Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296: Zhou Feng's Provocation

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"Come on! Even if you own the Sanpin Immortal Sword, I'm not afraid of you!" Wang Lin strode up with a meteor, his face showing a touch of firmness!

"Brother, please!" Although Sun Wen had the Sanpin Immortal Sword in his hand, he didn't advertise it and strode onto the battle platform.

The two are far from each other.

"Since challenging me, then try my marksmanship!" Wang Lin shook a big gun in his hand, and the guns loomed toward Sun Wen.

While Wang Lin was dancing with a big gun, everyone suddenly heard a sound of fighting in the ear, and the next moment everyone seemed to appear in a battlefield.

Countless soldiers are fighting in the battlefield, the bodies are flying, the murderous is overflowing.

"What! This guy Wang Lin actually realized this gunfire! It seems that today's outcome is undecided!"

"This is a killing battlefield, and it has a powerful deterrent effect on the opponent's soul, so I don't know what Sun Wen's confidence is!"

"Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, this guy has accumulated a lot of hair, which can be regarded as a defensive day and night!"


Although Sun Wen felt a terrible pressure from the other party, he still calmly calmed down.

"Sword Qi rushes to Xiaohan, cold light shocks five states!"

Sun Wen sang softly, and a dazzling sword awn suddenly broke out in the fairy sword in his hand. The sword awn was thick like Tianzhu, and suppressed directly towards Wang Lin!

Among the thick swords and awns, it seems to carry an invincible sharp force that tears the sky and the sky, and the void breaks apart at once, and a dark crack of the void appears on the battle platform, the sky Suddenly it fell black, and a huge tearing force came from the big crack, and the flag flying with the wind was slammed by the hunting.


The illusion of the killing battlefield that Wang Lin had just created shattered at once, and the thick sword awn immediately came to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's face changed drastically, and his spear was in front of him.

At this time, Sun Wen's arm slightly shifted, shifting this lore by an inch.


The spear in Wang Lin's hand broke off at once, and the whole body spewed out a **** body and flew out, crashing down to the stage suddenly.

Wang Lin stumbled up and cast a grateful glance at Sun Wen, saying, "Thank you Brother Sun for your mercy!"

Sun Wen nodded and said, "Brothers, click here! It's nothing."

"Sun Wen challenges success!"

"I'll challenge..."

The following challenges are also very exciting, the battle is remarkable.

Among the 18 challengers in front of Zhao Yuande, there was only one bad luck, and he failed to understand his opponent's strength. The others all passed smoothly.

Seeing that only he was left, Zhao Yuande also smiled and stepped onto the battle platform.

Many disciples didn't know Zhao Yuande and pointed at him.

But when they saw the behavior of Zhao Yuande in the later stage of the world, they couldn't help but change their face.

To know the challenge of 19 people, the highest of others is only in the middle of the world.

Was this person deliberately not participating in the challenge for a long time, or did he suddenly improve so much?

"I'm going to challenge Baisong on the 18th!" Zhao Yuande pointed his finger at Baisong with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

"What! He even challenged Brother Baisong. Brother Baisong is notoriously cruel. Does he want to live?"

"Look at his look at Brother Baisong's eyes, that is contempt, indicating that he is not afraid of each other at all!"

"I think he is short-sighted. I thought he would be great in the later stage of the world. I don't know that there are people outside and people outside."

"Anyway, I think this Zhao Yuande can win!"

"I still like Brother Baisong..."


Bai Song was also a face-to-face accident at this time. He did not expect that Zhao Yuande would challenge himself.

He is actually injured now. Last time he was penetrated by the emperor and strongman that day, and even his heart was turned into powder. Finally, he was almost recuperating now. I did not expect Zhao Yuande to challenge this time.

In fact, he can use the unhealed injury as an excuse to refuse this challenge, but he still wants to teach himself to each other.

A force at the pinnacle of his own world, he believes that Zhao Yuande can definitely be crushed.

Zhao Yuande's last serious injury to the three outside disciples was controlled by the law enforcement hall. No one except the few parties knew about it!

Otherwise Bai Song will only hide far away at this time.

Bai Song just wanted to promise to export, but was caught by Jin Ling'er on the side.

"Senior brother, your serious injury has not healed, it is not suitable for battle, otherwise I will fight for you!"

"Okay! Now that you belong to my elder brother, let me fight for you! Just take this opportunity to kill him, it is considered to have fulfilled my promise!" The young Zhou surnamed said, and stepped on in one step The battle platform.

"Master Master! Brother Bai's serious wounds haven't been healed, it would be better for me Zhou Feng to take him to fight!" Zhou Feng arched his hands at the old man in charge, but there was no doubt between them.

"This..." There was a look of fear in the manager's eyes, but he could not publicly violate the will of the challenger. At this time, Zhao Yuande's consent was required. He hurriedly turned his head to Zhao Yuande.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He had long seen that this person had stood with Baisong Jinling's from the beginning. The relationship between them must have been unusual. Now it is not too surprising that the other party has Baisong playing.

But no matter who he is, he will not be merciful.

Zhao Yuande stepped onto the battle platform and looked up and down at Zhou Feng.

The cultivation of the other party is the triple peak of the world, this kind of person is not worth his wasting the power of the soul to identify.

"Boy, I heard that you hired someone to hurt Baisong? If you want to continue mixing with Xuan Jizong, just give me a good knee and beg for mercy in front of Baisong, otherwise I will interrupt your legs and let you kneel Howling on the ground!" Zhou Feng said this as soon as he came up, with an extremely arrogant attitude.

Not only did the old man on the side froze, but even the outside disciples on both sides froze.

"I said! Who knows who this person is? Why I haven't seen him before, so arrogant! How dare I say this kind of thing here."

"I know! This person is from the Zhou family, and the grandson of Zhou Taishang was sent to the inner door. This person's brother is called Zhou Rong, and the ten top disciples of the inner door are ranked fifth!"

"It turned out to be Zhou Rong's younger brother, no wonder so arrogant!"

"People have arrogant capital! This Zhou Rong has already reached the peak of the emperor. If it was not for the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom a month later, he would have been promoted to the level of God Emperor!"

"It is said that this Zhou Feng's combat power has already crossed the ranks to the emperor's strong, it seems that this Zhao Yuande will be planted this time!"


Zhao Yuande listened to the discussion of the audience, and then looked at this Zhou Feng, a contemptuous smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The other party turned out to have an ancestor who was an elder, and an elder brother at the peak of the emperor.

But even if the brother of the other emperor's summit came in person, he would not be afraid, let alone him.