Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290: An Yunlan

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"Mother! What's the matter with you?" Little Dot found that the mother suddenly stopped talking when she said, and always said that her father had something to say.

Xiao Dou seemed to feel something at this time. She turned her head at once and suddenly saw a familiar and somewhat strange face.

"You are...Daddy..." I don't know why Xiao Xiaoyi said the word "Daddy", and the tears in his eyes slipped involuntarily.

Zhao Yuande saw Rushuang, saw his children, and felt the emotions that broke out in their hearts at this moment. He felt that his life was worth it!

"It's me! It's me back! I'm back..." Zhao Yuande hugged the mother and daughter and repeated this sentence for a long time...

Then they returned to the manor, taking advantage of a touching scene where their parents met, and sweet words with several women. These were not expressed one by one.

After a meeting with relatives, after two years of warmth, two days passed.

When Zhao Yuande withdrew from the other side of the world and pushed the door open, Sun Yang was already anxiously waiting outside the door.

"Brother Zhao, you finally came out, how did you recover?" Sun Yang asked with concern.

"Is there anything?" Zhao Yuande looked at him anxiously.

"There is news from Xuanji Zongfang City that the lady has arrived and we should go back." Sun Yang said, "According to an elder of my Sun family, this lady is very promising, I hope we do not neglect!"

"Oh! Even your Sun family said that she is very promising, who is she?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"The elder did not mention this matter in the letter, and we will ask again when we go back!" Sun Yang's face suddenly became a little embarrassed. "That, that, Miss Shen Tu Rumeng, also went a few times, and didn't wait until You live in our Wanxiang Building."

"Haha! Brother Sun, don't worry! I can't eat hot tofu. I want to dry her. The more she feels mysterious, the harder it is to see me. The gratitude to you is the heavier. That's it!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling.

"Good! I all listen to Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang rubbed his hands and looked forward to his face, which really did not match his handsome and extraordinary temperament.

"Well! If you want to hold the beauty back, you still have to improve your cultivation. I will give you two big meals first. You have to seize the opportunity to be promoted to the world. It is best to be able to enter the middle of the world in one go." Zhao Yuande I went back to the room where I was banned from the taste,

Then took out the gluttonous true Lingding, Sun Yang hurriedly gathered up to help deal with the material.

The gluttonous true spirit tripod also has the magical effect of increasing the efficacy of food. After eight hours, the thunder bursts in the sky, after which the thunder gradually ended.

Sun Yangxiu, as Zhao Yuande said, entered the middle of the world.

If the time is not limited, Zhao Yuande will definitely help him to upgrade his cultivation base to the later stage of the world.

Then there is the process of raising the rules and understanding the rules,

"Go! Let's go back!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Good!" Sun Yang showed a confident smile on his face, and his strength has greatly increased. Now his flesh is stronger than the mid-Emperor. If it is not that the soul is not prominent, now he can completely kill the mid-Emperor.

His Qianyuan Immortal Body does not need to be specifically inspired, nor does it have to break through a certain realm, but gradually becomes stronger with the growth of cultivation practices.

In the later period, it is difficult to improve various physiques, and the advantages of Qianyuan immortal body can be reflected.

The two had not yet walked out of Wanxianglou, and Mrs. Tian stopped them.

At this time, a slim and beautiful young girl appeared beside Mrs. Tian.

"Hurry up, Dong'er, thank the **** chef for his life-saving grace!" Mrs. Tian suddenly pushed Tian Donger out when she saw Zhao Yuande.

"Thank you, Son, for your life-saving grace!" Tian Dong'er's voice resembled the sound of spring water, crisp and sweet.

"Okay! Don't thank me, thank your father and mother! Without them, you can't live now, without them you can't get my treatment!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

"Dong'er remember the teaching of Master!" Tian Dong'er hurriedly bowed his head, his eyes bright and colorful.

When Mrs. Tian heard Zhao Yuande's words, her face was even more grateful.

"Practice well and hope that one day you will be able to see you as an immortal emperor, so that your parents can be proud of you!" Zhao Yuande left a sentence, but his body went away like the wind.

"Donger remember!" Tian Donger nodded vigorously, clenching a pair of small fists.

She has made up her mind that if there is one day in this life, she will definitely repay the son who saved herself and the fire.

"This person will definitely become the atmosphere in the future!" Mrs. Tian had mixed feelings in the side.

Zhao Yuande and the two hurriedly embarked on the teleportation array. This time, instead of sending them from Baidi City to Xuanji Zongfang City, they sent them a few times.

However, after reaching Xuanji Zongfang City, Sun Yang was still dizzy.

He looked at Zhao Yuande, who was calm, and could not help shaking his head. Is this the gap?

Zhao Yuande changed his appearance long before he came back, quietly returned to Wanxiang Tower, and entered the back hall of the food court from the back door.

"Brother Sun, please arrange for that lady to come!" Zhao Yuande was sitting precariously.

But for a while, the middle-aged beautiful woman entered the back hall with a gorgeous woman.

The middle-aged and beautiful women are still beautiful and breathtakingly beautiful with every smile.

And the gorgeous woman stood quietly behind the middle-aged beautiful woman, with a trace of curiosity on her face, constantly looking up and down Zhao Yuande.

He glanced at the two souls and the appraisal technique was launched.

The middle-aged beautiful woman still cannot be identified, indicating that the state is too high.

"An Yunlan, the pinnacle of the world, the daughter-in-law of Anjia in the central fairyland, the true spirit of Xuan Bing..."

Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw the identity of the other party. The woman turned out to be the daughter-in-law of the central fairyland.

And the appearance of the two women has some similarities. The relationship between the two is generally the mother and daughter.

In this way, this middle-aged beautiful woman is likely to be Mrs. An in Anjia!

"Sir, you are late!" The middle-aged woman lightly opened her lips, but her face did not mean blame.

"Hey! I'm so sorry, I went out to collect some materials in person, but I didn't expect to come back late." Zhao Yuande just explained lightly.

"Look, sir, this is the material I prepared. I don't know if the sir is satisfied." The middle-aged beautiful woman handed a storage ring.

After Zhao Yuande took it, the soul entered into it, and suddenly found that there were many kinds of materials, even if there were three blood **** stones.

One of the blood **** stones released the majestic blood, as if an ancient barbarian dormant in it.

A piece of ice is extremely cold, and a white phantom is constantly dancing in the blood **** stone.

In the last piece, the blood flashed, and a miniature phoenix was lying on the blood **** stone, seeming to be sleeping.