes.

"Our first lot is a top-level Lingbao cold moon blade, this cold moon blade... with a base price of a thousand pieces of middle-grade immortal jade! Now bidding!" Enchanting Ruyan held a hand at this time The short knife with a crescent-shaped shank explains its extraordinaryness.

"One thousand five! I have one thousand five!"

"two thousand"

"Two thousand five..."


"Four thousand five!"

Eventually, the price stopped at 45,000, and no one wanted to increase the price.

The price of a top-level Lingbao Avenue is already a bit high.

"Okay! This man, the top-level Lingbao Hanyue Blade of four thousand five is yours!" Ru Yan gave Hanyue Blade with a smile to the waitress who was waiting nearby, "Send it to this man Le Xianyu!"


"Next, let's take a look at the second lot, which is a five-grade spirit grass, Jinhuang grass...the base price is five hundred middle-grade fairy jade!"


Dozens of things have been auctioned in a row, and some of them are good spirits. Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuande also shot them.

Most of these elixir levels are not high, they are all four or five grades, and they cost a few hundred pieces of top grade jade.

"The next is the boutique auction! There are a total of six things in the boutique auction, and the last one is necessary even for the powerful in the fairyland. If the one who can shoot it back and give it to the elder Shimen, maybe he will get the elder. Heartfelt!" Ruyan's charming eyes were like a continuous discharge to the audience.

"Come on! I can't wait!"

"Good! Then we started to buy the first product, a broken piece of fairy treasure!" Ruyan raised a long knife with a third less than the tip of the knife, but it was a scrap, but But it releases a kind of terrifying killing.

"This is a sword from the ruins of the Vientiane Fairyland, but it is not from the ancient times, but it is left by the powerful who later entered the exploration. Although the tip of the knife has been lost, it is still very powerful! The base price is a thousand high-grade fairy jade!"

"Wow! It's really a broken first-class Xianbao, among which there are Xianbao Yuwei, if I succeed, I will definitely be able to double my strength! I will give you a thousand and one-hundred-grade Lingyu!"

"I've made fifteen hundred high-grade fairy jade!"

"Laozi out of three thousand! Who dares to grab with Laozi!"

"Humph! I'll give ten thousand!"

When this price came out, everyone suddenly showed an incredible look!

Want to know that one hundred thousand can buy a real first-class fairy treasure, and buy the defective products at the price of one hundred thousand, is it cost-effective?

"Ten thousand and five!" Suddenly a voice came from the building ship.

Fifteen thousand!

Everyone in the garden below closed their mouths!

Fifteen thousand is not a small number. I am afraid that an ordinary Emperor Realm can't produce so many top-grade fairy jade.

Seeing the silence around, there was a hint of surprise in the smokey and charming eyes.

"This adult gave 15,000 top-grade immortal jade. If you have no objections, this incomplete one-piece immortal treasure belongs to this adult!"

There was silence all around, but just as Ruyan wanted to declare his belonging, suddenly a faint sound came from the corner.

"Twenty thousand!"

At the same time, everyone turned their attention to Zhao Yuande, his eyes full of shock and incredible.

At this time, even the sister of Shi Xiaozhu beside Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little dazed.

Why did the master spend 20,000 fine grade jade to buy this knife with a broken tip?

"I'm out of thirty thousand!" There was a little silence, and the voice on the building ship sounded again.

When the price reached 30,000, everyone at the scene felt something was wrong, and began to talk about it.

"What! Are they crazy? Does it cost so much money for a defective product?"

"Is there any secret hidden in this broken knife?"

"Impossible, this must have passed the hands of the Lord of the City. If there is any secret, the Lord of the City will have discovered it!"

"Then why do they produce so many fairy jade for a broken knife?"

"do not know!"


Zhao Yuande's face showed a hint of hesitation.

"Master, there are some fairy jade in the storage ring I just got, or you..." Shi Xiaozhu saw Zhao Yuande want to take this broken knife, afraid that his fairy jade is not enough, and hurriedly handed over the storage ring .

"Yes, Master, I have it here too!" Shi Xiaotian also hurriedly learned something and reluctantly handed the storage ring to Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! You are calculated, but how can I lack this immortal jade, please keep it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly laughed.

He just wanted to see the reactions of the two disciples, but he didn't expect them to be willing, which shows that his vision is really good!

"Fifty thousand!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, not caring.

"Five thousand! He is crazy, right! This is already the price of half a piece of Xianbao!"

"Absolutely crazy! Does he have hatred against the one above?"

"It is possible!"

Many people's eyes looked at the top of their heads at the same time, their eyes strange.