Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 130

Chapter 130: You Can Eat It Without Putting Salt

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"It's a disappointment, and I agreed so quickly. I really want to try what a beautiful beauty is like today!" Black Bear was a little unhappy, and he was already in the drama.

"Okay, Black Wind, there will be opportunities in the future. If she doesn't cooperate for a while, she still has to leave it to you!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Jiang Tianyue and blinked at the black bear.

"Really? Great!" Black Bear hurried to Jiang Tianyue's ear, and said to her in the smallest voice, "Chick, you simply refuse them! I thought of a more fun thing, it's better not to eat you , How about you giving me a bunch of bear cubs?"

" promised them everything! don't come over...I'm from the Jiang family," Jiang Tianyue was frightened by the black bear and screamed again and again. The chatter is endless.

"Okay! Black Wind, let's do this first!" Zhao Yuande waved to Black Wind.

Heifeng glanced at Jiang Tianyue a little bit reluctantly, and walked back to the back hall while whispering, "If she really didn't agree, it would be fine, I really want to keep a few species!"

"Ah..." Jiang Tianyue was another trembling!

"Miss Jiang, come up with something!" Zhao Yuande waited for the other person's emotions to recover a little bit, and then he asked for conditions.

Jiang Tianyue somewhat pierced a silver bracelet on his hand and handed it to Zhao Yuande. He cautiously said: "Blood jade is inside, and the golden paper was handed over to the family, only the printed product."

Zhao Yuande took the silver bracelet and said with a cold face: "Jiang Tianyue, I gave you a chance. I didn't expect you to know that you don't know how to cherish. You are still playing tricks for me when you don't know Jiang's storage bracelet. Are there any self-explosive prohibitions? If I take your storage bracelet, do I still have to use this kind of energy? I really have no brains! The black wind is left to you, take care of you!"

"Hey, am I going to plant the seeds first? Or do I eat them raw? Eat a little and plant the seeds first!" Heifeng scratched his head and made a decision.

"No! Don't... I will lift the ban on you, and I will give you a secret, the secret about the demon clan!" Jiang Tianyue looked at Heifeng and almost scared the soul when he heard what he said.

"Oh! Talk about it!" Zhao Yuande didn't stop the black wind, but looked at Jiang Tianyue with despair and helpless.

Jiang Tianyue's petite body lost her spiritual power. How could he be the opponent of the black wind? He had already grabbed the white arm by the black wind.

Heifeng knew that Xiangxiangxiyu didn't keep his hands, and almost crushed his bones. Jiang Tianyue groaned painfully, and the tears couldn't stop falling.

"No... Zhao Yuande, you can't treat me like that, Rushuang and I are good sisters, you can't treat me like that!" Jiang Tianyue cried out with screams, she now finally knows that she regrets, but even if she lifts out Li Rushuang Zhao Yuande's resentment towards him can only cause a deeper aversion to her.

"With this opportunity to beg for mercy, it's better to talk about your secrets!" Zhao Yuande still didn't stop Heifeng from stopping.

Hei Feng's acting is really devoted. He almost did a fake show. He smelled Jiang Tianyue's body fragrance, and his unconscious stomach was a little hungry. He could not help but swallow hard.

He sniffed the intoxicating scent hard. Heifeng felt that he should do something. He suddenly pulled Jiang Tianyue in front of him. The big tongue involuntarily licked on Jiang Tianyue's face.

The tongue and foot had the size of an adult slap, covered with meat thorns, and this lick almost licked Jiang Tianyue's entire face!

"Wow! It's so fragrant, with a hint of natural saltiness, you can eat it without putting salt!" The Black Bear was performing intoxicated. He thought it was really good that Zhao Yuande arranged this errand for himself!

"Poof!" Ji Yuling almost didn't smile directly. She originally had some sympathy for Jiang Tianyue, but the other party even concealed the scourge. The pity in her heart suddenly disappeared. She only felt that the other party should be the most deserved. It should be so!

"I said! A celestial demon ancestor of the demon clan is coming to the **** ruin city and plotting to catch you back!" Jiang Tianyue is almost crazy!

She only felt that her face was scratched by a knife, a fierce pain, and a smelly smell, which made her always susceptible to cleanliness, she basically fell into a semi-crazy state on the spot, snot Tears flow!

"Oh! That's what it is!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He thought it was strange that the demon clan had lost the saint but didn't come to find his troubles. It turned out that he had already inquired about his details. This is to force himself to crush himself!

"Okay Black Wind, let her come! Don't aftertaste, it's all snot!" Zhao Yuande looked at Black Wind with some aftertaste, and couldn't help explaining to Black Wind what the natural brackishness is all about.

"Oh! Boy, you hurt me, vomit!" Heifeng only felt a tumble in his abdomen and ran towards the gate.

"Haha! This silly big guy!" Ji Yuling finally couldn't help laughing.

"Unlock the ban!" Zhao Yuande handed the storage bracelet to Jiang Tianyue, and then released the ban on her body. He was not afraid of the other party's escape, because Jiang Tianyue's cultivation at this time was not in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy. Isn't it the death to be fleeing in front of the many powerful people in a yin and yang unity?

Jiang Tianyue shuddered to release the ban and gave it to Zhao Yuande, but he dared not leave, but looked at him with a frightened face.

Zhao Yuande took the bracelet and explored with his divine knowledge, and found that the prohibition was all unlocked, the blood jade and the printed text were all in it, and there were many unexpected gains!

"It's your acquaintance! Get out now!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand like a fly. Although the other party looks like a country with a fragrant sky, even Zhao Yuande's eyes are not as good as a pile of shit.

Jiang Tianyue, like Meng Amnesty, escaped from the world's first delicious food.

Zhao Yuande closed the door and called everyone together.

"The big guys have heard that a demon from the demon clan is coming to the **** ruin city and wants to take me away!" Zhao Yuande looked around the four people and continued, "The demon's demon according to human cultivation level is the emperor realm, Although I still have a hole card, but we dont know the other partys hole card, its not easy to get through this time!"

"Is the emperor? Actually, I can send a letter to my grandfather and ask his old man to send his two uncles over." Ji Yuling felt that the emperor was not too great. Grandpa should be able to answer his request.

"No! This matter can only be solved with my power. If you rely solely on the power of your Ji family, your grandfather will look down on me. I am afraid that we will add a lot of troubles in the future!" Zhao Yuande also rejected Ji Yuling's kindness .

"Yuande! It's all because of me. It is better for me to return to the Yaozu to inquire about specific information first, and then we will make a decision." Zhu Luan was sad. This disaster was caused by her. If Zhao Yuande was caught by the Yaozu, I am afraid to regret it for life.

"No! I'm afraid you won't come back if you go back!" Zhao Yuande flatly refused.