Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319: Song Xinyuan

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"You..." The teenager could only watch Zhao Yuande leave. He suddenly turned his head to look at Jin Yuanzi. "Old thing, why didn't he pay the fairy jade, is it because you are committing fraud, intentionally..."

"People have pre-paid 30 million..." Jin Yuanzi was too lazy to care about this guy, his figure disappeared in a flash.

He felt that if he stayed here again, he would really have no choice but to shoot this little bunny directly.

"What... 30 million... or pre-delivery!" Hearing Jin Yuanzi's words, almost everyone's heart seemed to be smashed hard by a giant hammer.

Especially at this time, the teenager was even pale, and he suddenly felt like a clown.

I thought that I just took a Sipin Xianbao to go to the other people. They just saved 30 million people. This is the face of Chiguo Guo!

He didn't have a face anymore and stayed here.

At this time, everyone around me did not follow the teenager when he came, but looked at the teenager's back with a complex look, thinking he was so embarrassed!

Especially a few girls who have been **** just now, their eyes are also full of doubts!

Suddenly they felt Brother Lu who they admired, how did they seem to become a clown all of a sudden!

"Damn! Damn! How dare you ignore me so much!" The boy walked out of the valley of the realm, his face gloomy.

"Brother Lu, don't be angry. Isn't it the outside challenge soon? Can you prove everything as long as you defeat him in the challenge?" Yue Qun's voice was full of murderous intent, "As long as Brother is challenging During the match, he shot a little bit of focus and accidentally ruined his foundation..."

"Hum! You're right, that's right! That's it, that's it!" The teenager's face was murdered, and the surrounding space instantly solidified!

The invisible murderous intention rises into the sky, and the clouds in the sky are all impacted.

"Brother Lu's intention to kill the sword is indeed strong, and the kid is probably not his brother's enemy!" Yue Qun's face showed a deep shock.

What should I do now? There is still one day left, should it be used to comprehend Kendo?

Zhao Yuande kept thinking on the road, and now there is another day of the outside door challenge. It doesn't make much sense to practice other basics.

"Let's comprehend Kendo! But Kendo is as vast as the sea. I should go to the Temple of Immortals first!" Zhao Yuande made up his mind and walked directly towards the teleportation array in the distance.

The Hall of Immortals and the Hall of Supernatural Beings are on a heavenly main peak of the Xuanji Sect. The peaks and clouds are very spectacular.

As soon as he came out of the teleportation array, he felt very lively. Many inside and outside doors of the sect, even elite true disciples, appeared here from time to time.

"Hey, Brother Zhao, you are here too." Just as Zhao Yuande stepped out of the teleportation array, a somewhat familiar voice came into his ears.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that it was Song Xinyuan who met on Molin Lake that day.

Song Xinyuan was standing next to a slender young man in a purple dress.

The young man in Ziyi had a gentle face and a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, which gave him a very kind feeling at first glance. If he neglected the strong momentum in him, this person looked like a scribe who had read the classics.

"Oh! It was Brother Song! This is..." Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Ziyi Youth.

"Brother, this is Brother Zhao I often mention to you!" Song Xinyuan introduced Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face, "Brother Zhao, this is my brother, Song Xinzhao!"

"Oh! It's Deacon Song! The disciples have seen Deacon Song!" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to neglect. This person is a peerless genius in the fairyland, which is a bit scarier than Gong Ming.

"Hey! What disciple, you saved the younger brother, and you are friends with the younger brother, and you will call me my elder brother in the future!" Song Xinzhao's smile was even stronger on his face.

The person in front of him is famous among the sect, and he will certainly not be an unknown person in the future, and he also saved the younger brother. The most important thing is that without the help of the other party, he can't completely kill Gongsun Ming.

This person must have a good relationship!

"Brother Song!" Zhao Yuande is naturally happy to know such a big brother.

"Well! I saw a friend, brother, you are chatting with Brother Zhao!" Song Xinzhao smiled politely at Zhao Yuande, making room for the two to chat.

He is a strong man in the fairyland, and his actual age has passed for many years. It is really that they are not a level with Zhao Yuande. There is no topic to talk about together.

So he still left the space to the two, let the young people together to enhance the relationship.

"Brother Zhao, what are you doing today? Do you want to go to the Xianjing Palace to find the exercises?" Song Xinyuan saw the big brother leaving, and he was very good at it.

Don't look at the elder brother being very good to him, but the elder brother always has a sense of restraint in him.

The eldest brother is much bigger than him, and in order to pursue the avenue, there is no distraction between men and women, so no heirs have been left until now.

Shortly after he was born, both parents fell away. The eldest brother raised himself as a father and mother. The elder brother did not have serious practice for seven full years. Otherwise, the talent of the elder brother is now at least a strong man in the fairyland.

So Big Brother is like a father in his heart, he has awe, grateful, more respect.

"Oh! Yeah, I want to find some classics about Kendo." Zhao Yuande said his purpose.

"Why don't we just turn around in the square now?" Song Xinyuan introduced Zhao Yuande while introducing, "There are many brothers and sisters in the square, and they have classic cheats from the outside. If you cant use it or if you dont have the fairy jade, you will take it out and sell it here."

"Oh! There is such a thing. Isn't this delaying Zongmen's earning immortal jade? How could Zongmen allow it." Zhao Yuande wondered.

"Zong Men not only did not stop, but also strongly supported and did not charge booth fees and taxes!" Song Xinyuan explained, "In fact, Zong Men's purpose is not to earn the disciples' immortal jade, but to make the disciples as strong as possible. And even if there are too many books outside, there will not be a complete list of books in the sect, so you understand..."

"That's right!" Zhao Yuande nodded.


The two people walked into the lively Exchange Square while chatting.

Because the sect gate here does not charge taxes, it is especially lively. Not only is there classic sales of exercises, but also various materials, Lingbao and even Xianbao are sold.

They searched one by one from the beginning, and soon came to a small booth.

The owner of this stall is a young man with a thin face, and he is a true disciple of Divine Emperor Realm.