Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Toast Without Eating Fine

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"Damn, this guy really thought he was something!" The Jinyi man ate a closed door soup, his stomach full of anger had no place to send, just wanted to lift his foot to kick the abominable gate in front, but was pulled by Jiang Tianyue Too.

"It's okay, I had expected his attitude long ago, but what I want from the Jiang family can't be guaranteed with his strength! Let's go and see!" Jiang Tianyue was not angry, but just smiled coldly. Smile, turn around and leave.

"Jiang Tianyue, you want to calculate that I'm still far away. What about the Jiang family, are you stronger than the Ji family?" Zhao Yuande thought that Ji Yuling was now under his own hands, and he also listened to his own words. It was enough to deal with Jiang Tianyue as a little ninja!

After Jiang Tianyue left, no one came to patronize the world's first food. Zhao Yuande knew that it must be Jiang Tianyue's ghost, but her ability to bear Zhao Yuande was clear, and he did not regard him as his opponent.

Soon after the time passed, Zhao Yuande felt that on the street not far away, a powerful wave of spirits came from a strong man in the realm of Sixth Realm Heavenly King Realm. Heavenly King Realm is already the last heavy part of Sixth Realm. The meaning of I am king in the field, this state has basically condensed the prototype of the inner world, the next step is to enter the world!

This kind of state is considered to be a strong man in the entire Zhongyu, and no one can compete in the world.

Zhao Yuande twitched his lips and quietly dived into the shop opposite the world's first gourmet. When he saw that the old man in the white robe of the Ji family was still drinking tea in Youzaiyou, his heart suddenly settled down. The old guy is his way of dealing with a strong enemy.

"Boom boom!"

There was a knock on the door. Zhao Yuande did not let the black bears come out, but walked up to open the door.

Jiang Tianyue and the Jinyi man came outside the gate, but behind them was an old woman with a gigantic face.

"Zhongtian, is this shop?" The old woman leaned on a leading cane, but her body was straight, and turned to look at the Jinyi man and asked.

"Aunt Zu is here!" The Jinyi man replied very respectfully, but when he turned to look at Zhao Yuande, there was a trace of pride in his eyes.

Jiang Tianyue looked at all this but didn't speak, only looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with a hint of sarcasm.

"Shop, we want to eat inside today!" The old woman's face did not show an aggressive momentum, but secretly a powerful force of gods and souls rolled towards Zhao Yuande.

"Cough! This predecessor, there are already VIPs in our shop today, and we can't entertain others in accordance with the rules!" Zhao Yuande smirked in his heart. His spirit is now comparable to the world's strongest. Can't afford any storms.

The old lady saw that Zhao Yuande didn't change her color under the crush of her own soul, and she couldn't help but look at him again. She felt that the teenager in front of her seemed very uncomfortable.

"You are lying!" Jinyi Youth came out with a sneer at this time, "We bought the first place early in the morning, and no one will come today!"

"I believe it or not!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a trace of panic.

"Brother Zhao, I know you have opinions about me, but you can't treat this senior like that!" Jiang Tianyue walked out slowly and smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande. "Well, I apologize to Brother Zhao for your courtesy. You let us How about going in?"

"Okay! I accept your apology!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Jiang Tianyue, still shaking his head enough, "but I really have VIPs here, I can't break the rules!"

"You... toast without eating fine wine!" Jinyi youth shouted angrily, "My aunt is about to become a strong man in the world, and just returned from the front line with the demon clan war, you dare to be so negligent Her old man, this is a kind of provocation to my Zhongyu Union!"

"What I said is true, and besides, I am not a member of Zhongyu Union. Zhongyu Union can't control me!" Zhao Yuande's complexion was obviously a bit pale at the moment, and it seemed that he was not right.

"Well, Brother Zhao, don't hold on! Zhongyu Alliance is a behemoth that even our Jiang family dare not ignore. You can talk a little bit like this! Now open the door to let us in. I think this senior will not be angry , Otherwise you have to be careful!" Jiang Tianyue looked at Zhao Yuande's expression and felt that he had the upper hand and began to threaten.

"What I said is true! I don't believe you!" Zhao Yuande pushed the door open.

Everyone really saw a 15- to 16-year-old girl sitting among them, shaking their heads and tasting the fragrant tea.

The Jinyi man pushed away Zhao Yuande, strode in, and took a closer look at the girl. His face suddenly became angry!

"This is clearly a small attendant in your shop. You deliberately don't want us to come in!"

"It's so deceiving!" The old lady heard this and couldn't help but look cold. She strode across the table and sat directly across from the girl, pointing at the little girl, "Hurry and let this man off!"

The man in Jinyi walked proudly to the old lady, helped Jiang Tianyue pull a chair, and the two sat down.

Jiang Tianyue looked at Zhao Yuande somewhat meaningfully, hoping to see regret and confusion on his face.

But when her eyes touched Zhao Yuande's face, she found that the other party's panic had just disappeared and replaced it with a kind of gloating!

She suddenly felt that something was wrong. She knew the character of Zhao Yuande very well. She thought about it before and after, and thought, Is this girl the saint of the underground demon clan? Has Zhao Yuande already turned to the underground demon clan, Is there an underground demon backing?

However, she swept back and forth on the girl's face a few times, but found that there was no place for the demon saint in the intelligence.

"You dare dare to say that I am a servant! Zhao Yuande hurriedly drove me out of this old lady, otherwise Ms. Ben will be crazy!" This girl is Ji Yuling, she was raised by Ji's parents since she was a child Growing up in my heart, no one dared to tell her in person that she was a servant, but she dared to tell her to get away.

In addition to Zhao Yuande can surrender her, she is not afraid of anyone else! How dare someone humiliate her so much now, her elder lady's temper is really saying that she would turn her face.

"You... you stupid girl who doesn't know what to do, you dare to scold the old body like this, and the old body must not pinch you today!"

Ji Yuling faced the magic cloud transformed by the soul, without any fear, but instead sneered again and again.

"Uncle Zhang hasn't shot yet!" Seeing Moyun about to press on her head, she glanced coldly at the void, "If you don't, I will use the forbidden device!"

At this time, the old man in white in the shop opposite the world's first gourmet sighed.