Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289: Back To The Other Side Of The World

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However, the speed at which he is absorbing the cold now has maintained a balance with the speed at which the cold is escaping from the gate. I am afraid that it is impossible to **** this gate away.

"Sister, your current cultivation position is too weak, and the other party's constitution is too weak. If you want to devour the other party's constitution without any damage, you need to let the black vortex enter her body, enter the blood sea, and face the cold directly. Shasha~" The old man with a white beard was finally uneasy about Zhao Yuande and came out to help at this time.

"Is it too dangerous..."

"Isn't there any danger in wanting to benefit?" The old man with a white beard laughed. "Do you know that if this Hansha body is absorbed by you, it will change into a Hansha bead in your body, You can give this bead to others, or you can change to this physique at any time!"

"What..." Zhao Yuande's mouth widened in shock, and his face looked incredible.

"Don't be so surprised, this is just a small benefit for us to eat Taoism, and there are many things that surprise you!" The white-bearded old man was proud.

"This..." Zhao Yuande really looked forward to it.

If it is an enemy, or can you try it? Forget it, let's talk about Tian Donger first!

With the guidance of the old man with a white beard, Zhao Yuande tried to enter the black vortex in his body through the palm of his hand into the other person's body!

The door of Han Sha's body was constantly absorbed by Zhao Yuande, and he no longer had the strength to release Han Sha's qi.

Tian Dong'er was in a body for a while, without the erosion of the cold, and a never-before-seen sense of comfort suddenly flooded her heart.

She moaned comfortably.

At this time, Mrs. Tian was waiting anxiously outside the door, and suddenly heard a moan from the door, and she couldn't help feeling suspicious.

"Cough! Mrs. Tian, the **** chef's method is not what we can imagine. Don't worry, woman!"

Mrs. Tian nodded gently, perhaps she was too anxious.

The result was no surprise. Zhao Yuande successfully drew that blue door into the black vortex.

After absorbing the black vortex, Tian Donger felt that his whole body seemed to be bathed in warm sunlight all at once, which was extremely refreshing.

She was troubled by this physique as soon as she was born, and she passed through the pain as soon as she was sensible. She never felt what it was like to not feel pain in her body!

Now Han Sha disappeared, and she could not help moaning softly.

Zhao Yuande gently retracted his palm at this time. He felt that the black vortex was still in the vortex without his urging, as if he was digesting the cold.

At this time, Mrs. Tian outside the door heard a continuous moan, and she couldn't help but look suddenly changed!

He dived into the room directly, and suddenly saw his daughter's complexion, gently snuggling in front of Zhao Yuande.

She couldn't care about any more treatment, and pushed open the door of the room, and rushed directly to her daughter.

"Dong'er, Dong'er! Are you okay! Did he bully you, tell the mother!"

Sun Yang was afraid that Zhao Yuande would suffer a loss, and hurried in.

But he saw that Zhao Yuande was convulsing cross-legged, and then he let go of a heart.

"Mother! I'm okay! I'm fine!" Although Dong'er's voice was still very weak, it was very steady and firm.

"What! Hello!" Madam Tian incredulously dived into Dong'er's body.

Suddenly there was ecstasy in her eyes!

The cold gas in the body has really disappeared, and Han Sha's physique is gone! Now all that remains is the body of the absolute shade!

Although this physique is not very against the sky, but the daughter's mentality is definitely not worse than other geniuses.

"Mrs. Tian, I need to rest!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes, and seemed a little weak.

"Good! Son, you rest first, I will come to Zhao Gongzi later!" Mrs. Tian looked at Zhao Yuande, her eyes were filled with gratitude!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande raised his eyelids and responded.

Actually, Zhao Yuande has condensed the Han Sha body into a Han Sha ball at this time. The Han Sha ball floats in the blood sea, waiting for Zhao Yuande's call at any time.

He didn't have any loss, just wanted to use this time to enter the other side of the world and meet those relatives who haven't seen for a long time.

It has only been a few months since he blew himself up, but he felt as if he had left these relatives for many years. At this time, there was a trace of anxiety in his heart and a strong sense of expectation.

He stepped into the other side of the world in one step, and the other side of the world was still as usual.

The scenery is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant.

He saw that in the north, countless hard-working people were cultivating, and there were a few children who were running around in the field.

They are all ordinary people rescued by Zhao Yuande in the Desolate Realm, let them live here, and add popularity to the other side of the world.

He saw a large lake in the east, a beautiful garden will appear in the lake, a fierce battle will appear, and a huge and scary monster will appear again, but these are all unreal.

A group of teenagers squatted by the lake looking at these scenes, with a happy look in their eyes.

"Grandpa Jiao, let's put more!" One of the children made a silver bell sound.


Zhao Yuande remembered this. This guy was met by him in the Time Secret Cave. He didn't want to spend his remaining years in the Time Secret Cave. Zhao Yuande was sent to the other side of the world.

He saw a high mountain in the west with a beautiful figure on it.

The long white dress moved with the wind, and she looked like an elf in the wind.

"Rushen!" Zhao Yuande shuddered.

He was about to step forward, but heard a sound of footsteps coming down the mountain.

"Mother! I know you must be here!" A little girl came up from the bottom of the mountain and saw the beautiful figure suddenly jump forward, "Mother hug!"

When Rushuang saw Xiaoding, her face suddenly showed a smile. She gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and hugged Xiaoding.

"Yi Yi is disobedient, and has come to find a mother!" Ru Shuang Chong drowned and scraped her small nose.

"My mother is thinking about dad again! When dad has gone for such a long time, when will he come back!" Xiaodou wrinkled her nose, and there were crystals flashing in her eyes. "Yiyi missed dad too!"

"Your father is a big hero, he has many things, he..." Ru Shuang said, suddenly stopped, because she saw a familiar figure, walking towards herself step by step in the void.

She rubbed her eyes vigorously and found that she was not dazzled, and her tears could no longer stop falling like a broken pearl.