Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309: Dog Bites Dog Hair

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"Oh! Does Brother Zhao still want to accept disciples?"

"Hey! Good disciples are hard to find. It's already good to receive two. If it doesn't fit my heart, I won't accept it anymore!" Zhao Yuande shook his head.

When he receives a disciple, he has to do his best to teach, like Qin Xingyu in the lower realm, he has not fulfilled his responsibilities as a master.

At first, it was completely thrown to the black wind, one ring, three of them, and finally gave it to the sister!

Thinking of Qin Xingyu, he couldn't help but think of many friends in the lower realm, I don't know how they are now?

He wanted to go down to see them now and let them know that he did not die!

At this time in the lower realm, a shining starry sky, there is a terrifying battle.

The two sides of the battle, one side is a group of strong men dressed in black, while the other side is the black wind, Yi Jie, Qin Xingyu, and the sky breaking four!

At this time, seven or eight powerful **** emperor realms were fighting against the black wind, and each of them was very powerful, but at this time, the black wind's cultivation practice also reached the middle of the **** emperor realm, with a huge black vortex above his head. Rotating frantically, shaking the body sucked by the opponent, countless powerful attacks are all missed, but even so the black wind is still bathing in the body, but the bones are deeply visible on the body. The wounds are all healing at the speed visible to the naked eye.

With his undead body, he was able to fight against the powerful existence in the later period of Divine Emperor Realm to such a degree, it is very simple.

And there are more people fighting against the one ring. They are cultivated in the late stage of the Divine Emperor Realm, and the lowest is the early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm.

However, at this time Yijiu was more powerful than the black wind. After reaching the late stage of the Divine Emperor Realm, the pieces of Buddha's light on him became clear, so that these people's attacks were all defeated, and a dark stone in his hand overwhelmed the world. , To suppress the opponent's strong.

At this time, the most powerful is the sky breaking. He has been promoted to the peak of the Divine Beast, but his opponent is even more powerful. The two middle-aged powerful emperors of the Divine Emperor suppressed him, making him somewhat suffocated in this battle.

The most magnificent battle, the most fierce is Qin Xingyu, this kid is the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm, and his opponents are the three mid-level strong emperors of Divine Emperor.

At this moment, his hands seemed to have a huge chain of stars connected in series, and the chain swinged back and forth among the three mid-level strong emperors of the gods.

The four have their own battlefields, but not far away, there is a tall figure standing under his black cloak.

This popularity is very powerful, has reached the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm, only a half step can be promoted to the Immortal Realm.

Seeing that the situation on the battlefield seems to be in a bad situation, this person's eyes are full of evil light, so he must take action in person.

At this moment, the picture scroll on Qin Xingyu's body unfolded automatically, and the picture scroll instantly enveloped the entire starry sky. A terrible force swept the Quartet, instantly drawing both sides of the battle into the picture scroll.

In the next moment, the scroll tears the void and disappears.

"Damn! It's this picture again, what a treasure this is!" The tall figure was extremely gloomy.

With an exasperated palm, he directly enveloped the starry sky tens of thousands of miles away. Several stars broke apart under the cover of the big hand, and a loud deafening sound was heard throughout the starry sky.

In the distant void, the void split directly, and a scroll flew out of it.

The black wind, a ring, breaking the sky and Qin Xingyu came out from it.

"Master, when will we be able to enter the Twelve Ascension City! I don't believe that the master will die inside!" Qin Xingyu's face was anxious.

"I don't believe that your master is the reincarnation of Zhou, who can't die if he dies!" A woman's figure slowly walked out of the scroll, she said softly, "But your current cultivation is still low. Can't compete with those peerless geniuses, still need to hone!"

"That group of guys have been following us in a haunted spirit recently. Who are they? The power is almost unimaginable. The strong in the mid-term of the Emperor also said that sacrifices are sacrificed!" Yi Jie frowned and sounded the battle just now.

"I have absorbed the breath from them, and I always feel irritated, I think they may be the people of the Devil Realm!" The black wind has now engulfed the body has been cultivated to Xiaocheng, the assistance for the battle is quite large, one battle, Usually he consumes the least.

"I don't think it's the Devil Realm! Devil Realm has no grudges with us and Brother Zhao, it should be someone else!" Yi Jie shook his head and disagreed with the idea of Heifeng.

"Hi! Bald man, why do you always sing a contradiction with me, don't you think I'm not pleasing to the eye!" Heifeng's eyebrows were all raised when he heard a quit, he rolled up his sleeves, and there was a posture that he would do something if he didn't agree. .

"Xiong blind man! Don't think that if you have a swallowing body, I'm afraid of you, and my Tianbei suppression is not afraid of you!" The black stone stele was taken out of the storage ring one by one, and the stone stew became the size of a moving brick. There is a way of street gangsters copying bricks and fighting.

"Oh! Then come!" Heifeng rushed up without any politeness.

"I shoot! Shoot! Shoot!"

"Oh! I bite! Bite! Bite!"

"Oh! Come sit down, the battle has begun! Hey, Po Tian, you said that Uncle Shi can have the upper hand today!" Qin Xingyu hurried to Po Tian's side.

"!" Po Tian used his unique way of speaking to interpret the essence of this battle!

"Broken sky! You dare to say that we are dogs! We fight with you!" Heifeng He Yijie heard the words of Broken Sky, and suddenly both pointed his spear at Broken Sky!

But soon the two of them were lying on the ground with bruises!

Po Tian patted the big paws, slowly said: "find...... Shit!"

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang have been sent to Molin City.

I dont know why today, Molin City seems very lively, and the practitioners on the street come and go very busy.

The two came to the Liuji firm and faced the familiar face, the lame man named Liu Rong.

"The two sons, you need to order something. We Liuji firm has all kinds of elixir materials, and the price is low to ensure your satisfaction!" Liu Rong's face was full of flattering smiles.

"I want to ask you a little guy named Xiaofeng a few days ago, where did he go?" Zhao Yuande glanced at Liu Ji Business for a week and found no shadow of Xiaofeng.

"Xiaofeng! This kid had good luck a few days ago, received a lot of rewards, bought a batch of immortality medicine, and suddenly cultivated to the Lingtai pregnancy realm. Now he is being valued by the family, and he will come out and show his head! "The lame man Liu Rong said enviously."

"Oh! It's not bad!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Then I won't disturb him. You can prepare for me according to this list. This is a deposit!" Zhao Yuande randomly throws out a storage ring and a list, " Dont delay me, Ill be back soon!"

"Thank you for your son!" The lame man saw the fairy jade in the storage ring and was overjoyed.

"Hey! By the way, why are there so many people in a hurry today?" Zhao Yuandehu asked again.

"Don't you know, son? Today is our largest trade fair in Molin City. This fair is hosted by the master of the city, Feng Zhang. I heard that there are many rare spirits appearing this time, maybe there will be a few cents. Medicine...Cultivators with tens of thousands of miles will come to participate." The lame man explained.

"Oh! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" Sun Yang said with a happy heart, "Will Shen Tu Girl hear this news too?"

"Let's go and have a look." Zhao Yuande smiled on the shoulder, "Don't think about it here, let's go!"

"it is good!"