Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Turmoil

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Ancient Demon Avenue, this is the real avenue, as long as you achieve success, you can be promoted to Emperor Realm!

Moreover, this Emperor Realm is not an ordinary Emperor Realm. The avenues understood by the ordinary Emperor Realm Powerful are all ordinary avenues, such as earth, water, fire and fire... And the ancient Demon Avenue is a congenital avenue, and each one is unique, as long as each one Achievement is invincible in the world!

The whole world of the Eastern Emperor has become turbulent because of this piece of news. Almost all the strong men have set their sights on this, and countless powerful families have sent messengers to the God Market.

A large number of godships covering the sky and the sun came out of the sky and appeared around the Shenxu city. How can a godsxu city accommodate so many powerful people, some big families can only camp outside the Shenxu city.

Countless tall mountains have become temporary bases for these big families.

At this moment, the Shenxu City became the center of the entire East Emperor Great World, where all the strong people focused!

Even some powerful people from outside the world heard the wind and joined the event.

And at this time, the focus of all eyes, this time changing protagonist, Zhao Yuande quietly took four people to leave the world's first food and embarked on a journey of searching for materials. Their footprints have covered the entire Shenxu City. Even many large cities around.

At this time, many large chambers of commerce also gathered around the Shenxu City. The business opportunities here attracted them, which made Zhao Yuande save a lot of energy.

"Damn! Damn it! This kid is really cunning. He wanted to use this means to escape to escape us!" Somewhere underground, a burly old man with a pair of curved long horns walked angrily.

"The ancestor is actually an opportunity. If we can seize this opportunity, maybe we will not only win the kid, but also get a lot of resources!" The thin man, with the expected evil smile on his face, "He took our saint, we took his wealth, hey!"

"Oh! You say your thoughts silently!" The elder elbow heard a little man's words, and his face suddenly showed a very interested expression.

"Don't he want an innate spirit treasure? Then we will give him..."

Wantong Baolou, a hall, many powerful people are welcoming a lady in white.

"The special envoy came this time, but for the first delicacy of the day?" The local shopkeeper of Wantong Baolou respectfully gave the lady in white to the main seat, and asked carefully.

"Well! This time, we pay great attention to it, and even the powerful members of Wantong World are watching our movements all the time. If we can successfully complete this auction this time, we will get nothing. Estimated benefits!"

The beauty in white is slim and slim, and the curves are tempting and attractive, especially the sound is like the valley of the valley.

But it is a pity that the white lady's face is covered with this layer of unclear mist, no matter how hard everyone tries, she can't see her true appearance.

"And it's all arranged by the special envoy! The subordinates will try their best to cooperate!" The shopkeeper knew the purpose of the coming, although he didn't want to give up the benefits of Noda, he had to do so.

"Well, has the owner of the world's first food contacted you now?" The lady in white sits in the first place. There is a natural and powerful aura that makes everyone below feel a sense of oppression, not even dare to breathe.

"No! We haven't been entrusted by him yet. This will not be our enemy's family. What we have come up with is to conspire our Wantong Chamber of Commerce!" The shopkeeper looked at the white lady in front of him with some worry, continued. Its only ten days away from the auction, in case we dont get the auction rights for those three so-called packages..."

The shopkeeper dare not think about it anymore, which is definitely a disastrous consequence.

"No! You can rest assured, at this time it is absolutely not what you think!" The lady in white was sitting in danger, not showing any anxiety, but calmly calmly said, "Our information is all over the corner of the East Emperor's World, the first food in the audience. All of the information in my hands is in my hands. This Zhao Yuande is definitely not kidding. He is playing a gamble. If he loses, he will lose everything. If he wins his reputation, he will spread throughout the world of the Eastern Emperor, even the entire starry sky. No one will dare to look at him again!"

"The special envoy of the newspaper, a black masked person outside found it, saying that there is something very valuable to come to our treasure house for auction!" A subordinate came in a hurry to report.

"Oh! Here!" A smile appeared on the envoy's face.

After the masked man in black saw the special envoy, the man unmasked it, and it was Zhao Yuande.

"Senior envoy, I'll see you there!" Zhao Yuande sat in front of the envoy, but he couldn't sense how powerful the opponent was. He didn't dare to use the appraisal technique to appraise the opponent, because although the person in front of him looked very young, it might be one. The powerful existence of Emperor Realm exists.

"I think you have heard some rumors. Today I came to auction these three packages!" Zhao Yuande took out three jade cards and threw them to the other party.

The envoy took the jade card and found that it was just three numbers, one, two, three!

"This kind of jade brand is easy to copy! If thousands of such jade brands appear after the auction is over, what will you do?" The special envoy frowned and felt that the other party was sloppy.

"Oh! Can't the special envoy find the special ban in the jade card?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"Huh? Is there any special prohibition?" The envoy carefully observed and explored the spirit, and his face only showed a surprise after Zhangcha Kungfu, "Well! Sure enough, no one can copy it!"

"These three jade brands, the first one with a base price of 10 million top-grade spirit jade, the second one with 100 million top-grade spirit jade, and the third one are only for sale!" Zhao Yuande's conditions are almost the same as outside rumors.

"If my Wantong Chamber of Commerce wants to buy these three jade brands, what do you think?" The envoy suddenly asked this question, "The first one I will give you 50 million yuan, the second one I will give you 1 billion yuan, and For the third piece, I can exchange it with an innate fireball. What do you think?"

"Heavenly Fireball!" Almost all Zhao Yuande was a little moved when he heard the name. This is what the alchemy master needs most, and he also needs to make good food.

But he finally thought of something, and shook his head gently!

"What do you think if I give you another Deacon token from the Metrohm Chamber of Commerce?" The envoy again put forward generous conditions. "I know that the purpose of your auction is to attract the attention of major forces and get rid of the demon clan. The strong will spy on you! As long as you become the deacon of my Wantong Chamber of Commerce, no one in this world will dare to move you!"

"Deacon!" Zhao Yuande was excited again!

The Wantong Chamber of Commerce is not the Wantong Baolou, but the most transcendent force in the entire East Emperor Great World. It is also the first largest chamber of commerce in the sky and the third largest force!

As the special envoy said, as long as he became the deacon of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, the demon clan would not dare to move him even ten times larger!