Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307: Do Not Make Jokes

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"Ms. Ann and Miss Ann have been waiting for the outer court for a long time, and they are chatting with senior pickers at this time." Sun Yang said.

"Well! Hurry up to settle the family's affairs today, and I have to go back to practice...I'm so tired!" Zhao Yuande was helpless.

"Brother Zhao, your disciple is always waiting for your call."

"Let them come..."

An Yunlan's physique problem is not simply to increase Shou Yuan. The immortal medicines involved are too much. Thanks to Zhao Yuande's soul and advanced nagging in the middle of the emperor, otherwise it will really not be able to support it.

Even so, Zhao Yuande was so tired that the whole person didn't want to move.

The two disciples realized that Zhao Yuande was still a **** chef, and he couldn't be more excited.

They are all smart people, and the sisters and brothers share the same mind, and they can quickly complete all the requirements for Zhao Yuande.

If it were not for the two disciples to join, Zhao Yuande would be really tired and collapsed to the ground.

But now is not the time to rest. The cultivation of the two disciples has not been checked for a long time.

He took the two disciples to go out to Baihe Ozawa to hunt a lot.

Found that the realm of the two has reached the peak of Yin and Yang, and now there is an opportunity to advance to the realm.

After thinking for a long time, he still gritted his teeth and decided to make a delicious food for the two of them, so that they can successfully advance into the realm!

After a short break, he and his three apprentices were busy again.

But when he saw the two disciples entering the realm, suddenly tiredness became joy.

"You two can play in Baihe and Daze when there is nothing normally, but remember not to advertise, remember what I gave you!" Zhao Yuande told the two when he left, "This is mine A powerful self-defense treasure, the two of you may be able to drive together with all your strength. Under one blow, you should be able to kill the early strong of the Emperor Realm. Do not reveal it at will when you have to use it. There will also be no fighting power, so be cautious and cautious!"

Zhao Yuande took out his **** king Zhen Yu Ding and let them control.

The two of them saw the power of this treasure last time, and suddenly all kinds of emotions such as excitement, gratitude, and excitement filled their hearts.

"I can finally go back and rest!"

Zhao Yuande returned to Dongfu this time, took a lot of elixir to restore the power of the soul, and began another round of cultivation of Yuanshen Resurrection!

Returning to the food court again, the soul of Zhao Yuande has reached the peak of the late Emperor, and his willpower is more powerful.

Sun Yang always envied how Zhao Yuande cultivated.

How could Zhao Yuande talk about the resurrection of Yuanshen, he had to say that he had practiced a powerful method, and he would have broken through.

"Is the elder Taizong elder Sun Xiongtian here? Has it been today according to the original agreement!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly changed the subject.

"It's here! It's already here! This old guy has been nagging in front of me. If it wasn't for me, he would give him a slap and shut him up!" Sun Yang was troubled.

"Did he see the predecessor of picking stars?" Zhao Yuande was curious about this question. What attitude would the other party see when picking stars.

"Yes! This guy saw that Senior Star Picker was here to guard Brother Zhao's safety. He was so scared that his face was white at that time!" Sun Yang said with a sudden frown, "But he didn't dare to come to the food court but found me, His disciple is the **** Qiao Beifeng, this guy dangles in front of me, annoying me... hey!"

"Qiao Beifeng..." Zhao Yuande suddenly saw the image of the young man with small eyes in his eyes, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth, "Well, you call them in!"

"Okay!" Sun Yang nodded.

After a while, Feng Taishang, the dark old man in a big red robe walked in with some unnatural expression.

And behind Feng Taishang, the young man with small eyes followed closely, and his eyes carried a kind of treacherous which made people feel bored.

"I've seen Mr.!" Feng Taishang's attitude was a little careful at this time, but the disciples behind him didn't have this consciousness. He glared fiercely at the disciples and shouted, "Asshole, I haven't seen Mr. yet! "

"I've seen Mr.!" Qiao Beifeng just bowed.

But his eyes fell on Sun Yang with a look of contempt.

Sun Yangqi's teeth giggled, but he couldn't attack.

Feng Taishang originally looked down on Zhao Yuande much. The self-proclaimed fairy king might look down on him, but he didn't expect to see the star picker as soon as he came!

This man was willing to be the guardian here, which made him have to re-evaluate Zhao Yuande, and he was not so crazy at first.

"Senior Feng's materials are ready?" Zhao Yuande glanced at them, his tone faint.

"The materials are ready, sir, please see!"

Feng Taishang hurriedly passed a storage ring.

Zhao Yuande took the storage ring handed over by the other party and saw that the number was correct, and then nodded slowly.

"Yes! In this case, you should pay the fairy jade first!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the two, and said lightly.

"Isn't...Isn't you looking at the effect before giving Xianyu?" Feng Taishang saw the other person's slow attitude, and suddenly felt a fire in his heart, but when he thought of the outside, his anger was suddenly suppressed.

"I changed it today! I will set a unified price in the future, prolong my life by 50 million, upgrade my cultivation to 50 million, and realize the principle of 50 million! You should pay 60 million first!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"What... 60 million!" Feng Tai's eyes almost glared out.

60 million! Isn't this a murder? Comprehend a law that costs 60 million yuan, which is almost able to buy a six-level fairy treasure!

"How? Do you understand the rule of stars more than 60 million? If I say that there are a lot of people willing to spend 100 million to understand whether you believe it or not?" Zhao Yuande's voice suddenly became a lot colder. "If you don't want to do it, leave immediately. Dont delay my precious time here!"

"Sir, are you kidding! There are more than 60 million!" Feng Taishang was very angry at this time, but he still dared not be arrogant. He tried to use a gentle tone. "Then you are not 5,000. Ten thousand? Why is it ten million more when we arrive here!"

"Huh! I don't look good on your disciple, what's the problem with 10 million more?" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at Qiao Beifeng.

"You... you, you liar! Is it because our teachers and disciples are bullying and want to blackmail us!" Qiao Beifeng suddenly scolded at Yuan Yuande when he heard this.

"Fuck!" Feng Tai slapped his disciple on the ground with a slap. There was a great **** outside, which he couldn't afford to provoke.

"Master, don't be fooled by him..." Qiao Beifeng Wu couldn't stop talking.

"80 million!" Zhao Yuande's voice turned cold.

"You..." Mrs. Feng changed his color, "Don't go too far!"

"100 million!"