Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 129

Chapter 129: What Do You Want To Do

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The next moment he directly tears the void and appears in the world's first food.


The old man roared angrily, and the entire street was shaken violently by a tremor. The old lady on the opposite side took the lead, and a spit of blood was directly sprayed by the powerful sound wave. The whole person could not stand still and flew out directly to hit the wall. .

Jiang Tianyue and Jinyi Youth were tumbling over and over again. If the old man did not keep his hand on purpose, the two of them might have been shaken into two pools of blood mud at that time!

"You... you are... Ji Zhang's old Zhang Haoran!" The old lady even knew the uncle Zhang. When he recognized the other person's identity, it seemed that the mouse had fallen to the cat, and the whole body began to tremble.

"Then... her!" the old lady quivered and pointed at Ji Yuling, still asking some unbelievable.

"The granddaughter of the Ji family, our little princess of the Ji family!" Zhang Haoran looked at each other with a sneer. "You dare to insult our little princess of the Ji family, if it is not because I have some friendship with the old man Ma Wenshi of your horse family, I I slapped you!"

The old lady turned over and knelt to the ground, bowing to Zhang Haoran.

"The niece did not know Taishan, and offended the little princess today. Please ask Senior Zhang to punish!" The old lady almost cried. Today, she wanted to help her younger generation to find a place and form a good relationship with the Jiang family. Kicked on the iron plate! No, it's on Iron Mountain!

Jiang Tianyue and Jinyi Youth who were shocked by the fact that they were shocked were suddenly stunned when they saw this scene. They didn't expect this girl to be a real guest!

A distinguished guest they can't afford to offend! They are now able to pretend to be unconscious on the side, they really don't know what will happen next!

"Go!" The old man with white hair jumped out a word coldly.

"Thank you Senior Zhang!" The old woman turned and hurried away with her nephew.

Only Jiang Tianyue was still on the scene.

"Huh! Boy, this little girl from the Jiang family will be left for you!" Zhang Haoran glared fiercely at Zhao Yuande, kicked the ball to him, and then bowed slightly to Ji Yuling, "Miss elder slave returns first Now, when do you want to leave to inform the old slave!"

"Okay, Uncle Zhang, go first!" Ji Yuling waved his hand.

Zhang Haoran stepped into the void and disappeared in place.

Ji Yuling smiled triumphantly at Zhao Yuande and made a victory gesture!

Zhao Yuande gave her a thumbs up, then walked slowly to Jiang Tianyue, who was still pretending to be faint, and lightly tapped a few times on her body to seal off all the spiritual power and meridians on her body, and put an end to the other partys self. Broken meridians blew Dantian's road.

"Miss Jiang doesn't need to pretend, I know you didn't faint at all!"

Jiang Tianyue sighed in his heart and knew that it was planted today.

"Since I planted it in Brother Zhao's hands today, I will kill you and kill you!" Jiang Tianyue rose helplessly, seemingly calmly patting the dust on her body, pretending to be indifferent.

"You invited me to explore the secret realm with you and thought about sacrificing me from the beginning!" Zhao Yuande looked at this woman and thought she was really annoying, but he didn't do it directly or ask for conditions, but asked about this problem.

"It's true, but I didn't expect Brother Zhao's alchemy technique to be so superb that he could refine the Holy Pill. If it weren't for Brother Zhao's physique, you would never be able to get in again, otherwise I wouldn't choose the incapable idiot. "Jiang Tianyue admitted very frankly, but here he spoke of Zhao Yuande's physique in front of Ji Yuling, and his heart was very sinister.

"Really? Miss Jiang, you really opened my eyes! It's not easy for people to be ashamed of you!" Zhao Yuande ridiculed her coldly, but this woman is still lukewarm at this time. , It doesnt matter, I dont seem to care about Zhao Yuande at all, "Well! Even if you admit that you are so happy, then I will also be happy. I will give you two ways to go. First, you will give me the two things you got in the secret realm. , I will let you go, and secondly, I will fight for you with a knife!"

"You dream! I won't give it to you!" Jiang Tianyue looked at Zhao Yuande coldly, "You don't want to scare me, you dare to touch me with a single hair, my Jiang family won't allow you to live in this world Up!"

"Hey! Miss Jiang, you are too naive!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to Ji Yuling who was eager to try around him, "Yu Ling, this woman has given you!"

Ji Yuling walked over with fists and gestured fistingly at Jiang Tianyue: "You are a vicious woman and want to harm Brother Zhao. I won't hit you or kill you today, just let you see someone, if you still If you can't change your face like this, Miss Ben will let you go!"

A bad smile appeared on Ji Yuling's face!

"You...who do you want me to see?" Jiang Tianyue naturally had confidence in front of Zhao Yuande. The behemoth of the Jiang family was not what Zhao Yuande could provoke, but in front of the little princess Ji, her confidence was obviously insufficient. The other partys identity pressure can also kill her. Even if the other party killed herself, the Jiang family might even send someone to apologize. This is the gap between identity and power.

"Black Wind..." Ji Yuling yelled into the back hall.

"Ah! What does Missy tell you!" The black wind ran out, and his upper body was naked* exposed, showing chest full of chest hair, full feet, and a scarlet big tongue licking back and forth on the lips Licking, especially a pair of big hands rubbing excitedly!

"This woman has given it to you! What do you want to do!" Ji Yuling pointed to Jiang Tianyue, her small face could not hold her smile, and thought, Brother Zhao was really bad, this woman must not be scared to death by the black wind!

"You... you can't do this! I am the Jiang family's heir, you will destroy the long-standing friendship between Jiang and Ji's parents!" Jiang Tianyue looked at the black wind, and suddenly frightened back and forth, and was terrified at Ji Yuling. shouting.

Ji Yuling had turned her head now, because she couldn't hold back and started laughing.

"Hey! Little beauty, when you framed the real person, you didn't expect such a day!" The big tongue that the black wind cooperated very well stirred the saliva, the saliva in the corner of the mouth was flooding, and the big hand was pointing around Jiang Tianyue, " Its been a long time since Ive eaten such a young girl. Today Im going to try it. Where should I start with such a beautiful woman? Is it from the thighs or the breasts?"

"Vag..." Jiang Tianyue heard that she couldn't help but disgusted her mouth and gagging. She couldn't imagine what it was like to be eaten a little by someone's car. She didn't even dare to think about it! When I think about it, I feel like my stomach is turning over.

"I... vomit... I promise you, I promise you all the conditions!" Jiang Tianyue finally succumbed, squatting on the ground and continuously retching.