Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291: Huntianxianfu Trial

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The other materials were twice as much as he requested. Seeing the other party's money is rich, as long as they can be promoted, these are small problems.

"Enough is enough, but there is one more blood **** stone." Zhao Yuande looked at the other party.

"Even if the extra material was given to my husband, alchemy will have to prepare more than three copies of the material, and I am used to it!" The middle-aged woman smiled faintly, and the words were light and uncaring, and she looked careless.

"Okay! Then thank you Mrs.!" Zhao Yuande put away the materials, although he was happy, but did not show it, he nodded slightly to the two, "Since that is the case, please ask Mrs. and Miss to wait outside the hall. !"

"it is good!"

The middle-aged beautiful woman also took the woman away without being wordy.

Seeing the two people disappear, Zhao Yuande's face showed ecstasy.

Each of these three blood **** stones is not an ordinary thing.

He took it out again and identified them one by one.

"Blood God Stone, a stone impregnated by the blood of the ancient demon Kunpeng, can help people understand the ancient demon avenue..."

"Blood God Stone, a stone impregnated by the blood of the ancient demon **** Ice King,..."

"Blood God Stone, Ancient Demon God Blood Phoenix Blood..."

"Kun Peng! Zhao Yuande was terrified in his heart, this blood **** stone must be used by himself! It must be used by himself! What a terrible existence that Kun Peng was in the ancient times, it devoured the heavens and the earth, cut the void, if it could get a devil avenue of it, That's really developed!"

"Although the Ancient Blood Phoenix is extraordinary, it is still too far away from Kunpeng. I will not consider it for the time being. I will keep it for a while!"

"And the ice emperor's piece is in line with An Yunlan just now. Let's take this piece as the main material!" Zhao Yuande gradually calmed down and began to select materials.

"Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Sun Yang.

Sun Yang walked in excitedly and saw Zhao Yuande even more surprised.

"Brother Zhao, do you know who the other person is?" Sun Yang said mysteriously.

"Central Xianyu An Family." Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"You know! How can it be so calm, don't you know what happened to your family?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt.

"Cough! I really don't know Anjia..." Zhao Yuande was embarrassed by the game, but his curiosity was instantly hooked up, "Let's talk! Is there anything in this Anjia worth your fuss about?"

"This home, but one of the eight most powerful immortal emperors in the central immortal palace of the Central Immortal Territory, the family created by the Infinite Immortal Emperor, the Infinite Immortal Emperor controls the south of the Central Immortal Territory, and the wealth is larger than our five forces in Baihezhou combined. There is still money!"

"Innumerable Immortal Emperor! Take charge of the South..." Zhao Yuande took a breath. This is definitely the supreme gangster, one of the most powerful forces in Immortal Realm, and the White Emperor Palace must be respectful and honest in front of his home.

"It is said that this lady An is the housewife of the contemporary Anjia family, and this lady An is the princess of the family, the real golden branches and jade leaves, and their status is very respectable!" Sun Yang's face was a little frowning, "can receive these two, Even our Sun family has a long face!"

"Okay! It's really shocking, but what did their mother and daughter come to Baihezhou? It wouldn't be that I heard that the name of my **** chef came here!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No! No!" Sun Yang said, "Baihezhou and the Central Immortal Territory are endlessly distant. Even through the teleportation array, it will take a few days. Her Royal Highness the Princess came to participate in the trial of the Heavenly Immortal Kingdom a month later."

"Hun Tian Xian Fu Trial?" Zhao Yuande heard another word he didn't understand.

"Okay! I forgot that you came from Xifengzhou." Sun Yang put away his wacky face and explained, "Huntian Immortal Kingdom is one of the three immortal kingdoms of Baihezhou in ancient times. The country is the same!"

"Tens of tens of thousands of years ago, a big man in the fairyland entered the ruins of the Huntian fairyland and discovered a space dedicated to the trial of the prince of the fairyland. Although the danger is extremely dangerous, there is still a trace of life in any case. Is an excellent place for trials."

"Later, several major forces in Baihezhou took control of this treasure of trial and opened one every 100 years to allow disciples in Zongmen to enter the trial. I think your Xuanji Sect will soon be held to compete for the quota of the trial kingdom. Qualifying!"

"What realm does this immortal country trial want to enter?" Zhao Yuande was somewhat expecting by what he said.

"Divided into two trial areas, one under Emperor Realm and one under Divine Emperor Realm! Our Sun family entered each of them with ten places. Of course I am also on the list." Sun Yang said here Excited.

"Okay! It seems that I have to fight for it!" Zhao Yuande calculated that it should not be a problem for him to win a quota.

The two people's speech did not affect the production of gourmet food. After four hours, the gourmet food was completed, and Sun Yang almost drooled.

"Well! This food can only be enjoyed by one person, we can't move! If you want, gather the materials, I will help you make a copy." Zhao Yuande stopped Sun Yang's small action to secretly take a sip.

"Really?" Sun Yang's eyes showed surprise.

"But it takes you to the peak of the world!" Zhao Yuande added.


"Okay! Let An's mother and daughter come in!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other person's disappointed expression and couldn't help a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

No one can eat a fat man in one bite. Even if it is a gourmet, it must be done step by step. Even if it is for Sun Yang, he will not get the Ancient Devil Avenue.

The middle-aged beautiful woman soon took An Yunlan into the back hall.

As soon as he entered the hall, an indescribable aroma suddenly penetrated into the nostrils of the two.

The eyes of the two suddenly light up!

" fragrant..." Mrs. Ann looked at Zhao Yuande's hands full of milky juice and swallowed hard. She asked with some expectation, "This...Can I try it?" "

"No! This kind of food can only be enjoyed by one person, and with the wife's cultivation, it has no effect on eating it! Instead, it wastes the efficacy of the food."

"Mother! You still grab it with your daughter!" An Yunlan on the side glanced at her mother, and Lian Bu came forward and took the jade bowl in Zhao Yuande's hands.

"It's best to take it down immediately, ma'am, you guard your daughter, don't let it bother you, we'll quit first." Zhao Yuande also took Sun Yang out of the back hall without being wordy.

Although Zhao Yuande knew the identity of the other party, he did not show any special emotions. He would reach the realm of Immortal Emperor sooner or later, and he also planned to rush out of this broken world of heavens and go to Xingchenhai to see .

His ambition is high, his goal is the sea of stars, so his vision is wide, and he doesn't have the feeling of looking up to the elders of the fairy world.

On the contrary, there is a sense of arrogance in his heart, because he knows that he will surpass them sooner or later, reaching a height they dare not even think about!