Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281: Sky Leizhu

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It was a day and a night when the two chatted together. Zhao Yuande told the other party a lot of news about the lower realm. Naturally, he also got the specific situation of the real dragon family in the realm from the other party's mouth.

The Zhenlong family is now just like a storm, their mountain gate is at the junction of the three forces of Tianyi Palace, Sun Family and Baidi Palace.

Because their ancestors used to be real dragons, there are many true dragon secretaries who inherited them, so they have coveted by countless powerful forces.

Fortunately, they are adjacent to the Phoenix family, and there are inextricable links between the two families. The Phoenix family now has two immortal kings sitting in the town, so they can deter the Quartet.

However, there has recently been news from the Phoenix clan that an ancestor, Shou Yuan, of their clan is about to fall. This news not only makes the Phoenix clan feel panic-stricken, even the true dragon clan feels that something is wrong.

If this fairy ancestor died, only one fairy monarch would be left, it would leave many great forces without scrutiny, and it might be the time for the destruction of the true dragon family.

Long Jingyun came out at this time, just to try his luck. He wanted to enter the ruins of the Vientiane Fairyland to see if he could find a fairy medicine that could continue his life for the Phoenix ancestors.

"Shouyuan dried up? This matter has a solution!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help laughing.

"What! What do you say! Do you have an elixir of increasing Shouyuan? Can you sell it to me!" Long Jingyun heard Zhao Yuande say this and stood up excitedly.

"No... Brother Long, listen to me!" Zhao Yuande motioned to the other person to sit down and continue, "Recently in our Xuanji Zongfang City, there is a **** chef. With the news network of your true dragon family, you shouldn't get it yet. News, but you should know if you can inquire."

"Shen Chu? What does this have to do with increasing Shou Yuan?" Long Jingyun's face was puzzled.

"You listen to me!" Zhao Yuande said, "The cuisine made by this **** chef is unparalleled in the world. It is said that at that time, the old man of the Sun family, Shouyuan, who had dried up, made a soup of Siling Zengshou, whose main ingredient seems to be Siling Shengzhi, and the longer the vintage, the better!"

Although Zhao Yuande wanted to help them, things like Si Ling Sheng Zhi needed them to find themselves, otherwise they would definitely delay their practice if they searched for such things everywhere.

"Siling Shengzhi!" Long Jingyun heard the name, and he was immediately pleased. "I seem to remember that there is a 30,000 year old plant in my family's treasure trove, or the ancestral ancestor's life is left!"

"Okay! I think as long as you stay in this four-spirit holy sage, and let the ancestor of the Phoenix clan Shouyuan dry up, there should be no problem." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for bringing us such important information!" Long Jingyun finally got up and bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande to salute.

"Thanks to Mr. Zhao!" The middle-aged man was also grateful.

Regardless of whether the **** chef can really extend the life of the Phoenix ancestors, but Zhao Yuande's kindness they wrote down!

"Okay! It's not too early. Brother Long, you should go back and prepare now!" Zhao Yuande didn't dodge, but really received this worship.

"Brother Zhao, this thing is for you, maybe it will come in handy." When Long Jingyun was leaving, he handed Zhao Yuande a black bead.

"Sky Lei Zhu? And it's also Tian Lei Zhu of God Emperor Realm!" After Zhao Yuande took the bead, he immediately felt the unparalleled terrible power contained in it.

He knew the information of the bead at a glance.

"Well! To Brother Zhao! I think that Yun Shaofeng and another strong man who is bidding for the broken sword with you are very hostile to you. They should shoot you. This thing should be useful to Brother Zhao."

"Thank you!"

Zhao Yuande thanked.

This Sky Thunder Bead should be able to instantaneously blast any strong man under the Divine Realm. It is a bead that is condensed by the power of the Thunder when he is promoted to level, as long as he injects spiritual power. Can inspire.

This kind of stuff is commonly found in large families with deep heritage.

Looking at the back of the two, Zhao Yuande sighed softly, then waved to the two disciples and said, "Let's go! Let's go back."

The two have been standing by Zhao Yuande just now. Hearing that Zhao Yuande is talking about the world, their hearts are also undulating. They want to go out and see what the magnificent fairyland looks like.

Their hearts are full of longing, longing for Zhao Yuande to leave Vientiane City immediately.

Before they returned to the Shi family, Zhao Yuande felt that he was being targeted.

He simply did not leave, and stood directly in the middle of a large road, turning his head to look in a direction not far away.

"You two, be careful. If I fight, you will have to protect yourself. You must hold this Sky Leizhu first. If you have an irresistible strongman, you will be directly excited!" Zhao Yuande quietly handed Tian Leizhu Give Shi Xiaozhu.

Shi Xiaozhu held Tianleizhu tightly, and his hands were oozing with sweat.

"Haha! Boy, you finally came out! Today I want to see, what the **** do you have to dare to grab my treasure!" A cold-faced middle-aged man with a grinning smile came out of the street corner, stepping towards the step by step Zhao Yuande came over.

An early strong in the emperor! Zhao Yuande saw the other party's cultivation behavior at a glance.

If he did not leave Xuanji Zongfang City before, he would never be the opponent of this person, but now he has opened a heart in his body, and he can contend with the other party only by his physical strength.

So he felt that the other party was there, and he was not afraid to see him appear.

But he knew there was still a powerful force lurking in the dark, and there were even many powerful people hidden in various buildings around him.

If these people all appeared, he might be able to fight with two hands, and Shi Xiaozhu's younger brother was still around, he might not be able to take care of him.

So what is needed now is a kind of deterrence, it is best to let them back out!

"Huh! Are you here to find death?" Zhao Yuande flipped his palm, and a small Ding appeared in his hand. He grabbed Ding's foot and flicked it. The foot of the small Ding changed into a stone mill.

"Oh! No wonder you have this confidence. It turns out that there is a treasure in your hand that can be changed! But a treasure in every area cannot close the gap between us. You can die for me!"

The cold-faced middle-aged big man stepped on the ground violently, and suddenly the ground on his soles sunk, and countless spider-like cracks spread to all directions.

The big man's body seemed to be a hurricane, swept all around, and then came to Zhao Yuande.

He opened his hands wide and patted Zhao Yuande's head directly.

"Die to me!"