Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320: Confidence

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In his booth, the two found a copy of the'Qingming Sword Classic'. Zhao Yuande picked it up and turned over at the beginning, and it felt pretty good!

The sword scripture is written by an immortal named Qingming, a strong man in the fairy land. The writing is very good, and the expression is simple and clear, and a lot of knowledge makes Zhao Yuande feel suddenly and cheerful.

"The two younger brothers, are you interested in my sword scripture?" The thin young man looked at Zhao Yuande's face and immediately asked with hope, "If I am really interested, I will give you a cheaper price!"

"This brother, don't know the price of this sword classic?" Zhao Yuande decided to buy it.

"My sword scripture was obtained from an ancient ruin, and I won't say much about the dangers I gained, but he did have a great help for my kendo cultivation!" The thin young man, his finger against the sky Refers to.

Zhao Yuande and Song Xinyuan only felt the turbulence surrounding them, and they seemed to move from the noisy square to the vast sky.

There was a lot of surroundings, and the sound of the wind was beneath their feet. They had the illusion of falling from the sky!

"Sword potential is great! This is Qing Ming Tian... Brother is the fifth Qing Ming disciple of the true disciple!" Song Xinyuan's face changed slightly, and he immediately recognized the identity of a thin young man.

"It's amazing!" Even Zhao Yuande felt extremely shocked. At that moment, he felt that if the opponent shot, even if he was ten times more powerful, he would not be the opponent!

Is this the true genius of Xuan Jizong? Zhao Yuande put away the kind of slow attitude you originally had in your heart. The opponent's combat power at this time can already kill the powerful presence of God Emperor's Peak to the lower realm.

"Yes, it's me! Are the two younger brothers satisfied?" Qing Mingzi flicked his fingers, and Zhao Yuande seemed to have gone through a time and space travel, and returned to the noisy square again.

The other people around were not affected by Qingming Sky at all!

"Satisfied and satisfied! Brother said the price directly!" Zhao Yuande nodded, his face also showing a hint of excitement.

"One million top-grade fairy jade!" Qing Mingzi tentatively said.

"It's too expensive, Brother! One million top-grade fairy jade can buy two second-tier fairy treasures! And your Qingming Sword Classic is only written by a strong fairyland, cheaper!" Zhao Yuande hasn't spoken yet. Song Xinyuan has started to bargain.

"So how much do you say?" Qing Qingzi was not annoyed, but asked Song Xinyuan.

"Maximum 200,000! This price is very fair!" Song Xinyuan countered.

"This... this younger brother, you are too ruthless! about half a million?" Qing Mingzi grimaced.

"No, no! It's too high, up to 300,000!" Song Xinyuan shook his head straight.

"Forty-five thousand... Brother Shi, I can buy a third-grade fairy sword for forty-five thousand yuan! Take care of your brother!" Qing Mingzi's bitter face, this little teacher is really too good to bargain.

"No! Brother, you're going to leave when we turn around!" Song Xinyuan took Zhao Yuande away and left without any trace.

"Good! Good! Three hundred thousand is three hundred thousand!" Qing Mingzi is really helpless, but he has been waiting here for a day. If he can't sell it, the three-grade fairy sword is really going to be soaked!

Without the Sanpin Immortal Sword, in this ranking of true disciple disciples, your ranking will be in danger!

"Brother Zhao!" Song Xinyuan smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring and threw it directly to the other party.

Qing Mingzi took it, and the spirit and soul discovered it in just the right amount, and then handed Qing Ming Jian Jing to Zhao Yuande.

At this time, Qing Mingzi was also very shocked. The disciples of the world took out 300,000 top-grade immortal jade without feeling any physical pain, but instead looked kind of indifferent.

Is this person a child of a big family?

"Brother, are you interested in earning immortal jade?" Zhao Yuande took the Jian Jing and looked at the other party with a slight smile.

Qing Mingzi originally intended to turn around and leave, because he was anxious to buy the three-piece fairy sword.

But when he heard the other party's words, he couldn't help but stop, because he still had 150,000 yuan left to buy the third-grade fairy sword, and he had to go back and borrow a little from the teachers.

"How to earn money? How much can you earn?" Qing Mingzi looked at Zhao Yuande carefully.

"How about a three-grade fairy sword?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, waiting for his answer.

"What, you say it again!" Qing Mingzi's face was suspicious.

"I said a three-grade fairy sword!" Zhao Yuande repeated again.

"This... okay! You say, what do I need to do? I will not do anything that kills the same door and damages the door!" Qing Mingzi was instantly impressed by Zhao Yuande's words!

Song Xinyuan on the side looked at Zhao Yuande a little puzzled. What did this brother Zhao want to do? A three-grade fairy sword could cost at least three million!

But he will not stop each other. Everyone has his own thoughts. The other party must have his reasons for doing so.

"Oh! Actually, it's very simple. I want Brother Qingmingzi to explain the Qingming Jianjing for me! Help me understand the sword meaning!" Zhao Yuande smiled and made his own request.

"This... this is not impossible, but there must be a time limit! In case you can't understand it in a year, then I am not going to help you explain the year?" Qing Mingzi is also a smart person, he Although he was very willing in his heart, he raised the issue of time limit.

"Brother Qingmingzi! Don't forget the value of a three-grade fairy sword, three million high-grade fairy jade! I'm afraid it will take three or five months at the rate of making money for your brother!" Song Xinyuan from the side couldn't help saying this time.

"This..." Qing Mingzi knew what the other party said was true.

"Well, Brother Qingmingzi, let's set a time. What do you think about twenty-four days?" Zhao Yuande continued to add, "Brother-in-law should be on call within twenty-four days!"

"One word is final!" Qing Mingzi heard Zhao Yuande's words, and his face suddenly showed a happy look, earning 3 million in 24 days, let alone let him be on call, even if he was there every moment. There is no problem with the other party.

"Brother Zhao!" Song Xinyuan felt that Zhao Yuande was obviously at a disadvantage.

"Brother Song forgot. Twenty-four days later is the day of the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. If I can't realize the sword intention again, I will enter the field of trial!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Song Xinyuan.

"Oh! That's what it is!" Song Xinyuan nodded, but soon a strange look appeared on his face, "Brother Zhao, how confident you are!"

"Oh! People don't have confidence in that line! There must be one of them in the trial of the Heavenly Kingdom!" Zhao Yuande's voice was not high, but he was full of confidence, which attracted people around him to look at him frequently.

Zhao Yuande didn't care too much, he was just stating a fact.