Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311: Shen Tu Ru Meng

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"1.1 million!"

"1.3 million!"

"1.8 million!"


"2.8 million!"

However, in just a few breaths, the price soared to 2.8 million, and there were people who kept raising prices!

2.8 million should have met 28,000 top-grade fairy jade!

And one hundred thousand top-grade fairy jade can buy an ordinary first-class fairy treasure!

Of course, if you want to buy a first-grade fairy sword, I am afraid that this number will double!

"Mother's fight! I'm out of four million!" Someone suddenly red eyes, seeming to overwhelm all his wealth.

"five million!"

"Eight million"

I didn't expect someone to get this Feiyun Sword at a price of 8 million in the end!

This is equivalent to 80,000 top-grade fairy jade!

"Congratulations to this son... Then we will enter the final auction, everyone must open their eyes!" Feng Xian'er now has a jade box in her hand, she just opened it a little bit, and suddenly jade A strange fragrance in the box was delivered.

"Wow! What medicine is so fragrant, I just smelled it and felt a hundred times more energetic!"

"Can it be a fairy medicine?"


"Nine Pins Elixir Blue Holy Fruit!"

Suddenly the whole auction house was excited.

This kind of blue sacred fruit is a very rare elixir, and it has a wide range of uses and is very popular on the market.

Many people have thoughts of buying at this time!

Feng Xian'er couldn't help showing a happy smile when he saw everyone's reaction.

"Qingli Shengguo is a holy medicine, even if directly swallowed, it can gradually restore the lives of people who are dying. If it is refined into a panacea, the effect can be increased by ten times! The powerful people in the Divine Realm obtained in the depths of Baihe Daze, and they have a medicine age of 50,000 years!"

"Everyone knows what this really means! There will be many incredible changes in the age of medicine after 50,000 years, and the efficacy will be greatly improved compared to the original..."

Feng Xian'er's voice was sweet and beautiful, and he talked about the efficacy and benefits of this blue glass holy fruit, and the eyes of everyone who listened were also getting brighter.

"Brother Zhao, are we going to take this blue glass holy fruit? The 50,000 years are really worth our shot!" Sun Yang also had a trace of expectation in his eyes.

"Well! The list I gave to Shen Tu Rumeng also contains this elixir. I don't know if she found it or not. It's okay to take it. Quandang should be used as a spare!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Okay, now the auction starts! The price of this blue glass holy fruit is 500,000 middle grade immortal jade, and the price increase should not be less than 50,000!"

"Six hundred thousand!"

"Eight hundred thousand!"

"one million!"


This thing is almost useful to anyone, and no one thinks that there are many things to save their lives, and Qingli Shengguo is more cherished after all, so anyone who has a little family has participated in the auction.

The price soared all the way, and soon reached three million!

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang did not make a shot, because they knew that such a popular product, the price is still very early, why not go to waste!

The maid Xiaohong on the side saw that Zhao Yuande and his two laborers were present, and he was not nervous at all. He couldn't help but have a strong interest in the two!

Who are these two people, they are not slow in the face of this treasure, are they the sons of a big family?

In the elegant room next to Zhao Yuande, a handsome and elegant young man holding a folding fan was looking at Feng Xian'er on the auction stand with interest at the moment.

"Huh! This girl is pretty good, but looks a little worse, but it is really enough to be my concubine!"

"Master! This man is a disciple of Xuanji Sect. We are now on Xuanji Sect's site, and we can't be too public!" Behind the young man stood an old man with gray hair.

The old man's thin face made people feel weird that his eyes were constantly changing between black and red. If you look closely, it will give a terrifying feeling.

"Got it!" The young fan folded his hand and clapped his hands, shaking his head helplessly. "This time I came to participate in the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and it just happened to lack some life-saving elixir. This blue glass holy fruit is good. Take it! "

"Yes! Young Master!" The old man nodded, his gleaming eyes flashing, "I'm out of five million!"

"Six million!" A peaceful voice came from a room not far away.

When Zhao Yuande heard this voice, he couldn't help but stunned for a while. He was familiar with this voice.

It turned out to be Shen Tuzong, the son of Shen Tu's family who had a good relationship with himself, Xuan Jizong outside the door.

"Eight million!"

The old man still raises the price, but the price increase is directly increased by 2 million!

"Nine million!" The sound of that room was still dull.

"Ten million!" The old man increased the price!

The price has reached 10 million, which is equivalent to one hundred thousand top-grade spirit jade, and the price is equivalent to an ordinary first-grade fairy treasure!

Hearing someone touched 10 million, even Feng Xian'er, who was too high, showed a pleasant light in his eyes.

She originally expected that the price of this glass of holy fruit would reach the limit of 10 million, but now it seems that both bidders have no intention of stopping.

"Ten thousand and one million!" Ya Ya heard a voice again.

"150,000 top-grade fairy jade!" The young fan holder seemed to feel that the old man's bid was not domineering enough, and he directly quoted the top-grade fairy jade.

"One hundred fifty thousand... top grade fairy jade!" Everyone was stunned. This is too wealthy!

This has far surpassed the true value of this blue glass holy fruit.

In that room, there was silence for a while and then a price was quoted again.


"Huh? Interesting! Interesting! Someone dared to challenge me! Two hundred thousand!" The young man leaned his head out of the room, and looked at the room where the bid was made, his eyes full of provocation.

"Cousin, this price is too ridiculous, let's either..." There was also a trace of anger on Tu Zhongzong's face, but it quickly suppressed.

Because Shen Turu sat quietly on the opposite side of Shen Tuzong.

"This is the last elixir I need, it must be won!" Shen Tu Rumeng's eyes were firm.

This is the key to whether she can activate her physique, so even if the other party comes out more, she will not hesitate.

"All right!" Shen Tuzong shook his head helplessly and continued to bid, "200,000!"

"What... 200,000! Crazy! Crazy! All 200,000 are enough to buy a piece of fairy medicine!"

"These two guys are on the bar, it seems that this time the master of the city has made a profit again!"


"Humph!" The young man's face sank. He thought the other party was obviously provoking himself.

Suddenly a terrible breath spread from his body, and the invisible force squeezed the surrounding space. All the practitioners participating in the auction below felt that there was a sky dome above their heads. Their bodies were tight, and their breathing became rapid. stand up.