Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284: Sky Tribulation

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A long black arrow was inserted directly into Shi Xiaotian's abdomen, piercing his small abdomen.

Black creates a penetrating Shi Xiaotian's lower abdomen, which still has the strength.

Zhao Yuande directly clamped the long black arrow between his fingers with a pinch.

"Xiaotian!" Zhao Yuande never thought that Xiaotian would stand in front of him at such times.

"Master..." Shi Xiaotian's body came straight back!

He helped Shi Xiaotian and saw that his face was already dark at this time. Obviously this long black arrow was highly toxic!

The opponent obviously wants to kill himself with one blow!

He hurriedly poured the vitality of his body into Shi Xiaotian's body, and flicked the long black arrow straight back.

Long Arrow returned at a faster speed than before, and Zhao Yuande poured his immortal power into him in a hurry.

The long arrow shot into the tall building just now, exploded with a blast, and blasted the entire tall building into a fly ash.

A figure rushed out of it, disgraced and disoriented.

He was holding a long bow in his hand, and there was a horrified look on his face.

The poison in Shi Xiaotian's body was repeatedly washed away by Zhao Yuande's powerful vitality, and he was forced to the wound and turned into a blood arrow to spray out.

Zhao Yuande saw that Shi Xiaotian's complexion gradually became good-looking, and rushed towards the man who shot the arrow with his figure.

I originally thought of picking a cheap one, but I didn't expect that stealing a chicken wouldn't kill rice. Instead of picking a cheap one, I was hurt by the shock wave of the arrow explosion.

Now seeing Zhao Yuande's eyes that wanted to kill, he suddenly showed a horrified look in his eyes, and he turned and fled.

"Humph! Can you go?"

Zhao Yuande flicked a colorful sword light with his fingers, and the speed of the sword light was faster than the other side. I don't know how many times, but he will be split from the beginning in a blink of an eye, and blood will be sprayed out of the internal organs.

"Xiao Tian!"

At this time, Shi Xiaozhu rushed out of the damaged building with Yun Shaofeng's head in his hand, and saw Shi Xiaotian's pale complexion. His face suddenly changed, and he threw the **** head directly.

"He just got hurt, it's okay, you take care of him!" Zhao Yuande gave Shi Xiaotian to Shi Xiaozhu, his eyes looked around.


He snorted, and waved out the **** king Zhen Yu Ding, which was crushed directly towards a building not far away.

"Run away!"

The God King's Prison is as big as a mountain peak, and this time it is suppressed, and it directly covers a radius of thousands of feet.

Before being escaped, several figures were crushed and turned into powder.

These cultivators are all hidden in the dark coveting the treasures of Zhao Yuande's body, the vast majority of cultivation practices are in the world!

"I'm not going to roll fast, otherwise I will kill!" Zhao Yuande looked around, his eyes overflowed with murderous opportunities.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's words fell, a large group of practitioners fled from the surrounding buildings.

"This little friend, don't go too far..." A middle-aged man in gray walked out of a tall building not far away.

This man has long blond hair scattered, eagle hooked nose, and a gloomy face as if it is going to rain, which makes people feel cold and ruthless at first glance.

Zhao Yuande instinctively felt that a crisis was coming. This person was more powerful than the old man in Yuntian Palace. He didn't know how many times he was. His breath blended with heaven and heaven. He seemed to have achieved the unity of heaven and man.

"Lin Yuan, the master of Vientiane City, the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm..."

"City Master Lin, am I going too far? These people come to kill me, I can't catch my hand!" Zhao Yuande stared at each other coldly, so he had no choice but to use...

"Don't quibble!" Lin Yuan shook his head. "Just now I destroyed a tenth of the buildings in Vientiane City. I don't know how many innocent people were killed. If you don't give me a statement today, I will not let you go without giving an explanation to the whole city."

"Humph! You are the city's main lord. You don't come out to stop the battle as soon as the battle takes place. Instead, you wait until the battle is over and you come to the end. Do you think I don't know your idea?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

What kills innocent people, the other party is completely nonsense!

Those ordinary people had escaped from the city when the battle started. Now the rest are all thieves who want to covet Zhao Yuande's possessions. It can be said that Zhao Yuande killed them.

"The city master is too lazy to quibble with you, now I will give you two ways, one is to make compensation, I let you go, and the other is to let me kill you!" Lin Yuan did not care what Zhao Yuande said, just glanced coldly at him , The palm is already secretly accumulating power, ready to kill the opponent with one blow.

Zhao Yuande sacrificed the **** king Zhenyu Ding, and did not directly attack the other party, but instead immediately took Shi Xiaozhu and Shi Xiaotian's younger brother in the Ding.

"You stay in the Ding honestly, don't act rashly!" Zhao Yuande passed the message to the two.

Lord Lin Cheng was suddenly stunned by Zhao Yuande's weird behavior. What was the other party doing?

This is a bit weird. How do I feel a crisis is coming?

At this time, not only Lord Lin, but also countless people watching around felt a bad hunch.

"Since Lord Lin, you want to fight, then I will fulfill you!" Zhao Yuande's body was shocked, and the air that was blocked in his body was released at once.


Suddenly there was a dull thunder in the sky, a bright electric light struck the sky, and I didn't know when the whole world was surrounded by a terrible darkness.

"This is..." Lin Cheng's face changed dramatically.

Just before he said what it was, the thunder in the sky fell like a rain curtain.

Thunder was thick like an arm, and it was chopped down alive in this way, almost half of the Vientiane City was instantly enveloped by the Thunder.

"Sky Tribulation! He even caused Sky Tribulation! Ah..." Someone not far away exclaimed, and was hit by a thunder next moment, and instantly became coke.

"Fly away... Heavenly Tribulation is irresistible!" All the practitioners shrouded in Heavenly Tribulation only reacted at this time, offering their most powerful life-saving tricks one after another, and fled wildly outward.

Everyone is equal in Heavenly Tribulation, no matter what your cultivation behavior is, as long as you dare to enter Heavenly Tribulation, you will be transformed into your own Heavenly Tribulation. The power of Heavenly Tribulation will be adjusted according to your cultivation level.

Therefore, when a person goes through the sky, even if you are a strong man, you dare not come close!

Of course, when your cultivation base has reached a certain level, such as the fairy king, Heavenly Tribulation is just a form.

Because most of the Heavenly Tribulation is actually monitored by the Central Immortal Palace in the Central Immortal Territory!

Once Xiu Wei reached the fairy monarchy, there was a roster in the central fairy palace, so it would not be easy to let the heavenly disaster come down.

It was like when Zhao Yuande was in the field of crossover, there was an illusion of a fairy coming to fight him. That was the thunder king of the central fairy palace.