Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303: One Month's Guard

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"Boy! Go back and find the old guys and tell them that the star picker hit you **** 36 times! If some old guys dare to come to find Laozi, let them come! Laozi is in Wanxianglou these days Stay! Get out!" The old man didn't care about the other person's murderous gaze, kicked the sky book that fell to the ground and kicked it out.

Master Tianshu originally wanted to curse a few more words and leave some harsh words, but when he heard the three characters of picking the star, he suddenly fell to the ground and his face became pale.

He was beating violently at this time, which was totally frightened!

If he knew this person's identity from the beginning, he wouldn't dare to challenge him if he gave him a hundred guts.

As the other party said, even if the old guys who split the sky know that they are being beaten, they will only say that they deserve it, and they dare not go to someone.

Because the other party is a disciple of Bajing Palace!

The apprentice of the third disciple of the owner of Bajing Palace, Xianjie is known as the star picker!

Among the immortal kings, no rivals have ever been encountered.

And this guy is moody and happy, whatever he wants, if he is not happy, he may pick up the stars and destroy the city!

The other party didn't kill himself just now, firstly because Litiandao had a little connection with the Bajing Palace in the ancient times, and secondly it will definitely be in a good mood today, otherwise he will really die!

Of course, Zhao Yuande also heard the three words of picking stars, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes.

Star picker is one of the most powerful supernatural powers in Bajing Palace. Is the other person in Bajing Palace?

Just as Zhao Yuande guessed, Sun Yang's voice came.

"Master Chef, this is the senior of Bajing Palace Star Picker!"

Zhao Yuande smiled and nodded toward the star picker. Hearing the three characters of Bajing Palace, Zhao Yuande felt a sense of intimacy.

"The star picker has seen Mr.!" The star picker arched his hand carelessly, apologizing and laughing, "I am the person who admires the person most capable, and I just saw that this kid was rude to Mr., and I couldn't help it. Itching taught him a meal, sir won't think I'm troubled!"

"Why! This person is very annoying, and I can't teach him because of my identity. It's best if you can do it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and smiled.

"On this day, Shuko is too presumptuous to dare to treat adults unreasonably at my Sun's site. If it weren't for the predecessor's shot, my Sun's would also try to teach him." Sun Yang on the side couldn't help but feel angry.

"On this day, Shuko is arrogant, and may have been instructed by the strongman behind him, and he has made other attempts to me. If it were not for him to be a guest, I would have waved it to kill him!" Zhao Yuande saw Sen Han The edge flashed.

"Oh! Let's talk about the matter now! I don't know what your request is?" Zhao Yuande looked at the star picker.

"My disciple Shou Yuan has run out, but he has not broken through the fairyland. I want him to live an extra 180 years. If he does not break through, he will die!" Star picker waved his hand, one The gray-haired old man appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

The old man was rickety, his hair was thin, and he was trembling a little while standing there.

When the old man saw the star picker, he knelt down on the ground in a hurry, and his voice trembled: "The disciple has a heavy burden on the master, so that the master can't lift his head in front of all the uncles and masters. Let the disciples blame themselves today!"

The old man looks like he is eighty or ninety years old. In his old age, the next step is to enter the soil.

The star picker looks like this is only 50 or 60 years old, this master and apprentice standing together is indeed a bit weird.

"Okay! Don't be astonishing here for Lao Tzu!" The star picker almost couldn't help but slap his palm on the other's head, gritting his teeth, "Today, Lao Tzu has found a way to extend your life for you, you will never give Lao Tzu Furious, Lao Zi tears you directly."

"Oh!" The old man was a little dazed. He glanced around, frowning slightly. "Master, I have eaten countless medicines, immortals and immortals. You can still live longer. You won't be fooled!"

"You bastard, I..." Star-plucking hand extended his slap, but retreated helplessly, this disciple could not stand his own slap, if it was photographed this time, today it would be white.

"Sorry, I'm sorry! This **** doesn't know the weight, you must not care about him." The star picker looked embarrassed at Zhao Yuande.

But he saw the magic of this one with his own eyes, which can make Shouyuan's dried-up grandchildren prolong their life, and that good luck guy also took the opportunity of Shouyuan's sudden increase to be promoted to Xianjun all of a sudden. High-rise in fairyland.

His disciples were also breaking through the critical moment at this time, and at this time, Shou Yuan was insufficient, and they did not dare to impact the fairy land, otherwise they would be torn directly by powerful forces.

If he can increase his life for a hundred years, he is 90% sure that his disciples can break through.

"Hey! Anyway, many people in the name of my **** chef have doubts in their hearts, but after trying it, everyone is pleased and convinced." Zhao Yuande was confident.

"I... I still have something to ask Master Chef." The star picker licked his lips, somewhat embarrassed.

"It's okay, you say!" Zhao Yuande was curious, what could such a powerful fairy monarch ask himself.

"Which... Can I owe the fairy jade first, the last fairy jade on my body was used to photograph the No. 6 jade rune!" The star picker smiled awkwardly.

"Oh..." Zhao Yuande was speechless!

There is no fairy jade on a strong fairy, who will believe it?

But Zhao Yuande soon understood!

"Master..." The tears in the eyes of the old man at this time rolled down, and the ground was engraved under his head, and he said in pain, "You are all for me, for this indisputable thing, you are ruined! Just leave me alone, let me die!"

"You fucking! You know crying for Lao Tzu, isn't it the fairy jade? Isn't it time I want to make money? The key now is you. As long as you can get promoted, Lao Tzu is worth everything!" Pointing at the old man, he looked like he hated iron.

"Okay! Some immortal jade is not a big deal, it is better to wait for the noble to prolong life, you will be guarding my food for a month, we will be clear after a month, what do you think?" Zhao Yuande's heart flashed, There is such a strong man here, and people like God of Heaven still dare to come and wantonly.

"Okay! This is no problem! As long as the bad guys can really extend their lives, let alone one month, it's okay for a year!" The star picker patted his chest, his face showing a determined color.

"Master..." The old man's body trembles, and the emotions in his heart do not know how to express it.

The descendants of the magnificent Bajing Palace, a well-known immortal strong man, for his own sake would be a guard for others, this kind of graciousness in his life was not worth it!

"Shut up! Let's give some encouragement to Lao Tzu for a while, otherwise Lao Tzu can't spare you!" Although the star picker's words are rude, his eyes are now showing hope.