Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314: No Need To Lie To You

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"Brother Sun must be careful. This person is a Xuanwu domineering body. The defense is amazing. It is very difficult for you to win him!" Zhao Yuande secretly passed a message to Sun Yang.

"Xuanwu Overlord!" Sun Yang nodded. "I know, but I still want to try it!"

"Oh, boy, it seems that you don't know what it means to be strong, let me tell you in person!" The young man's face with an indifferent smile raised his hand and slapped towards Sun Yang. !

"Come well!" If Sun Yang fights the opponent with Xiuwei, he will suffer a lot, but if he fights physically, he is very confident to suppress it.

Sun Yang greeted him with a backhand.

"Don't!" At this time, Shen Tu Rumeng's complexion changed, she could feel the power of this young man, and in her opinion, Sun Yang would definitely not be the opponent of the other party.

She just wanted to stop it, but she was caught by Zhao Yuande!

"What are you going to do!" Shen Tu Rumeng was obviously angry.

"Don't be impulsive, if you want to fight to stop the old guy for a while, Sun Yang can handle it!" Zhao Yuande passed the message to him, and he was full of confidence in Sun Yang in his voice.

"He... he has a big difference between the world and the other party. How could he be the opponent of the other party!" Shen Tu Rumeng subconsciously believed Zhao Yuande and stopped, but he still asked.

"Okay! Then I will tell you! Sun Yang is a Qianyuan fairy body, otherwise how could he become the master of the Sun family!" Zhao Yuande said with a harsh voice, "You must not expose this matter, otherwise Sun Yang will be Will be endlessly assassinated! Sun's opponents cannot make him survive!"

"What! Qianyuan Immortal Body! Didn't you lie to me?" Shen Tu Rumeng was shocked, and at the same time there was a trace of ecstasy. If Sun Yang is really Qianyuan Immortal Body, then... that Xiuwei catches up with himself Sooner or later!

Moreover, the practice of Qianyuan immortal body is smooth, and the achievement of the immortal monarch is a matter of stability, even the immortal emperor has some assurance!

Subtle changes are taking place in her mind...

"I don't need to lie to you. You will ask him later!" Zhao Yuande was not talking to him, but turned to look at the battlefield.


The palms of the two struck together, and the young Yao Cangqiong was pulled back by Sun Yang's terrible power. In contrast, Sun Yang's body didn't stop, as if it turned into a fierce ancient beast, directly rushed over.

Yao Cangqiong looked at Sun Yang thumping in disbelief. He felt an almost irresistible force of terror from the other side!

You have to know that you are a powerful Emperor Realm, and it is also a Xuanwu overlord!

By the way, I just hit it at random, but only used 30% of my strength, and my basaltic dominance is unparalleled in the world. He wants to use my flesh to defeat me. That is simply impossible!

Today I let him die in despair and let his powerful body shine in front of Miss Shen Tu.

Just before his thoughts turned around, Sun Yang had already fallen in front of him, and a punch hit his head.

Yao Cangqiong sipped coldly, and raised his palm to meet him directly.


The two collided again, and Yao Cangqiang had no way to use his full force to face up, and was hit again and flew out.

Sun Yang was once again unreasonable, stepped on the ground, stomped down the entire street, and spider-like cracks spread all over the place.

At this time, there were countless people around, and they all pointed at the two of them in the battle.

"Who the **** are these two men, how did they fight here?"

"That person... it seems... it seems to be Sun Yang, the young master of the Sun family!"

"What! Young Master Sun, he fought with people?"

"Who is the other party? Xiu Wei has come up with a bigger realm than Sun Shao, and he has been beaten back again and again. Sun Shaozhu is really a genius!"

"Nonsense, can't genius become the young master of the Sun family?"


Sun Yang has recently appeared in Wanxiang Building in Xuanji Zongfang City, so many people who have been to Xuanji Zongfang City have seen this young master.

Hearing that Sun Yang turned out to be the young master of the Sun family, the old man's face suddenly changed, and the Sun family was not a small family. How could no one be guarded by their young master!

If the young master really killed him today, I am afraid I can't get out of this Molin City today.

At this time, Yao Cangqiong also naturally heard everyone's comments, and he regretted it a moment!

I should have known that the person who could walk with Miss Shen Tujia was not simple, but I did not expect to be the young master of the Sun family. I would not get any benefits today anyway!

In this case, what else to fight!

The spiritual power in his body exploded, and he instantly retreated Sun Yangzhen, who rushed again.

He took this opportunity to retreat to the old man.

"Sorry, I won't play today! Goodbye!" Yao Cangqiong is also a simple person, knowing that he can't walk away for a moment, without any muddle.

"Humph!" Sun Yang snorted heavily, but there was a hint of joy in his eyes at this time, because he found that Shen Turu dreamed that his eyes were different now!

"Okay! Just close it when I see it. I just told her about your Qianyuan immortal body. You have to hit the iron while it's hot!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly told him this time.

Sun Yang nodded secretly to Zhao Yuande and walked slowly to the three.

"Sun Yang, I have something to ask you! Are you really a Qianyuan fairy body?" Shen Tu Rumeng also asked directly.

"Yes!" Sun Yang nodded. "This is the secret of my family. I wanted to tell you later. I didn't must keep it secret for me! Otherwise, you know the consequences."

"Well!" After receiving a positive answer from Sun Yang, Shen Tu Rumeng nodded gently, and there was a look of joy in his eyes.

"These two were the members of the Yao family. The one who fought with you was called Yao Cangqiang, and the other old man was called Yao Qianshan. I feel that they must have come for the heaven of the heaven!" Zhao Yuande said, "Recently, various hidden family forces have fought. All of them were born for the trial of the Heavenly Kingdom of Huntian. It seems that Bai Hezhou is going to become a place of turmoil. As a family heir, you should be careful."

"Yes! There are a total of 500 places in the Huntian Fairyland trial this time. If it is just our five forces, each of the forces must be divided into a hundred places, but now there are only a total of ten! I estimate that even the Central Fairyland Some of the major forces will also be sent!" Sun Yang looked very dignified.

"Central Immortal Territory! That's Central Immortal Territory, even if the geniuses of the four continents add up to not as many geniuses in the Central Immortal Territory, and the immortal spirit of the Central Immortal Territory is more intense, where to practice one day is comparable to our four continent practice ten days !"

"Don't sigh anymore, let's go back immediately!"

"Wait a moment, I went to the Liujia firm to get the materials..."