Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313: A Top Grade Fairy Jade

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Almost immediately after Feng Xian'er reported the price, the price soared to 500,000 directly!

"Six hundred thousand!" Sun Yang bid for Zhao Yuande without hesitation.

"Well! It was the kid who made the bid! Press me down!" The young man heard Sun Yang's voice, his eyes suddenly cold, and said coldly.

"800,000!" The old man's voice resounded throughout the auction house, making the auction house quiet.

Many people can't help but slander, can you be so old as a roll of animal skin? You bid this way and let others play like this!

"One million!" Sun Yang knew that the immortal jade on Zhao Yuande's body was almost 100 million now, and one million was just nine ounces for him.

"1.5 million!" The young man simply pushed open the crystal window again and opened the quotation in person. A pair of eyes glared at Zhao Yuande's elegant room.

"1.6 million!" Sun Yang saw that Zhao Yuande did not mean to retreat, and suddenly increased the price again.

"Good! Good!" Hearing the price, the young man closed the crystal window and sat down heavily.

"Master, are we not following? We have fairy jade!" The old man looked at the young man strangely.

"No! No more!" The young man gradually calmed down and said coldly, "I originally planned to kill this guy. His stuff is mine. Wouldn't it be cheaper if I bid again?"

"Master said very much! We can kill him directly after the auction is over!" The old man smiled yinyin.

One hundred six hundred thousand people, no one will bid anymore, Zhao Yuande got the roll of animal skin as he wished.

Starting with the animal skin, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that there was an ancient, vast, and noble thing on the animal skin...

"Huh! This roll of hide is not simple..."

He swept away the soul, and the appraisal technique was launched.

"An ancient holy beast hides the skin, which records Supreme Sword..."

When Zhao Yuande saw this message, his eyes almost fell out.

He slowly opened the roll of animal skin, and suddenly saw the dense ancient fonts recorded above.

After he became the God Emperor in his previous life, he had studied ancient scripts, and he was able to recognize these ancient fonts.

But he did not see any supreme kendo from it, just some kendo sentiments!

As Feng Xian'er said, most of them are the sentiment of kendos left by some strong fairyland.

But since the appraisal technique says so, there should be no problems, so go back and do the research again!

"Why? Brother Zhao, is this something wrong?" Sun Yang on the side saw Zhao Yuande's expression change again and again and couldn't help asking.

"We may find it cheaper!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the maid Xiaohong next to him, and couldn't help but send a voice to the other party. "Wait back and say that there are many people here."

"Oh! The sword above may be a bit esoteric, and I didn't understand it!" Zhao Yuande said, naturally speaking to Xiaohong aside.

"Then let's go! The auction is over!"

"it is good!"

As soon as the two walked out of the room, they saw Shen Tu Rumeng and Shen Tuzong.

"Oh! Girl Shen Tu, why are you here?" Sun Yang saw Shen Tu Rumeng, although he was very happy in his heart, but he asked a little curiously.

"I'm waiting for the two grandchildren!" Shen Tu Rumeng turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, slightly indifference to him.

"Have seen two!" Shen Zong also hurriedly hand.

Zhao Yuande still played that proud look, but nodded slightly.

Zhao Yuande changed his appearance when he went out, otherwise Shen Tuzong might recognize it, and he might have worn it.

"I have gathered all the materials, please..." Shen Tu Rumeng looked at Sun Yang, a hint of anticipation appeared in his eyes.

"No problem, this matter is on me." Sun Yang nodded, "Should we go back to Xuanji Zongfang City together?"

"Good!" Shen Tu Rumeng's face clearly showed a beam of joy.

On the side, Shen Tuzong couldn't help but sigh, the cousin might be cheaper than Sun Yang.

But this guy's family history is also comparable to the cousin, if the cousin is willing, he will not stop.

"Master, they come out, and there is the lady of the Shentu family!" At the exit of the auction, the old man's eyes flashed red.

"Well! There are many people here, let's not do it first, we follow them!" The young man nodded.

The two figures disappeared quietly in the crowd.

The four Zhao Yuande walked all the way to the teleportation array. Only Sun Yang and Shen Turumeng had a great conversation, and Zhao Yuande and Shen Zong did not speak at all.

The two of them walked aside, this is to create an opportunity for the two.

Just as they were about to approach the teleportation array, the youth and the old man quietly appeared to block the two of them.

The young people glanced at the four people and saw that apart from Shen Tu Ru Meng, the other three turned out to be only the realm of the world and even a little guy in the realm of the realm!

A contemptuous smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was naturally also a large number of the other two.

"Yao Cangqiong, the family of the Yao family of the Baihezhou hidden family, the peak of the emperor's realm, the Xuanwu domineering body..."

"Yao Qianshan, the old servant of the Yao family of the hidden family of Baihezhou, the peak of the Divine Emperor..."

God Emperor Realm Peak!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning slightly, this person is not easy to deal with, I'm afraid he won't be able to overcome with all his strength!

As for Yao Cangqiong, he should be able to directly crush himself.

"What are you going to do?" Sun Yang didn't panic when he saw the two.

Just like Shen Turus dream, he is the young master of the Sun family, and he focuses on protecting the objects. As long as he issues warnings, I am afraid that there will be strong men coming soon.

The young man first smiled slightly at Shen Tu Rumeng: "Miss Shen Tu, I have something to talk to these two, I hope you don't interfere!"

How could Shen Tu Rumeng let Sun Yang and others go wrong, but he still had to rely on Sun Yang to introduce Master Chef, he could never have an accident.

But just when she wanted to say no, Sun Yang stepped forward and looked at the youth coldly: "If you have anything, just say it!"

"Oh! I can't see it, you're quite happy!" The young man grinned lightly, "I am very interested in the roll of animal skin that I just photographed. I don't know if it can be transferred to me?"

"Hehe!" Sun Yang couldn't help but show a mocking smile, "We just spent 1.6 million high-grade fairy jade just now, don't know how much you want to make?"

The young man grinned and said seriously: "I will give you at most one top-grade fairy jade! You must know that the strongest among the fairy realms are my esteem, I can kill you better than you, and now I look at the face of this Miss Shen Tu If you dont kill you, arent you grateful to Dade?"

"Are you strong? How can I not feel it?" Sun Yang's recent cultivation is soaring, although it is only in the late stage of the world, but his physique is Qianyuan immortal body, no need to advance, but it will become stronger and stronger, which also Let him have the confidence to dare to cross the challenge.

He felt that the young mans eyes had always been unwilling to Shen Tu Rumeng, so he wanted to try a fight with the other party.