Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280: Declining True Dragon Clan

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Zhao Yuande turned his head and handed the 1.01 million bead to Shi Xiaozhu.

"Closed up! This has certain benefits for your understanding of Kendo." Zhao Yuande's actions instantly shocked everyone present, even many of the strongmen in the building ship.

Especially Yun Shaofeng, is stunned!

"This... this Nima is too shocking! People bought it for more than 1 million, and even left it to the apprentice!"

"I also want to worship him as a teacher!"

"It's so happy to be his disciple! Just now it was one hundred thousand, this time it was one million..."

"This is the gap!"

"Yun Shaofeng is a dreg compared with him..."

"Don't stop me, I want to learn from the teacher!"


"Master...this..." Yun Xiaozhu held the bead in his hand, and an incredible light appeared in his eyes.

"Don't talk too much! This is a gift for your teacher!" Zhao Yuande waved her hand and interrupted her.

Actually what is this! The imperial stone obtained from other people's family is worth thousands of times higher than this, or even higher...

Although Zhao Yuande accepts the two as his disciples, he still feels a little owed to the sisters and can spend more fairy jade for them, and his heart will be more relaxed.

"Thank you, Master!" Shi Xiaozhu knelt on the ground.

"Thank you, Master!" Shi Xiaotian saw her sister kneeling and hurriedly fell to the ground.

"Okay! Let's go home!" Zhao Yuande swept the sleeves casually, and then swept the two of them.

He strode out of the courtyard and out of the Treasure Pavilion.

The sister and brother followed in a hurry.

"Interesting! Really interesting!" Long Jingyun took the middle-aged man and flew out, chasing in the direction of Zhao Yuande, "I must explain to such an interesting person!"

"What! Long Jingyun chased out? Is he going to intercept this person?" Yun Shaofeng also wanted to catch up just now, but beside him there are two guards at the top of the emperor's peak, he feels enough to win the other party.

However, Long Jingyun caught up, and it was not easy for him to shoot!

Although Long Jingyun is not as rich as his own, but his strength is stronger than himself, and the middle-aged big man beside him has a strong atmosphere, I am afraid that he is a strong in the Divine Emperor Realm!

Zhao Yuande felt that someone was coming behind him, and immediately turned his head.

He saw the two coming from the sky. One of the young men was heroic, and there was a sense of arrogance in his body, but this person did not feel proud.

The other person is a middle-aged man. He is breathless like a sea. Zhao Yuande feels the blood in the other party so far away that he can even hear the rumbling sound of the other party.

He knew that this human flesh was several times more powerful!

If he now faces the duo, even if he does his best, he will not be an opponent.

However, it would not necessarily be the case if the **** king Zhenyu Ding was given a blow!

"Brother in front, I want Long Jingyun to ask you to have a drink. I don't know what you think?" Long Jingyun saw the doubts and vigilance on Zhao Yuande's face at this time. Road.

"Oh! It was Brother Long! Then respect is worse than obedient!" Zhao Yuande showed a very interested look on his face. He originally wanted to contact the real dragon family, but he didn't expect the other party to talk to himself first, so better!

"Please!" Long Jingyun smiled when he saw Zhao Yuande so happy.

"What! Long Jingyun is not going to kill the man, but to invite the man to drink!" When Yun Shaofeng got the news, a smile appeared on his face, "Okay! Just let them eat and wait for Long Jingyun After we left, we took the boy down. All the treasures on him were mine. I want to strip him and hang it on the gate of Vientiane City..."

They quickly found a restaurant and sat opposite.

"I don't know the brother Gao's name, he is a disciple of Hemen and Hepai!" Long Jingyun observed Zhao Yuande and found that the other party seemed to be a bottomless pond, unpredictable.

"Oh! My name is Zhao Mingyuande, but a disciple of Xuanji Sect!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal his identity. He also wanted to see the other party's reaction.

"It turns out that Brother Zhao was a disciple of Xuan Jizong!" Long Jingyun heard the three words of Xuan Jizong, and suddenly his face showed a reasonable expression. He arched his hands, "In Halong Jingyun, the young people of the real dragon family Patriarch!"

"The real dragon family, I have been famous for a long time! In the ancient times, the real dragon was one of the overlords of the heavens and the world. At that time, the real dragon family was infinitely beautiful! However, after the real dragon fell, the real dragon family fell. It is really a pity! "Zhao Yuande said casually, he seemed to know the real dragon family very well."

"Hey! Yes, we say it is the true dragon family, in fact, it only has the blood of the true dragon! The true dragon family's decline is irreversible, unless there are now heirs of the true dragon, otherwise..." Long Jingyun is only Zhao Yuande's knowledge Profound, followed by constant sighs.

"Oh! Isn't there any Immortal Emperor in the True Dragon family now?" Zhao Yuande deliberately tried.

"Don't talk about the fairy emperor, even the fairy is still alive!" Long Jingyun felt that the person in front of him was very destined. This was not a big secret, and he said it casually.

"I have heard a rumor about the real dragon heir!" Zhao Yuande lowered his voice mysteriously.

"What rumor?" Long Jingyun heard Zhao Yuande's words, and his eyes lit up instantly.

At this time, not only Long Jingyun, even the middle-aged big man behind him, suddenly opened his eyes and felt that he was short of breath.

"I heard that several major forces in Xifengzhou united with the Pantheon, and the lower realm of Bajing Palace entered the ancestral dragon realm and explored the realm of the real dragon! It is said that some people have seen the real dragon's parent and child, Yun!" Zhao Yuande looked around. , Said this in a low voice.

"This..." Long Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. His eyes suddenly showed a sharp light, and there was a murderous intention coming out of his body. His voice also became a little cold. "Brother Zhao, how do you know this?" Yes?"

"Brother Long, don't be nervous. I was originally from Xifengzhou. In fact, it was only in recent months that I came to Baihezhou from Xifengzhou to worship under the door of Xuanji Sect!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand to signal that the other side should not be nervous.

"Is this true?" Long Jingyun heard Zhao Yuande's explanation and immediately believed a few points!

"Is there any benefit to cheating you?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile. "If I didn't look at Long Brother, it would be impossible to say such a thing."

"Just a moment ago, Yun Yun was reckless, I will pay brother Zhao!" Long Jingyun took a drink in a glass.

"Okay! I dont blame Dragon Brother for being nervous. In fact, Xifengzhou is now closely connected with the lower realm. The twelve ascendant fairy city opens, and there are many powerful lowerbounds of Xifengzhou, so I got a lot of news about the lower realm, a few of them Its about the true dragon family and the phoenix family. Will Brother Long listen?"

"Yes! Yes! Please also tell Brother Zhao!"