Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318: No Time To

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He was rejected by Zhao Yuande and ignored. It was originally full of anger. Now this old guy dare to jump out and talk, he just doesn't talk about himself in the eyes, this kind of person will step on hard.

Although Jin Yuanzi has not shown the mountains and the water, he is silently guarding the Valley of Secret Realm, but in fact it is just a leisure.

Although he has a good temper and is easy-going, he can always laugh a few words with his disciples who come to the Secret Realm. Even if the disciples are joking with him, he does not care.

But after all, he was a strong man in the fairy land, and one of the elders in the sect was now humiliated in person, and he was let go!

His state of mind is unpredictable, and he can't stand it anymore!

"Do you know who the old man is? You..." Although Jin Yuanzi is angry, he still suppresses him. After all, he still doesn't want to use force to suppress people's sharpness, so he tries to suppress it as much as possible. After anger, I want to remind the other party and let the other party know their true identity.

But he still underestimated how arrogant and domineering the other side is!

"Huh! I care who you are. Don't show your insignificant identity in front of me. Believe it or not, as long as I open my mouth, you can get you out of Xuan Jizong!" I added a sentence, "I don't know the old things that are high and thick!"

"Come on! Old man, don't provoke our brother Lu. Brother Lu's grandfather, but Lu Taishang, really can make you roll in one sentence!"

"Recognize the situation! Obediently waiting, this kind of thing is not something you can intervene in the guards of the Secret Valley!"

"Get off! Don't be an eye-catcher here. Believe it or not, Brother Lu, I can make you get out!"

"Old man, you should be honest! Otherwise, you won't eat fruit without you!"


"Hey!" Jin Yuanzi, who was originally angry and wanted to suppress all his disciples, calmed down.

"It seems that I was wrong! Really wrong!" Jin Yuanzi smiled bitterly on his face and smiled bitterly in his heart, and he was able to lead us to the glory of Xuan Jizong by such a person! Forget it, I don't care!

Jin Yuanzi was a little interested in disappointment, he decided, just let Zhao Yuande frown and go!

"You're an old thing, who do you think you are? Today you are your acquaintance, otherwise I won't spare you!" When the teenager saw Jin Yuanzi's silence, he felt a lot more angry and his face also showed ambition. Complacent expression.

It was at this time that the light in the light gate was rippling, and finally a figure formed directly out of the light gate.

"Haha! You only came out at this time, did you figure it out? Rest assured, as long as you promise to belong to me, what you just consumed..." The teenager looked at Zhao Yuande walking out of the light door proudly. There was a huge arc in the corner of the mouth.

But before he finished speaking, he was interrupted directly.

"Brother Lu...Look..." An outside disciple suddenly pointed to Yubi next to the light door in horror. His face was shocked and incredible!

"What! It's a fuss, I didn't see Brother Lu being... Ah! This... how is it possible!" A disciple next door just wanted to scold, and also saw the number on Jade Bi, and his body seemed like a hair. The sheep trembled wildly.

"Wrong! It must be wrong, this is completely impossible, you can't understand the law of water so quickly, this..." The proud young man turned his head curiously and looked at Yubi, next For a moment his fingers were shaking and his face was incredible.

Step by step, he reached Yubi and shook it vigorously, but the numbers on the jade did not change!

The number ninety-nine is like a sharp knife piercing the young man's heart at once, making his face pale.

Jin Yuanzi not far away saw this scene, and inexplicably gave birth to a kind of pleasure!

Regardless of how advanced he is, how detached his identity is, but now he is born with this kind of pleasure, although he quickly removes this pleasure, but the gloom and discomfort in his heart also disappeared at the same time.

"Hey!" Jin Yuanzi sighed secretly in his heart, can't I not be vulgar!

Not bad, although I practiced in the realm of immortal monarch, but after all, it is still a person, and people will have the emotions of people. I have such emotions and it makes sense.

Everyone around me was just flattering, and now they are all looking at the numbers on Jade Bi in shock!

Some of them rubbed their eyes, some pinched their thighs, some receded unbelievably, and grew their mouths to stay where they were...

"Brother Lu, don't worry, maybe he is a water physique, and he understands the rules of water. Such words can really greatly improve the speed of comprehending the laws of water!" Someone besides started a calm analysis. This person is the youngest. The trusted man's name is Yue Qun. This person has excellent wisdom and outstanding talent.

He is very optimistic about this young man, the other side is backed by Lv Taishang, and has such a good talent, has been going on like this in the future will inevitably skyrocket.

However, if the confidence is hit now, it is likely to collapse according to the personality of the other party!

This is the last thing he wants to see.

"Yes! This must be the case, that's the case!" Hearing this, the teenager suddenly calmed down again.

"Poof!" Zhao Yuande laughed out of place at this time.

He can't help it. Is this kind of mentality really suitable for cultivation?

Can't stand this blow, can it really survive in the fairy world?

I am afraid that such a person will be directly killed by the Xuan Ji Sect!

"What are you laughing at?" After the teenager calmed down, his eyes suddenly became sharp. He felt that he needed to regain his confidence from the battle. He wanted to defeat the opponent and step on the opponent's body so that he could let himself Remain a proud heart!

"I laugh at you... forget it! You are not worth my laugh!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Jin Yuanzi's words, and felt that there was no need to worry about such a fool, let him continue to be proud and arrogant!

Anyway, one day he will plant it on it!

"You...Zhao Yuande, I'm going to challenge you, and the ring of grudges is endless!" The boy's tone was cold and ruthless, full of murderous opportunities.

"There is no time, you can play by yourself!" Zhao Yuande strode meteor out, not bothering to bother him.

Those outside disciples saw him coming, they only felt that they had made way for him!

Although they blindly worship this peerless genius, they are not fools. They can understand the law of water at the ninety-nineth breath. Genius!