Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287: Tian Donger

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He entered the inner world of his own soul, and released the younger brother Shi Xiaozhu who was detained under the prison of the **** king.

This inner world is his new inner world. Although there are mountains and water and various birds and animals, there are no other people.

Although Shi Xiaotian was shot through the lower abdomen by poison arrows, but under the repair of the powerful vitality in Zhao Yuande's body, he is basically good now.

"Master!" When they saw Zhao Yuande's soul, they suddenly stayed and came to salute.

"Okay! This is my inner world, you can live in it temporarily, and I will take you out after I finish other things, you..." Zhao Yuande waved at them and asked a few words before leaving the body. world.

After finishing this matter, Zhao Yuande's body flashed, and a broken and disfigured Vientiane City appeared.

He sat on a high mountain outside the city, intending to enter the other side of the world to see his relatives and friends, as well as his daughter!

But the next moment there was a slight shock in the void in front of him, and two figures came out of the void.

One of them is Sun Yang, and the other is someone he couldn't even dream of.

Mrs. Tian? Why did she appear here?

"What! You... you just broke through to the late stage of the world! What the **** is going on?" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande and rushed over with excitement. He looked at him up and down, his face even more incredible.

Hearing Sun Yangs words, Mrs. Tian hurriedly set her sights on Zhao Yuande, which didnt matter, and was shocked.

In just ten days, not only was he promoted to the world realm, but also reached the later stage of the world realm, the opponent's accumulation is so strong that it is beyond imagination.

"Oh! I'll talk about this later!" Zhao Yuande waved at him and turned to look at Mrs. Tian lightly, "Ms. Tian, why are you here?"

"Actually... Actually, I wanted to ask my son to do me a favor! So I followed Master Sun Shao." Mrs. Tian's face even showed a little disturbed look at this moment.

Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Sun Yang, and when he saw that he nodded gently, he felt relieved.

"Huh? What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"My daughter is born with a yin yin venous vein. From childhood to big time, he spends all the time in pain. The son can extend the life of people who have dried up their lives, can improve their cultivation for them, and can open strange physiques...I think...I want to please The son helped me heal her!" Madam Tian showed a miserable look on her face, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of anticipation.

"Brother Sun, how is this going to happen? How can she know the identity of my **** chef?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but send a message to Sun Yang.

"Oh! There is really no way! This woman is too shrewd. From the clues and some inquiries, you have been identified. Otherwise, how can it be given to you to inherit the jade run... I can't stand the pressure of the family, Only then exposed your identity. But he still thought you came from the Central Immortal Territory, did not know that you are a disciple of Xuan Jizong." Sun Yang's helpless transmission.

Mrs. Tian on the side, you seem to know that the two are communicating, and she does not speak, just looking at Zhao Yuande with expectation.

"This...Okay!" Zhao Yuande was really helpless. He collected the other party's inherited jade rune, and the value of that inherited jade rune was too high. He really didn't know how to reject the other party, so he only Can agree.

"Thank you, son!" Mrs. Tian Yingying said, "Please also ask the son to see the little girl immediately!"

When Mrs. Tian waved her hand, a yellow-faced girl appeared in front of him.

At this moment, the girl's body was shaking slightly, her teeth were biting her lips tightly, but there was a kind of perseverance in her eyes.

The girl is an ordinary person who has never practiced at all. She seems to have a thin bone as if she is thin. Standing there might be taken away by a gust of wind.

Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw the girl.

He could feel that the girl was suffering a terrible torment at this time. The girl could endure this torment, and there was no despair in his eyes, but a kind of perseverance!

The determination of this woman's will is rare in the world. If you can practice, you will definitely have great achievements.

"Dong'er, how are you feeling? I found a famous doctor for you, and you will be fine soon!" Mrs. Tian is no longer the master of the Holy Lady Building, but a mother who cares about the child.

Her voice was soft, and a faint mist rose in her eyes.

"Tian Dong'er, mortal, daughter of Tian Shang, the elder of the White Emperor's Palace, absolutely cold and cold..."

This physique! Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning.

"Mrs. Tian, do you know what your daughter's physique is?" Zhao Yuande got the message and immediately asked the other party.

The books he got in the bookstore have only a little description of this physique. With these, he can't make food that solves this physique at all.

"I know! Dong'er is absolutely yin and cold!" Speaking of this physique, Mrs. Tian's face showed a trace of fear. "Dong'er was born this kind of physique. We look for all kinds of strong people There is no way to solve this kind of solution. Even if we have found a few emperors, they all shook their heads helplessly, saying that Dong'er cannot live for ten years!"

"Later, we found an ancient book on the uppermost level of the book city, which recorded a method that used the third-grade fairy medicine to the yanghua plus dozens of precious spirit medicines to make soup, which can help the yin and cold. Extend Shouyuan!"

"Now Dong'er is now 14 years old, and our husband and wife are almost ruining her, but still haven't found a way to treat her..."

"Mother..." Tian Donger's voice seemed to be mosquitoes, and a pair of eyes filled with a sense of happiness.

Listening to the other party, even Zhao Yuande could not help but nodded secretly.

Although this daughter Tian Donger has suffered from childhood, she is happy to have parents who will never give up on her!

In this cruel world of immortal world, there is more than one family fighting, the sectarian competition is cruel, the brothers and masters and soldiers meet each other, and it is common to fight each other!

She is also very lucky to live under the warmth of her parents.

At this time, even Sun Yang on the side couldn't help but move, looking at Tian Dong'er's eyes full of pity.

"Well! I know what you said!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Do you have that kind of supreme flower now?"

"Yes!" Mrs. Tian hurriedly handed a storage ring to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande dived into it, and suddenly found a lot of elixir.

Among them, there are dozens of third-grade fairy medicines to Yanghua.

There are dozens of other elixirs, each with hundreds or thousands!

From this storage ring alone, it can be seen how much they paid.