Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279: Stepped On

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True Dragon family!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but move his heart, but the True Dragon family was inextricably linked with him in the lower realm.

Long Qingtian in the lower realm is his friend. They are known as the True Dragon Clan, but they are only humans with true Dragon blood after their marriage with humans!

The Yun in the chaotic sky seal is the heir of the true dragon and the true descendant of the true dragon family.

The real dragon family now appears, do not know whether it belongs to the former or the latter category?

But whether it is the former or the latter, he will try to get in touch.

"Since you are so frightened that Yunlong wants to fight, then I'm welcome! Thousands of top grade immortal jade!" Yun Shaofeng seemed extremely angry, directly pulling the price to one hundred thousand!

"Eleven thousand high-grade fairy jade!" Long Jingyun's voice is still very firm!

Ruyan below saw the two men carrying, suddenly smiling as if they were a flower, the higher the price of the auction, the more rewards she received.

"Huh! Fifteen thousand! I don't believe that you, the true dragon clan, have the power to fight against me with their long and persistent gasps!" Yun Shaofeng snorted coldly.

"160,000!" There was a slight tremor in Long Jingyun's voice.

"Two hundred thousand! If you have the ability, you will give me follow-up, I am missing everything Shaofeng does not lack immortal jade!"

"Two hundred and ten thousand!" When the price came out, everyone clearly felt that the other party's voice was not quite right, and it seemed that his voice was a little hoarse.

"Three hundred thousand! Come on! Continue to add ten thousand!" Yun Shaofeng's voice was obviously full of ridicule.

"Hey!" In a room in Lou Chuan, a young man in white lightly sighed, shook his head helplessly, his face full of bitterness, he said to himself, "What a pity! I clearly saw the real baby, But there is not enough fairy jade to start, this has to be said to be a kind of sorrow!"

"Young Master, forget it! Our True Dragon family is just the time to accumulate strength. We really can't afford too much fairy jade to buy this treasure, we can only give it up!" A young man in white clothes stood tall next to him His middle-aged man, his breath is extremely powerful, especially in the flesh, he can hear the blood like a surging river.

"It can only be so!" The youth in white nodded.

"What's wrong? Why didn't you say anything, didn't you want to fight with the Master of the Palace?" Yun Shaofeng's unscrupulous laughter echoed throughout the audience, but the dragon Jingyun of the real dragon family never said anything. .

"The Master of the Young Palace is domineering! Three hundred thousand... Gee, it is really rich!"

"The young palace is mighty! The young palace is mighty!"


Suddenly, the sound of horse farts in the field.

"Okay, okay!" Yun Shaofeng flew out of the building at this time, standing in the void, squeezed his hand gently against the crowd, and finally looked at Ruyan, "Ruyan, not yet Announce the attribution of this bead?"

"Oh!" At this time, Ruyan was shocked by the price of 300,000 top-grade fairy jade. Hearing Yun Shaofeng's words, this reflected it.

"Since no one bids anymore with the Young Palace Master, this source bead belongs to..."

"Slow down!" Just as Ruyan was about to announce the ownership of this bead, a discordant voice sounded in the field, and Zhao Yuande raised his hand, "I'll give out 300,000!"

" this person, he...he dare to confront the young master?"

"Don't he die? Even if he can clap his hands, can he take it away?"

"However, this person does not seem to be simple. He beat Xue Ba with one punch. This kind of force is absolutely terrible. Maybe some people also have powerful forces behind them, and they are not afraid of Yuntian Palace!"

"Not bad! Not bad! It's really possible, let's watch the show!"


"It's you? Who the **** are you?" Yun Shaofeng had noticed Zhao Yuande when he killed the two.

"Don't care who I am, if you have immortal jade, just increase the price. If not, just give up!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Yun Shaofeng, who seemed to be flying high in the sky, and his eyes were disdainful.

"Good! Good!" Yun Shaofeng naturally saw this disdain, and almost rushed to kill Zhao Yuande, but he still resisted. He decided to crush his opponent on wealth first, and then humiliate the other party.

"Since you want to play, I will play with you! Five hundred thousand!" Yun Shaofeng directly raised the price to half a million, and now no matter what the value of the thing, the contention is just a breath.

"Five hundred and ten thousand!" Zhao Yuande spoke slowly.

"Six hundred thousand!" Yun Shaofeng added another one hundred thousand, and he gritted his teeth.

"Sixty-one thousand!" The voice was still dull.

"Nine hundred thousand! I have nine hundred thousand!" Yun Shaofeng's eyes were bloodshot, and flames were beating in his eyes.

"Ninety-one thousand!" This fairy jade is nothing to Zhao Yuande.

He was like a billionaire at this time, and Yun Shaofeng was like a millionaire. The gap between the two was not a little bit.

"I... I'm out of a million!" Yun Shaofeng felt that his head was about to be blown out, and his body was a little shaken in the sky. One million was his entire net worth, and there were still a million Father let him purchase the funds of elixir!

If he spends all these immortal jade on this so-called source bead, I don't know if my father will slap him to death!

But he can't care about so much. In the face of so many people, he can't lose, absolutely can't lose!

But then the dull voice made him collapse!

"One hundred and ten thousand!" Zhao Yuande still maintained that smile.

But Yun Xiaozhu's younger brother behind him was short of breath at this time, and his hands were holding the chair nervously.

Who are their masters?

"What... this is incredible!"

"He is going to make the young palace master crazy! Has he thought about the consequences?"

"What consequences? People can produce so many fairy jade, naturally have powerful forces behind them, maybe they are still the disciples or young masters of the five forces!"

"Absolutely possible! Only this explanation..."

"It seems that Master Yun was trampled by someone today..."


"Okay! Okay! Okay!" Yun Shaofeng's face turned green, and he was speechless.

He originally wanted to stand in the sky to accept the worship of all people, admiration! But now he found that the following people looked at their own eyes as if they were looking at a fool!

"Shao Gongzhu, don't be angry, you come back first!" A voice of Yun Shaofeng's guard came from the building ship.

Yun Shaofeng reacted, and hurriedly flew back into the cabin.

Yun Shaofeng was miserable, and Ruyan excitedly sent the beads to Zhao Yuande in front of him.

A pair of her beautiful eyes kept sweeping on Zhao Yuande's body, and her heart was a hundred times.

"Closed! One hundred and ten thousand!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the beads in his hands, then flicked his fingers gently, and a storage ring fell into the other's hands.

As the Soul of the Smoke dived into the storage ring and saw the number of fairy jade in it, his face suddenly showed excitement.