Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317: Old Things

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What else can Zhao Yuande say, anyway, has the other party provoke himself, let him continue to cover the aura of genius!

Anyway, that stuff is not rare!

Although Zhao Yuande thought this way, he still had a slightly sour taste.

With the passage of time, the enthusiasm in the eyes of the people is getting stronger and stronger, and some female disciples of **** have begun to count silently!

"Two hundred and one... two hundred and two... two hundred..."

"I rely on! Don't do this!" Zhao Yuande was speechless, his mouth twitching constantly!

When they counted 298, the light door lit up at once, and countless glory condensed a figure.

A teenager with a face like a crown jade came out of the light door. The teenager was arrogant and his chin lifted slightly. It seemed that everything under the world was not worth his attention!

"Brother Lu... Brother Lu broke the record left by his ancestors! It took only 298 breaths to comprehend the law of water, so powerful!" A female disciple screamed!

"It's a powerful atmosphere. Brother Lu should now be able to challenge the powerful players in the late Emperor Realm!"

"Brother Lu is invincible of the same generation, the real first person among the outside!"


Everyone admired the shining boy, but Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

The teenager enjoyed the crowd's **** very much. He looked around for a week as if a general was reviewing his army.

But soon he saw a discordant figure!

"Huh? Who are you?" The teenager frowned slightly, and came to Zhao Yuande in one step. He slightly raised his head and glanced at Zhao Yuande forty-five degrees.

"Don't come to trouble me, otherwise your genius' name will be lost!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face showing an impatient look.

"Brother Lu, he is the brother Zhao Yuande you are looking for!" At this moment, a female disciple looked at their face with excitement, and Brother Lu was full of excitement.

"Yes! He is Zhao Yuande!" Many people looked at Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande heard this. The other party obviously heard of his own reputation. After challenging several people in Li Jingyang, he still wanted to challenge himself. This is to step on his own position!

He couldn't help but look at Jin Yuanzi again.

Jin Yuanzi, helpless!

"Xiaoyou, he's still young, you just give him a face, Quan Dang didn't see him!" Jin Yuanzi said.

Although the little guy of the Lu family is arrogant, but he also has this arrogant capital, and he does not want to frustrate the other party's courage!

With this kind of sharpness, this little guy is very likely to rush to the top, but if he is defeated by Zhao Yuande now, he may be in a state of collapse!

Even if he did not consider it for Old Man Lu, he would also consider it for Zongmen!

And pushing it out can attract the attention of the vast majority of sectarians, so that other genius disciples can grow up smoothly.

"Okay! I have the right to treat him as a child, I don't care about him!" Zhao Yuande is also helpless, Jin Yuanzi can be regarded as kind to him, this kind of request he can not refuse.

Jin Yuanzi was relieved.

"You are Zhao Yuande?" The teenager glanced at Zhao Yuande with the afterglow of his eyes, as if the other party could not enter his dharma eyes at all, "So! I will give you a chance, you will challenge me, if you can stick to three tricks in my hands, I will allow you and my men to do things. In the future, if I become the head of Xuan Jizong, it will benefit you!"

There was a bit of ridicule in the tone of the teenager, and there was even a smile on his face.

"..." Zhao Yuande was speechless for a moment, he wanted to spare him, but the other party posted it to make him hit his face.

However, in order to repay the love of Jin Yuanzi, Zhao Yuande still refrained.

As the so-called enduring moment, the wind and waves calmly step back into the sea and the sky, I have the right to treat him as an ignorant child.

"Oh! I can't beat you, and I don't want to do anything under your hands. Let's go! I have to understand the law!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. He felt that today was the most boring day.

"Haha! Brother Lu is invincible, even Zhao Yuande knows that he is invincible and fears to avoid war!"

"Brother Lu is brilliant and brave, breaking the records of his seniors!"

"Brother Lu, I love you..."

"Brother Lu..."


Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, there was another climax at the scene.

The complacent color on the teenagers face was even stronger. He pressed his palm slightly to suppress the clamor of the crowd. He glanced at Zhao Yuande again and said lightly: "Hey! Dont hurry to refuse, I know you are also a genius, genius is always There is some arrogance. So! If you are doing things under my hands, I will give you a Sipin Xianbao, I am already a favor to you, you must not miss such a big because of temporary arrogance Chance!"

"What! Even a shot is Sipin Xianbao! Brother Lu is the atmosphere!"

"Zhao Yuande, don't die, the duck's mouth is hard, the great opportunity is in front of you, hurry and promise!"

"If I promised long ago, hey!"

"Brother Lu! I can do things for you..."

"Brother Lu, I want to live for you... Um!"

"Shut up, why did Brother Lu fall in love with your little wave hoof! Brother Lu, I love you!"


"Damn! A bunch of fools!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but whispered.

He didn't talk much anymore, and bypassed this mad boy to the door to understand the rules of water.

"Good! I'll see you today, do you really dare to walk into this gate..." The teenager was really angry when he saw Zhao Yuande ignoring himself.

But here is Xuan Jizong after all, and he is not allowed to fight at will, otherwise he would have slapped him and flew the other party.

"Zhao Yuande, we all know that you are here to watch the bustle, so don't hold on, otherwise, if you can't pay the fairy jade after a while, Zongmen's punishment is not something you can afford!"

"Hurry to submit to Brother Lu! We can't ask for anything!"

"Brother Zhao, don't be arrogant! It's not worth it."


Most of the people around were sneer and sarcasm, and of course there were some people who were really worried about Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was too lazy to step directly into the gate of water rules.

"Humph! I'm waiting here. I'll see when you will come out!" The teenager snorted coldly, staring at the light door, standing there looking at the joke.

"Cough! Everyone, people who don't understand are leaving! This is the Valley of Secrets, not your meeting place!" Jin Yuanzi stepped forward, he can't let these people stay here, he still has to put away this piece Jade Bi, otherwise Zhao Yuande will come out in a while, and the record will remain on Jade Bi!

"Old stuff, don't give me a shame, get me off!" The young man glanced at Jin Yuanzi coldly, his voice cold and murderous.