Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310: City House Auction

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The two walked out of the Liu Ji firm and headed in the direction of the flow of people.

The main palace is the most magnificent building in the entire Molin City, and the two entered with the flow of people.

What they did not expect was that there was a huge auction house in the city's main palace. The auction house was large in size and could hold tens of thousands of people.

"Do the two sons want the elegant room upstairs or the ordinary seat below?" At the entrance of the auction house, there were guards asking one by one, and they soon arrived.

"Upstairs elegant room." Sun Yang said lightly.

"One thousand middle-grade fairy jade font size! Two thousand middle-grade fairy jade ground font size! Five thousand middle-grade fairy jade sky font size! I don't know which two sons want to choose?" Hearing Sun Yang's words, the guard immediately respected a lot .

"Day size!" Sun Yang threw a storage ring at random.

"You got it, this is the token of Tianzi No. 18! Xiaohong, quickly take the two sons to Tianzi No.!" As the guard explored the storage ring, his eyes lit up, and he greeted those who were not far away A pretty maid.

"Hey! Come on!" Although the maid is not beautiful, but she is also quite graceful, walking in front of her buttocks and swinging, it really has some exciting capital.

However, both Zhao Yuande and his eyes were extremely high-sighted. Their maid's hard-working performance did not make any waves in their hearts.

"The two sons, this is the eighteenth day of the day. The two sons can open the door with the token!" The maid felt that the two didn't seem to be the kind of people who could be impressed by themselves. The mind has become a lot of rules.

After entering the room, it was found that the room was large, with transparent crystal windows in front.

Sun Yang squeaked open the window and looked out, suddenly seeing that their current position was exactly the center facing the auction stand.

At this time, the crowd below was filled with black crowds, and many elegant rooms around them also pushed open the windows, and many people were looking around with probes.

"I didn't expect that there would be an auction house of this size in the castle master's house. It's really surprising. This ink scale castle master really has a vision." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh slightly.

Xiaohong, the maid standing next to her, said at this time: "The two sons didn't know that this was not originally the main palace, but only an auction house, and the master was originally just a businessman. Later, the master of the city took over the auction house, and Relying on the wealth of the auction to cultivate the Divine Emperor Realm, this is the only way to compete for the city master! And the city master house was built around the auction house, and finally..."

"It turns out that this city owner is really not simple." Zhao Yuande also nodded.


Zhao Yuande casually asked about the situation of Molin City, and the maids answered one by one, and they soon got a certain understanding of Molin City.

"You guys! Welcome to Molin City to participate in the annual auction event!" A middle-aged man with a sturdy and blushing appearance appeared on the auction stand, squeezing his pressure on everyone and beckoning everyone to calm down.

"This auction is the same as usual. The highest bidder will get it! Although the items that started the auction are only some lower-level spirit grass materials, they are all very rare types, but the more treasures appear in the future, the higher the level of materials. As for the final finale, Im selling a pass here now! Now the auction is officially starting!"

As soon as the voice of the Lord of Molin City fell, an enchanting beautiful woman swayed to the auction stage.

"This is the master of the city, Feng Xian'er! It is said that this female is extraordinary, placed under the door of Xuanji Sect, and is now an outside disciple!"

"Yes! This Feng Xian'er is the first beautiful woman within tens of thousands of miles. I don't know how many people are her admirers!"

"Hey! The master of the city pushed all his daughters out. It seems that there will be something extraordinary in this auction!"

"Hey! With our financial resources..."


"Everyone! I am Feng Xian'er to preside over this auction! Now the first auction item is on sale." Feng Xian'er clapped his hands and immediately walked up to a maid with a jade box in his hand.

Feng Xian'er gently opened the jade box, and a red light suddenly lit up from the jade box.

When everyone looked at it, it turned out to be a piece of jade with red light.

"This is a congenital blood jade. This kind of material is very rare. Whether it is for alchemy, refining, or even cultivation! It has a starting price of 30,000 middle-grade spirit jade, and each price increase is indispensable. "Yu Qian Zhong Ling Ling Jade!" Feng Xian'er introduced this congenital blood jade skillfully, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Thirty-two thousand!"


Although this congenital blood jade is good, there are really few bidders.

Although Feng Xian'er introduced the benefits of congenital blood jade, but everyone is not a fool. The blood gas contained in this congenital blood jade has great instability. If you are lucky, it may be the blood of the ancient strong man. Luck is bad, maybe it is the vicious spirit of some ancient fierce beast.

If it is the latter, people who are not determined will fall under this ferocious spirit.

Most of these bidders want to bet, once they are really the blood of the ancient strongman, they will make a big profit!

Zhao Yuande just shook his head and shook his head. The person who photographed this innate blood jade must have an empty joy.

After a while, this congenital blood jade was won by 52,000 pieces of middle-grade immortal jade.

Holding all kinds of psychic fruits prepared in the private room, the two looked at the auction below with ease. The vicious circle of long-term intense cultivation and food preparation, the irritability and depression gradually brought along with this relaxed The atmosphere disappeared.

Of course, with the passage of time, the auction has gradually reached its climax, and the things auctioned are becoming more and more precious.

Among them, Zhao Yuande also shot a few times at random, and photographed a few strains that are still uncommon and can be regarded as some gains.

"The next auction is a top-level innate spirit treasure, Feiyun sword. I think friends who use the sword will love it very much!" Feng Xian'er's voice suddenly boiled as soon as it fell into the auction house!

At this time, Feng Xian'er held a white sword with exquisite moire on his hand, and all the people who participated in the auction could feel the sharp air from the sword.

To know that the strongest under the Xianbao is the innate spirit treasure, and it is still a sword, can this not make everyone excited?

Many people choose to use swords after practicing. Having a good sword is their dream. You must know that this top-level innate spirit treasure can be used in fairyland at least. It is definitely a good thing that can be used to ruin.

However, this kind of thing is somewhat lacking in interest for people like Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang, and their casual hair removal is thicker than this Feiyun sword!

"The base price of Feiyun Sword is one million middle-grade immortal jade. Each price increase must be no less than 50,000. You can start bidding!"