Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282: Soft Water World

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The big man came out with a swift change, and hurricanes appeared around the world as if to destroy the world.

Numerous houses and shops around, and even the people inside were torn to pieces by the terrible hurricane.

Just a blink of a person or two as the center, hundreds of feet into a flat ground, a good end of a building area disappeared.

Such a big movement suddenly attracted the onlookers of countless people. Numerous practitioners suddenly appeared in the surrounding void.

"This guy is too cruel to be paid! So many innocent lives have been killed by him!"

"That's some mortal people, even the city owner doesn't care, what kind of mind do you fuck!"

"It's over! The man is dead, and all the treasures must have been in his pocket!"

"This person's fine and airy road, a few slippery, I am afraid that even if he is a higher level, he can't catch him!"

"No, let's take down his disciples! Their bodies are..."

"good idea!"


"Master... Master, he won't..." Shi Xiaotian looked at the terrible hurricane in front of him, and there were many unwilling gazes, and his face was pale for a while.

"No! The master gave us this thing, indicating that he has a powerful life-saving means!" Shi Xiaozhu spread his palms, and the skylight bead appeared.

As soon as the bead came out, almost everyone stepped back subconsciously.

"Tianleizhu...damn! Almost hurt by your kid! This shows a bad idea!"

"Oh! Boss, I don't know they still have this kind of thing on them!"


"Bang!" Just as everyone looked different, there was a muffled noise from the hurricane.

In the next moment all hurricanes disappeared at the same time, and a figure flew out of the rushing field, and banged directly in front of everyone.

Everyone took a closer look. This turned out to be the body of the middle-aged big man. At this time, the big man's head was smashed by people. The dead can't die anymore!

Zhao Yuande walked slowly and touched the middle-aged big man to put away his storage space.

"Who else!" Zhao Yuande looked around for a week, and his eyes were full of Senlin's intention to kill.

Those strong men who were just eager to try just now can't help but take a breath when they see the miserable state of the middle-aged man.

They came into contact with Zhao Yuande's pair of murderous eyes, and the body shuddered, and hurried back and back.


Suddenly there was a round of applause.

Yun Shaofeng walked around the corner, and behind him stood a powerful old man.

Zhao Yuande frowned when he saw this old man's eyebrows. This old man exhaled a powerful breath that made him suffocate. He turned out to be a powerful emperor.

"How is it, kid! You have the ability to defeat my guard!" Yun Shaofeng looked at Zhao Yuande provocatively, and looked at him constantly.

"Don't come close, if this little palace master is close to you, he will detonate Sky Leizhu directly!" Zhao Yuande was too lazy to see this Yun Shaofeng. Although the other party was the pinnacle of the world, he couldn't walk in front of him. one move.

He gave orders to the two disciples, and then he focused his attention on the old man.

"You...very good!" Yun Shaofeng ignored Zhao Yuande at all, and suddenly his face became extremely ugly. He said coldly to the old man, "Old Zhang, I'm beating this child, but don't kill Fall! I want to devastate his disciples in front of him! I want him to regret against Yun Shaofeng, I want him to be born into this world!"

Zhao Yuande glanced at Yun Shaofeng coldly. The murderous intention in his eyes made the other party's heart cold. He took a subconscious step back.

"Young Master, rest assured! This son is strong on the tripod in his hand. In front of my Rou Shui Avenue, he cannot escape!" The old man called Zhang Lao looked at Zhao Yuande with a proud smile on his face. .

"Really?" Zhao Yuande preempted, and the speed suddenly accelerated, as if a flash of light, and then came to the old man, and the **** king Zhen Yuding in his hand slammed toward the other party.

"Hey! Boy, you are dead!"

Suddenly a blue brilliance wafted around the old man. Zhao Yuande found himself appearing in a huge water at the next moment, and the earth under the sky above him disappeared.

His tripod fell, as if hitting a soft water curtain, instead of causing any harm, it also produced a strong force of rebound, which shocked the **** king Zhenyuding directly.

Zhao Yuande already knows that he has fallen into the other party's mood.

This is an illusion simulated by the old man through his comprehension of the Avenue of Water and his powerful power of gods and souls.

At this time, the old man stood less than three feet away from Zhao Yuande, with a contemptuous smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Boy! Fall into my soft water world, take your cultivation as an example, it is simply impossible to leave, so you should not resist in vain!"

Zhao Yuande knew that the easiest way to crack this soft water world was to kill the other party, but the old man and himself were separated by layers of water curtains. If he continued to hide, he might not only break these water curtains, but also Fall into it.

His body vigorously urged God King Zhenyu Ding, and suddenly urged the maximum weight.

"Give me!" Zhao Yuande waved the **** king Zhenyu Ding, suddenly turned into a mountain-like size and overwhelmed the old man and suppressed the past.

"Hey! It doesn't matter how big you become. Your strength can't break through my soft water defense. I advise you... Ah!"

Just when the old man was proud, he instantly felt a pressure that was even heavier than the mountains, coming from that great tripod, squeaking his soft water world.

"This... how is it possible! The weight of this honor... is too heavy!" The old man no longer cares about hiding, but pours all his fairy power into the world of soft water.

He was almost distressed and was about to bleed!

This was so much of his fairy power that he almost squandered and made him almost cry.

If you want to replenish these fairy powers, it will take at least ten days and a half months!

You must know that before becoming a strong person in the fairyland, the fairy power that can be stored in the body is limited. .

And as long as it reaches the fairyland, the spirit of the gods can already be merged with the fairy world, and it will become simple to freely request the fairy power and spirit power together.

Therefore, only after reaching the fairyland, can it be regarded as a real powerhouse.