Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306: The Pace Is Too Fast

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"Who is this person, the swordsmanship may have reached an incredible level!" Zhao Yuande said with some surprise.

"No one knows what his real name is, but now he is called the sword demon!" Li Jingyang said, "This person is practicing sword to become a demon, whether it is eating, sleeping and sitting, the sword is in his hand. It is said that this person has killed the emperor. The strength of the powerful in the later period."

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little curious about this life. This kind of person is very pure. It seems that he was born for the sword. He will only practice the sword-related exercises in his life. Such people are often very powerful!

He swept away the soul, and the appraisal technique was launched.

"Jiang Jian, known as the sword demon, the triple peak of the world, the real spirit sword..."

It turned out to be the real body of the spirit sword. Although this physique is not very against the sky, if it meets with this kind of single pursuit of kendo, it can explode in splendid splendor.

"Looking at his current state, it should reach a state where people and swords can be united! Leapfrogging is as easy as eating and drinking, Brother Li, you are not his opponent!" Zhao Yuande said.

"I know! Half a year ago, the two of us handed over once. At that time, I lost three moves! After half a year, he became stronger. I think I might not be able to stick to one move!" Li Jingyang couldn't help but smile.

"Don't be pretentious, don't lose confidence, although you are just a mortal body, but you can press the same generation in the outside door and become the first disciple of the outside door. This can already explain many problems!" Zhao Yuande saw the face of the other party lost. He couldnt help but say, "Its good to have a strong physique, but its sharp and jealous! You see how many of the many powerful fairy emperors in the fairy realm have anti-celestial physiques. Can hit the highest level!"

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Li Jingyang couldn't help but brighten his eyes, and the other party's words made absolutely sense.

There are countless geniuses in the fairy world and countless evil spirits! That sect also has a lot of genius demon, and very few people finally achieved the immortal emperor!

This is not because these genius evil spirits did not impact the strength of the fairy emperor, but that they were often premature because of jealousy and vendetta, and finally the unknown ordinary mortal was promoted to the fairyland.

He squeezed his fist hard and bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for awakening me. If I can become an immortal emperor in the future, it will be all thanks to Brother Zhao!"

"Hey! Don't say that, as the so-called authorities are obsessed with bystanders, we are friends, and I don't remind you who reminds you!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.


"Everyone, registration begins..."

After Zhao Yuande and Li Jingyang finished their registration, they returned to their caves.

A total of 148 people signed up this time, and many outside disciples who had been anonymous before this time showed their fierce fangs. Apart from the sword demon, a few people paid great attention to Li Jingyang.

This time, in addition to the top ten rankings, the top five will be selected to participate in the Huntian Immortal Kingdom trial one month later.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is said that the ancient Hun Tianxian's wealth is vast, there are countless treasures in the trial field, countless exercises, countless medicines, and of course the danger is proportional!

The ancient Huntian Immortal Kingdom is countless times more powerful than the current five forces. According to word of mouth, Huntian Immortal Kingdom alone has hundreds of people in the powerful existence of the Immortal Emperor Realm.

Among the great forces of this terror, the sovereign is not a hereditary system, but it is as if the sect has chosen the head, and it needs to be screened layer by layer.

This trial area of the Heavenly Kingdom is the first level of screening!

As long as they pass the first level of selection, they can become princes and enter the cruel contest for the position of the sovereign.

After five days of qualifying, half of each round will be eliminated until there are ten remaining after three rounds!

The final is the ten-person competition!

For this battle, Zhao Yuande has nothing to worry about. His current strength is enough to be able to face the early emperor of the Divine Emperor. It is easy to defeat these outside disciples.

Even Jiang Jian, known as the sword demon, is probably not his opponent.

However, he should not be too flamboyant and not too simple to win, otherwise it will attract the attention of inner disciples.

There were also five disciples from the Emperor Realm who entered the Huntian Immortal Kingdom for trial this time.

He could not guarantee whether there were any evil spirits such as sword demon among the five emperor realm disciples.

The fairy world is too big, the spirit of the fairy is full, and there are a lot of evil monsters born out of it. Zhao Yuande dare not carelessly.

If you are stared by several emperor disciples, you really have a lot of trouble.

Back in the cave, Zhao Yuande quickly entered the other world.

The trial space in the other side of the world can speed up time by fifty times, and he can use this time to practice Yuanshen Resurrection.

Now his spirit power is too weak, he can't keep up with the pace of cultivation, he will take advantage of this opportunity to catch up!

Now that his Yuanshen Resurrection has reached the third floor, it takes a total of 36 births and deaths to enter the fourth floor!

And each time of birth and death also has the original two days, increasing to four days!

In this case, it takes one hundred and forty-four days. If it is in the trial space, it only takes three days.

He now has one day, so the goal of this practice is twelve cycles of birth and death!

Feeling that the soul was being wiped out a little, Zhao Yuande shivered...

When Zhao Yuande opened his eyes again, his eyes became incredibly deep, a powerful will to let the world and the world surrender from him.

After twelve births and deaths, his spirit strength not only increased to the middle of the Emperor Realm, but also a lot of unyielding strong will was on his body. This was a kind of will that he naturally produced through the numerous times of the soul extinction.

This kind of will may not be able to achieve the power of the fairyland, which means that the power of the fairyland will repress him in the future, and he will only act as a spring breeze.

"Huh... The time schedule is too full! My rhythm is too fast! It seems that after these ten tokens are used up, I have to make some time to practice!" Zhao Yuande spit out a sigh of air and his face appeared Helpless.

He walked out of his cave house and embarked on the teleportation circle again.

"Huh! Brother Zhao, you have changed! Become more than before..." Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande at first glance, and he couldn't help but reveal a strange look.

"How is it better than before?" Zhao Yuande was also a little curious about what kind of improvement he had in his fifty days of cultivation.

"More calm than before, and even gave me a very powerful coercion, as if standing in front of a giant in heaven and earth!" Sun Yang replied carefully.

"Hey! In order to test the qualifications of the heavenly kingdom, there is no way to practice hard!" Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly.