Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285: Lin Yuan Died

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"Little beast!" Lin Yuan was struck by a thunder, and suddenly his body was scorched black. While he tried his best to resist the terrible thunder bombardment, he stared at Zhao Yuande angrily, his teeth clacked, and he seemed to eat Zhao Yuande raw.

"City Master Lin, don't blame me, I'm just helpless, who told you to force me!" Zhao Yuande faced Tian Lei, with a faint smile on his lips.

His flesh is powerful and unparalleled. The Daotian Thunder cleave not only did not cause him any harm, but was absorbed by the black vortex that turned frantically inside the body, turning into pure Thunder's power, gathering towards the palm of the spirit. past.

He is to use Heaven Tribulation to accumulate power and open the second star!

As long as the second star is turned on, his power will increase again, although it is still not necessarily the opponent of this person, but it should be no problem to escape calmly.

His current strength is equivalent to that of an early emperor's strongman. If he uses the chaos spear to kill, he can kill the emperor's peak strongman.

However, in the face of Divine Emperor Realm, the opponent is indeed able to blend in with Heaven and Dao, and his sense of danger is greatly improved. He basically has no chance to kill the opponent.

As long as the other party escapes, the matter of getting the Chaos Spear will be exposed, and even the Xuanji Sect and the Sun family will not be able to save themselves.

"Little beast, I won't let you go!" Lin Cheng's body fled when he flashed.

How did Zhao Yuande let him run away, with a strong physical strength, as if his body was chasing after each other with an electric light.

As they chased and fled, the Heavenly Tribulation went away with them in an instant, and those survivors who survived the Thunder, one after another, were ascended and fled out of Vientiane City.

They dare not step into this life, this is the source of their nightmare in this life.

You know, things like Heaven Tribulation in Immortal Realm do not lead to Heaven Tribulation after reaching a certain cultivation level in the Lower Realm. Ordinary people will not encounter it in this life.

Of course, ordinary people are also unable to cultivate the realm of fairyland, which is the dream of a cultivator.

And there are a few geniuses who can be mixed in Vientiane City, I am afraid there is no one!

Therefore, these people have never seen Heavenly Tribulation. After being baptized by Heavenly Tribulation, they are full of fear for the future cultivation. When they think of encountering this terrible disaster in the future, they are all shaking.

Lin Yuan is a **** emperor, flying faster than Zhao Yuande, I dont know how many times, but he dare not fly at this time!

The sky was like rain in the sky, he flew up again, wasn't he looking for death?

So he can only run with his legs!

But in this case, Zhao Yuande couldn't be run at his speed.


Lin Yuan's face suddenly changed when he heard this sound!

A bronze mirror above his head was actually shattered alive by Heavenly Tribulation, but this is the strongest second-grade immortal treasure in his body. It is a powerful treasure that he has accumulated for so many years in exchange for the fortune, but he did not expect it to be destroyed. Amidst Heaven Tribulation!

At this time, his heart was full of remorse. If he had no money fanatics just now, he would not have such a problem when he came out to pick up the cheap.

"Stop! Stop!" Lin Yuan's complexion changed, and finally there was a hint of pleading on his face. "I confess, as long as you don't chase me, I will promise you whatever conditions!"

"Anything promises me?" Zhao Yuande is a hundred feet away from him and keeps a certain distance from him to prevent this guy from jumping into the wall in a hurry.

"Anything is promised! I can give you this Vientiane City!" Lin Yuan was anxious, and Tiancai didn't know when it would end, so he would have to run out of his old books!

"Then I will..." Zhao Yuande dragged his tone!

"What do you want?"

"It's your life!" Zhao Yuande smiled indifferently.

Fighting snakes is not dead but hurts them. If you let go of each other today, you will inevitably bring endless trouble in the future.

"I'm fighting with you! Give me death!" Lin Yuanqi's complexion turned blue, and the huge body world behind him emerged, directly suppressing towards Zhao Yuande.

At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to be shrouded in this huge inner world, even the sky-tribulation in the sky seemed to be a little smaller.

However, Zhao Yuande had long expected this, his palms were shining brightly, and a mammoth ancient world crashed into Lin Yuan's inner world.


The two illusory big worlds collided together, and the Abyssal World just broke one tenth of a blink of an eye.

However, this time is enough for Zhao Yuande, and his body flashed out of the scope of the world's repression in the other party.

Lin Yuan saw that the blow was unsuccessful and turned away.

It was only at this moment that he was struck by several thunders again, and his hair was all scorched.

Zhao Yuande sneered and caught up again.

This is the case for the two of you. You flee and chase me, and you flee and flee, and a dozen breaths away.

Lin Yuan was scorched all over at this time, with a flavour of meat all over his body.

At this moment, the thunder in the sky suddenly stopped, and the black clouds above his head gradually faded away.

"Haha! Boy, your death is here!" Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment, then ecstatic.

The two were very far apart at this time, and his body jumped violently, culminating towards Zhao Yuande.

At this time, although he consumed a lot of power, the fairy power accumulated in his body was not used at all, and now a little impulse is incredible!

But at this time, Zhao Yuande looked like a fool, watching the rush from the sky, the whole body turned into a terrible barbaric dragon, Lin Yuan with open teeth and claws.

Just as a claw of a barbaric dragon transformed by Lin Yuan was about to catch Zhao Yuande's head, there was suddenly a roaring wind in the sky.


Lin Yuan was cut directly into two halves by an invisible wind blade, and the two halves of the body suddenly fell in front of Zhao Yuande.


Lin Yuan made a terrifying howl!

If he didn't care about the end of the catastrophe, he would kill Zhao Yuande in a hurry, and he would never be hit by this invisible wind.

Although his physical strength is not as good as that of Zhao Yuande, but it has also been refined for many years, although it may not be able to block the wind blade, but if it is guarded, it will never fall to such a point if it uses spiritual power to protect the body.

"Fuck me!"

Zhao Yuande stepped on this foot at this moment, as if a sky dome fell directly.

Lin Yuan's huge pain at the wound at this time came, and the power in the body was extremely chaotic, even if he wanted to resist Zhao Yuande's attack!


Zhao Yuande directly stamped his head into a rotten watermelon.

Lin Yuan's head shattered, and the dead couldn't die anymore, and the world inside collapsed suddenly.

Countless world forces overflowed everywhere, and pieces of treasure were ejected from his broken inner world.