Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295: Duanmu Feiyun

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"Is he the boy who hurt you?" The indifferent young man glanced at Zhao Yuande and asked the two of them lightly.

"Good! Brother Zhou, it's him! I hope that Brother Zhou will teach him for us!" Bai Song's face was grim.

"Since you have surrendered to my elder brother, then I will help you out. After fifteen days of protection for the newcomer, I will challenge him. I will mark him as crippled and then throw it to you!" Its big, and its even more inspiring to talk about it.

However, some people smiled at Zhao Yuande at this time. Li Jingyang was nodding with Zhao Yuande at this time. Only he knew how powerful Zhao Yuande was.

Before the opponent has been promoted to the world, he can abolish the three men of Bai Xiong, Xu Jian, and Jiang Jing. Now that he has entered the later stage of the world, his combat power can be so strong that he can't imagine it.

Anyway, his first disciple outside the door will definitely not be Zhao Yuande's opponent.

Next to Li Jingyang, Ning Xin clenched her fists hard, but she finally let go.

She knows that she is no longer the opponent of the other party now, and then to challenge it must be the end of a pair of panda eyes!

"Good! Good! Good! You can also join the challenge!" The old man was cold for a long time, finally reacted, smiled and nodded at Zhao Yuande, and agreed to his request.

"There are a total of 19 people in this challenge! I think everyone knows the rules of the challenge, so I don't need to say it!" The old man in charge slowly retreated. "Now let's start the challenge!"

"I'm going to challenge Brother Guo Kai on the 198th!" The first came out was a seemingly demure female disciple, her cultivation practice has reached the world's dual true spiritual realm, and walked The steps were heavy as if she carried a mountain on her shoulders, and there seemed to be infinite power under her feet.

"What! Brother Guo Kai! This woman is going to challenge Brother Guo Kai! Isn't she crazy!"

"Yes! Brother Guo Kai is at the top of the world, and although he is ranked at the end of the top ten disciples outside the door, his combat effectiveness can be ranked in the top five!"

"You probably don't know her yet! But you certainly know his name, Duanmu Feiyun!"

"What! She is Duanmu Feiyun! The one who killed the 18 thieves in Beihuang alone and killed 18 thieves together with thousands of robbers?"

"It's her! At that time, her cultivation base was still in the Sixth Heaven Realm, and the eighteen thieves were all world powerhouses..."

"This is a demon... It is the brightest new star at the outer door. It is said that several elders have taken a fancy to her. Waiting to enter the inner door to accept it as a disciple, Brother Guo Kai is in danger!"


Zhao Yuande listened to the discussion around him, but he didn't care too much from time to time. Now, not only the soul swept the Duanmu Feiyun.

"Duanmu Feiyun, the world's second true spiritual realm, Zhenyue body......"

It turned out to be a Zhenyue body!

This woman really is not simple, looking at the heavy steps between walking, I am afraid that her physique has become small, I am afraid that Sun Yang is now comparable.

"Duanmu Feiyun, I have heard of you! But you want to challenge my position is still far away! Since your physical body is strong, then I will use your physical body to defeat you!" A loud voice came from the world Out of a tall, burly giant.

Muscle knots on him are like cast iron and steel, and the whole person is like an iron tower.

Duanmu Feiyun didn't seem to like to talk, just nodded at Guo Kai.


Although Guo Kai said easily, he did not dare to carelessly.

He yelled and punched Duanmu Feiyun across the street.

Duanmu Feiyun's eyes flashed, and she didn't see any movement, but just a plain punch.


The fists collided and made a muffled noise.

The terrible impact swept across the ground in an instant, and the whole platform suddenly had wind and sand, and a hurricane spread all over. The scene was comparable to the end.

Some outside disciples were thrown into the sky by the hurricane because of their strong distance, and then fell down heavily.


A dull roar came, and a huge body stepped back and forth on the battle platform until it reached the edge of the battle platform before barely stopping.

Guo Kai was looking at the blood red at this time. He looked deeply at the woman who was standing still, and there was a trace of gratitude in his eyes.

"I lost!" Guo Kai's difficult opening. As soon as he opened his mouth, blood couldn't stop overflowing from the corner of his mouth. He ignored it, but bowed his hand to Duanmu Feiyun Road, "Thank you for your mercy!"

"It's so powerful! This girl is really soaring! I think that even if she is the first to challenge Brother Li, there is hope!"

"The most valuable thing is that she does things well, leaving Brother Guo a face!"

"Horrible! It's terrible! As long as it doesn't fall, it will inevitably achieve great results!"


"Okay! Duanmu Feiyun successfully challenged!" The old man in charge was also shocked, and he slowly announced for a long time.

Duanmu Feiyun nodded and said nothing, and went directly to the world area, and went to Dongfu on the 198th.

"My Sun Wen challenged Brother Wang Lin, No. 1372!" Another young boy in white walked out, wondering if he had confidence in himself, or the confidence that Duanmu Feiyun had just brought him , Eyes staring at the group of inner disciples in the world.

"Sun Wen, I will let you know that it is very wrong to challenge me!" A gloomy young man came out.

He is low-key enough, how can he still be selected as an opponent.

"Brothers please also advise!" Sun Wen had a long sword in his hands. When his long sword was pulled out of the sheath, an endless sharp air poured out from the sword, so that everyone present had a kind of awn Feeling in the back.

Many people saw the long sword, and the shock in their eyes suddenly appeared.

"What! This is at least a third-grade Xianbao. Who is this person?"

"Never seen it, very low-key, but it does not rule out that he is the son of a big family!"

"Sun Wen... Is he a disciple of the Sun family? It is said that the parent and son of the Sun family are 16 years old this year, which is consistent with the age of this person."

"Hey! Poor Brother Wang Lin has become a stepping stone again..."


"Hey! He was stepped on by someone in the last outside door challenge, this is the second time!"


Wang Lin listened to the comments of the people around him, and his face became black.

He looked at the opposite boy and cultivated to the early stage of the world. If the opponent did not have a third-grade fairy sword in his hand, he felt that he could crush the opponent!

Now that the third-grade fairy sword is out, his chance of victory is much smaller, but it is not without chance!