Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312: Animal Skin Roll

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This force rushed toward the elegant room where Shen Turu dreamed.

"Humph!" Shen Tu Rumeng's beautiful eyes suddenly froze.

She could feel the existence of the other emperor's realm, but between the horror of combat power and herself!

And there is a more unpredictable strongman beside this person, but in the end she is the shepherd of the Shentu family. As long as the rescue signal of the Shentu family is released, the Shentu family strongmen within hundreds of thousands of miles will instantly arrive. There is no need to be afraid of each other.

Shen Tu Rumen waved at random, the crystal window in front of him opened, and a powerful force directly resolved the opponent's offensive.

"Oh! It turned out to be a beautiful girl!" When the young man saw Shen Tu Rumeng, there was a shock in his eyes, and he secretly said, what a gorgeous woman, the fourth star among the top ten beauties in Baihezhou I once I've seen it, and I'm between her and her, if it should be...

The next moment, a smile appeared on his face.

"I don't know if the girl wants to auction this Lingguo, otherwise I will definitely not shoot!" The young man arched his hand at Shen Tu Rumeng, with a smile on his face that he thought was the most charming smile.

Since the other party gave up, Shen Tu Rumeng didn't want to provoke the wrongdoing. Although 200,000 people got this blue glass holy fruit, it was a bit high, but it was within her tolerance.

"Miss Shen Tu!" Sun Yang naturally saw Shen Tu Rumeng at this time and waved at him.

"It turns out to be Brother Sun!" Shen Tu Rumeng couldn't help but smile when he saw Sun Yang.

She had a touch of affection for Sun Yang at this time. Without the help of the other party, she did not know how long she would be lost!

"Don't act too much!" Zhao Yuande secretly whispered to Sun Yang.

"I won't disturb Shen Tu Girl's auction, and we will see you again when I return to Xuanji Zongfang City!" Sun Yang did not talk too much with the other party according to what Zhao Yuande said, but he just said hello casually. .

"Oh!" Shen Turu dreamed of seeing the other person sitting back in the elegant room, but couldn't help but a slight disappointment.

This slight disappointment just happened to be seen by the young man on the opposite side, his eyes suddenly gloomy.

"Master, this Shentu girl is probably the heir of the Shentu family, we are better not to provoke!" The old man behind the youth couldn't help but remind him.

"Who says I want to provoke the other party, I will never be wrong to pursue her! Our family and the Shen Tu family are also right. If I take this Shen Tu girl home, the old man should be very happy!" The young man was proud of his face. Smile, but the next moment is cold, "Who is that brother Sun, who seems to have something in between, I think I need to get rid of it!"

His eyes glanced coldly at the elegant room where Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang were located, and his eyes were full of murderous opportunities.

"There are only two little guys in the world in that elegant room, not to be afraid! If the young master wants to make them disappear, that's easy!" The cold and quiet words of the old man came from behind the young man, a pair of mysterious red eyes Everbright.

Shen Tu Rumeng 200,000 won the Qingli Shengguo and did not leave directly, but continued to stay in the elegant room.

Shen Tuzong around him couldn't help but wonder: "Cousin, don't you say that this is your last material? We should return to Xuanji Zongfang City now and find the **** chef!"

"Hey! Without Brother Sun's recommendation, I am afraid I will be kicked out. Let's wait for him!" Shen Tu Rumeng's face smiled bitterly.

"That **** chef is really omnipotent, so that even the cousin's physique can be activated, even if our family's ancestors are helpless, know that the ancestors are immortal emperors!"

"So we should try our best to make good friends. If we want to make good master chefs, we must contact Sun Brother more..." Speaking of this, Shen Tu Rumeng suddenly felt a sense of shame in his heart!

What's wrong with me? Do I have to mention this Sun Yang... otherwise I would always mention him subconsciously.

"Cousin, this Sun Yang seems to be good to you, but the cultivation base is lower! Why is his cultivation base one of the many young masters of the Sun family..."

"Okay, let's stop talking about this..."


The next auction item turned out to be a top-ranked innate spirit treasure armor!

It is a pity that this armor is for women. Although this level of armor is relatively rare, the auction price is not very outrageous.

Thirty thousand high-grade fairy jade was auctioned off by a woman among the elegant rooms.

There are many good things in the middle, but most of them are Lingbao, and the prices are not low for each piece.

"The following is the last auction item, a kendo sentiment!" Feng Xian'er raised a roll of yellowish beast skin in his hand. This animal skin is of great value. What is more important is that the Kendo perception may be left by a strong man in the fairyland. If you are a guest of Kendo, dont miss it!"


Suddenly, the entire auction floor exploded.

Of the cultivators, at least 50% of you are using swords. Who doesnt want the kendo feeling left by such a strong man, everyone instantly ignores such things as the skin of the third-grade fairy beast Lieyang beast, but all are short of breath Looked at the hide roll in Feng Xian'er's hand.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but reveal a look of interest. Shi Xiaozhu used a sword, and it would be nice if he auctioned it off to his disciples.

The young man also looked at the hide roll with his eyes scorching, but he had already mastered the sword's meaning with his sword master. Now that he sees this kind of kendo sentiment, he is also immediately interested.

"Take it all!" The young man waved an excited smile to the old man behind him.

"It's the young master!" The old man naturally knew the situation of his young master, and his face also showed joy.

As long as the young master can rely on this kendo sentiment and realize something, the amount of fairy jade spent is worth it!

Feng Xian'er was suddenly stared at with so many burning eyes, and suddenly felt goose bumps on his body.

"Okay, let's start auctioning now. The base price is 100,000 top grade fairy jade! Each price increase should be no less than 10,000!" Feng Xian'er hurriedly quoted the price.

"His!" There was a sound of breathing in the air.

This price directly disqualified the nine adults present at the auction.

Ordinary cultivators may not be able to save enough 100,000 top-grade fairy jade even if they reach the Divine Emperor Realm, not to mention that this is only the reserve price, and no one knows how much the final price will be!

But there are always people of extraordinary origin, and the sound of successive bids sounds at the next moment.

"One hundred and ten thousand!"

"One hundred twenty thousand!"

"One hundred and fifty thousand!"