Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300: Shuta On

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"Zhong Wuliang, you dare to ruin my Xianbao, I'm going to kill you!" Feng Jue Xianren's voice overflowed at this moment, and instantly he fought with Zhong Wuliang.

Both of them are powerful existences in the fairyland. This action started, and suddenly the entire outer door dozens of giant mountains were shaking.

In particular, the sky and the sky were suppressed, and no matter the mountains or the earth, all of them were crushed into the ground a dozen feet deep, and huge trenches that were not deep at all were criss-crossed.

Under the earth, there were bursts of rumbling noises. Under this terrible pressure, an underground underground river under the earth rushed straight along the huge ravine, and the water column was soaring into the sky. sprinkle.

But in the blink of an eye, within a thousand miles, it became a sparkling lake!

"This..." Everyone looked straight at this time!

This is too scary!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but jump straight in his heart. The master almost nearly sank the entire inner door, but it was a big disaster!

At this time, under the horrifying suppression of the sky-turning immortals, the body of the wind mortal trembles again and again, and will soon be unable to support it.

Is this the power of a Liupin Xianbao? Immortal strongman can really use the challenge to cross the ranks and suppress the party!

"Stop it!" Just at this moment, there was a burst of thunder in the void.

An old man with white beards appeared in the void, but just swept away, and the two men stepped back continuously.

This person is so scary! It should be a too elder!

The strong man of Xianjun Realm was indeed terrible, but he swept away the sky-turned seal that was urged by the master at will!

"Have seen Zhou Taishang!" Zhong Wuliang and Fengjue Xianren hurriedly stopped and bowed.

Zhou Taishang, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but jump.

But thinking of the little guy on his shoulder, he dropped his heart again.

"Grandpa..." Zhou Feng on the side felt the old man's breath and suddenly screamed in surprise, wanting to pounce on and confess his grievances.

"Shut up! Isn't that shameful enough?" Zhou Taishang glanced at his grandson fiercely, looking at his embarrassed bear-like, a trace of disgust in his eyes.

"What the **** happened?" Zhou Taishang is an old man with a golden face and a red face. If it is not the old man's twinkling eyes, he might not be able to see that he is a peerless fairy.

His appearance does not look like a whisperer, and he is in control of one side of the fairy king realm, but like a rich businessman.

Feng Juxian didn't dare to hide, and said things back and forth, especially when he said Zhou Feng, his eyes looked at the little guy on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, showing a chill.

This beast dares to offend his majesty, what a **** it!

Zhou Taishang looked at Zhao Yuande in the eyes of Fengxian Xianren. When he saw the little thing on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, his eyes widened at once, an unbelievable look!

"You mean, you hurt it just now?" Zhou Taishangzi turned to Feng Jue Xianren.

Feng Jue Xian suddenly felt a bad hunch in his heart, what does the other party mean?

"Yes!" Although she was puzzled, she still answered truthfully.


Zhou Taishang slaps her backhand directly on the face of Feng Jue Xianren. She doesn't know how far away she slaps her. Feng Jue Xian Ren seems to be like a broken kite, flying out!

I don't know how many peaks were smashed, and finally fell to the ground.


All the people present took a breath at this time!

Zhou Taishang what this is to do, why do you want to fight the fabulous fairy.

The Fengxian immortal would not be killed by this slap. She climbed up inconceivably and stood staring at Zhou Tai on the spot.

He didn't understand that the other party wanted to beat himself for a bird?

Is this bird...

Soon Zhou Taishang's performance gave her an answer!

Zhou Taishang came to Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face.

"The little guy is all right!" Zhou Taishang looked at the little guy on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, a smile almost flattered on his face.

"Tweet!" The little guy saw a little displeasure in Zhou Taishang's eyes, but since the other party shot out to help himself, it did not act too proudly, even whispered softly, and nodded.

"Hey! It's okay! It's okay!" Zhou Taishang seemed to take a breath. He set his eyes on Zhao Yuande and nodded slightly. "Well, the guy is good, come on!"

There was no hint of hatred in the voice, and a slight compliment.

The magnificent Zhou Taishang even greeted a bird, and praised Zhao Yuande, who wounded his grandson. His brain was not broken!

At this point everyone felt a little weird!

Only Zhao Yuande knew what the other person was thinking.

Apparently, this week Taishang knew that the little guy was the identity.

You know that sooner or later the little guy is going to grow into a golden-winged Dapeng, and he can compete with the king of the immortal emperor for a strong presence. Now he does not take advantage of it when he is weak, but it will be late in the future.

"Thank you, Mrs. Zhou for your concern." Zhao Yuan's German language was calm and calm, without any emotion.

Although Zhou Taishang greeted him, but this was because there was a little guy on his shoulder, but who knows what he thought in the back, the identity of the other party wanted to find a chance to crush himself is not an easy thing.

Of course, he will not show these emotions.

"Okay! Today's challenge for outside disciples is over! Don't give me anything to say about everything that happened today!" Zhou Taishang nodded slightly at Zhao Yuande, turned and stepped into the void to disappear.

"Grandpa!" Zhou Feng watched Grandpa leave him alone, leaving despair on his face.

He knew that his performance disappointed Grandpa, and what he might be waiting for in the future is the reduction of resources, and no one even bothered!

Thinking of all this, he couldn't help but have a kind of resentment, and the source of all this was on Zhao Yuande!

He got up, staggered into the sky, and flew towards the inner door.

Zhong Wuliang saw Zhou Taishang leaving and immediately came to Zhao Yuande with concern.

"How is it, this little thing is all right!" Zhong Wuliang is naturally not a fool. Although he does not understand why Zhou Taishang treats a bird like this, he knows that this bird must be not simple, and the origin must be huge, otherwise just now It won't be so anxious.


Hearing that he was called a little thing, the little guy was very unhappy and kept shouting his head.

But Zhong Wuliang just saved it just now, and there is still a trace of gratitude in his eyes.

"It's okay, little fellow, this is my master, don't you want to be arrogant!" Zhao Yuande smiled and nodded his little head.


The little guy nodded seriously.