Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323: Nothingness

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"You... very good! Very good!" Wu Qiong's angry Qiqiao smoke, when he had been threatened by this, he couldn't help but point at Zhao Yuande's fingers shaking.

"Brother, don't know him in general. I don't believe he can walk out of Wanbao Building. No one can save him as long as he walks out of the Wanbao Building!" Chen Tianqiang smiled coldly and preached, "Brother has forgotten Brother Tianqi? He But the guard captain of the Law Enforcement Hall..."

"Hmm! Humph..." Wu Qiong heard the name, and her cold face couldn't help showing a grin.

Zhao Yuande was too lazy to care about what they did, but he was the one who entered the Law Enforcement Hall, even the Law Enforcement Hall Master could not help him, what was he afraid of.

"Five million, seniors look at it!" Zhao Yuande directly threw out a storage ring.

The old man took a look at it, which contained five million top-grade fairy jade.

The old man was also happy, and took the Xuan Qingjian directly from the crystal counter and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande directly sent Xuan Qingjian to Qing Mingzi's hands. The other party couldn't help but tremble, and then took Xuan Qingjian's hands and stroking the sword with ease.

"Okay! Brother, my promise is completed, it's up to you!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"Brother assured, rest assured!" Qing Mingzi nodded excitedly at this time.

The other party spent five million dollars to photograph this Xuanqing sword for himself. He must let the other party understand the sword intention within 24 days.

"Senior brother, if you have something to do, you can go back to Zongmen first, and I still have to stroll around." Zhao Yuande saw the other party's appearance and knew that the other party had the fairy sword at first, and wanted to be familiar with refining.

"OK! If the younger brother returns to Zongmen, he only needs to send a letter to me, and I will be on call!" Qing Mingzi threw a jade card to Zhao Yuande, and left the Wanbao Building in a hurry.

"This Taoist, those two have a very serious killing intent on you. You have to be careful! We are destined to say goodbye!" The young Taoist nodded slightly at Zhao Yuande and preached.

"Thank you Dao for reminding me, goodbye!" Zhao Yuande also smiled.

But Zhao Yuande was looking at the old man in charge at this time, and smiled slightly: "Senior, don't know if there is a more advanced fairy sword in Xianbaolou?"

"You want to buy a higher grade?" The old man looked Zhao Yuande up and down again. He found that he still underestimated the other party.

He originally thought that the other party was just a big family's young boy. The prodigal wanted to make a good brother with a third-grade fairy sword.

But now that the other party said this, he immediately overturned this conclusion.

The higher-level immortal sword moves tens of millions, and it is simply impossible for a big family's dudes to come up with it!

What is the identity of this person? You must know that you can take out tens of millions to buy a Xianbao, and all are super powerful.

Although he is a fairyland, he can barely make up 10 million, but if he is allowed to take out and buy a fairy, he can't bear it.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled faintly, glancing at Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang not far away.

"Brother! This kid is going to buy a higher-level fairy sword, will he..." Chen Tianqiang's face was shocked.

"Dont be afraid, he just bluffs and wants to use this to scare us away. We follow him and dont believe that he can really afford the Sipin Immortal Sword! If we can really afford it, we have more reason to sell it Take it that time..." Wu Qiong's eyes gleamed violently.

He had originally left Xuan Jizong recently, this is if he succeeds, he will immediately escape.

Even if the power behind the other party traces himself, he is not afraid at all, and he is not without power behind him!

"Son, please follow me up to the fifth floor!" The old man's attitude is obviously respectful.

This is not respect for the identity of Zhao Yuande's forces, but respect for his wealth!

"Okay! Please show me the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande nodded lightly.

The old man who was in charge did not dare to neglect at this time, leading the way ahead.

"Brother Zhao is good! Good...hey!" Song Xinyuan originally wanted to say that he was wealthy, but he still didn't say it, and there was an embarrassed smile on his face, so it seemed that a friend was not very polite.

"Ah! Brother Song, but it doesn't matter." Zhao Yuande didn't care.

"Go, let's follow up and see!" Wu Qiong saw the figures of the three disappeared in the stairs, followed immediately.

Although the treasures on the fifth floor are the same as those on the fourth floor, each one is much less than the fourth floor.

"Son, here is the three-handed four-grade fairy sword, you can see! If you like it, you can talk to me directly!" The old man retreated slightly and retreated to a distance.

"Well! Good!" Zhao Yuande saw three crystal counters standing side by side, each of which was sealed with a fairy sword.

He first turned his eyes to the first fairy sword on the left. This sword was sheathless, and the whole body was fiery red. Even though most of the power sealed by the crystal counter could still feel a trace of fiery air. .

"Red flame holy fire sword, four-grade fairy treasure, which contains two innate flames, mysterious red flame and sun fire..."

Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded slightly. The first thing he realized was the rules of fire. After understanding the rules of fire, the use of this red flame holy fire sword should complement each other, and even if this fairy sword is eliminated in the future, The two innate flames can also swallow Qinglian's true fire.

Thinking of the true fire of Qinglian, this little guy has been sleeping, but his breath is getting stronger and stronger, as if he has a feeling of going to the realm.

He turned his gaze to the middle sword in the middle again. The sword was completely white, and the sword was carved with exquisite cloud patterns, which gave people a feeling of ethereal wind.

"Ruofeng, Sipin Xianbao, which contains the wind..."

The wind! The value of this rumored sword is definitely above the first.

But he didn't seem interested in the wind.

He turned his gaze to the last fairy sword.

The fairy sword is completely black, and there is only a slight **** light flash above the blade, giving a suffocating feeling.

"The nothingness, the four-grade fairy treasure, built with the crystal of the void, contains a trace of the power of the void..."

Seeing the introduction of this sword, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but brighten his eyes, the power of the void was a good thing!

After he realized the sword intention in his mind, the direction of development was time and space, because if these two artistic concepts were used in the sword intention, the power was the most powerful, making people unpredictable.

"Senior! What's the price of this sword?" Zhao Yuande beckoned to the old man in charge.

The old man saw Zhao Yuande's finger on the black fairy sword, and he couldn't help but frown. His eyesight was really poisonous, and he immediately selected the highest value and the most powerful of the three swords.