Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324: Familiar Breath

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"This fairy sword is called "None", but it was made by a powerful master of six-grade refinery, and the price is 16 million top-grade immortal jade!" The old man said, but his eyes have been fixed on Zhao Yuande. Expression changes.

"Hi!" Song Xinyuan beside Zhao Yuande couldn't help but take a breath.

Although he had long guessed that this fairy sword would cost tens of millions, he couldn't help but feel deeply shocked when he said it.

On the fifth floor, Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang, who had been pretending to browse Xianbao, heard this price and couldn't help but change their face slightly.

If this son can buy this fairy sword, he has more reason to kill the opponent!

If you can get this four-grade fairy sword, you can use the fairy land!

"Well! Sixteen million is a conscience price, I want it!" Zhao Yuande nodded and threw a storage ring without hesitation.

The old man took the storage ring and his hands were shaking a little!

He looked at him, and his face suddenly showed shock.

"This nihility is the son!" The old man opened the sealed crystal counter and took out the nihility sword.

Suddenly, the entire fifth floor felt a burst of palpitation, and an invisible and qualitative terror blade made everyone feel the tingling of the skin.

The old man respectfully handed the sword to Zhao Yuande and said: "The young man's sword is very powerful. If the young man is not sure, I can help the young man to seal it for a while, so that it will not threaten the young man."

"No need to do so!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, his physical body is now comparable to the body **** emperor realm strong, and the sharp air exuded from the void sword could not hurt him at all.

Zhao Yuande took the Sword of Nothingness, gently rubbed the sword with his fingers, and suddenly felt a mysterious mood passed along with his fingers to his mind.

He suddenly seemed to appear in a dark void, where there is no limit to life.

"Good sword!" Divine Emperor Zhao Yuande is as powerful as Divine Emperor Realm, but he can get rid of this kind of artistic conception at will and release the glory of joy in his eyes.

At this moment, Wu Qiong's eyes showed a greedy light. At this moment, he had made up his mind to take Zhao Yuande down.

"Let's go, wait outside for them." Wu Qiong turned around and left.

In Wanbao Building, he didn't dare to give him 10,000 guts, but in the city of Xuanji Zongfang, he could rely on some means...

Yu Guang in the corner of Zhao Yuande's eyes had long discovered that the two had left. The other party must have had a bad thought, but he didn't care much.

In this city of Xuanji Zongfang, there are very strict rules, he expected the other party not to dare to do it.

But even if the opponent really started, he was not afraid, unless the Emperor Emperor shot, no one could threaten him.

Putting the Void Sword into his own inner world, Zhao Yuande and Song Xinyuan walked out of the Wanbao Building accompanied by the old man.

"Son, those two have already killed you, you have to be careful!" The old man said to Zhao Yuande secretly with a strong heart.

"Seniors are at ease, jumping the beam clown!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand carelessly, his face showing a trace of disdain.

The old man doesn't say much, just bring his kindness to it.

"Brother Song, are we going back to Zongmen, or will we go shopping again?" Zhao Yuande saw Song Xinyuan's absent-minded expression and couldn't help but pat him on the shoulder.

"Oh, let's go back to Zongmen! I don't think Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang have any good intentions. They may be detrimental to Brother Zhao. It's safer to go back to Zongmen." Song Xinyuan felt a trace of danger.

"It's okay! They are just jumping beam clowns." Zhao Yuande waved carelessly. If the other party really dared to strike himself, he wouldn't mind stomping the two guys directly.

"Let's go back! My elder brother may be anxious at this time." Song Xinyuan was really in no mood to go shopping anymore.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to force the other party, nodded.

They quickly walked out of the Wanbao Building and walked towards the Hall of Teleportation.

After walking a few steps, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a very familiar breath. He looked in the direction from which this breath came, and suddenly saw a slim figure.

This is a woman with a very good figure. It is just a back figure that makes you feel like you want to.

That familiar breath came from this person.

"This is... the breath of ice muscle jade body!" Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly flashed.

Bingji jade body is the physique of Yi Menggui. At the time, Yimenggui once told him that Bingji jade body is a unique physique of their family.

And Yimeng Gui came to the fairy world, this woman has ice muscle jade body, maybe she knew the whereabouts of Yimeng Gui!

"Brother Song, I have something to do. You go back to Zongmen first!" Zhao Yuande said to Song Xinyuan and hurriedly chased towards the figure of the woman.

However, there were so many people in Fangshi that he couldn't fly, so he finally caught the breath and followed.

The woman's speed was very fast, making Zhao Yuande chasing very hard, but soon the woman's figure flashed into an alley.

Zhao Yuande was overjoyed and hurried up.

However, as soon as he entered the alley, he felt a horrifying murderous attack on himself.

A jade-like palm appeared in front of Zhao Yuande without warning, and the weapon was continuously enlarged.

Zhao Yuande felt a powerful crisis, and suddenly his hair fell, and he urged a punch to greet him with his palm.


Zhao Yuande's body flipped several heels in the air in a row, and slammed a high wall behind him into a large hole.

His face was red, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

And the other party is not very comfortable, and the body is backing up again and again.

This is a masked woman, a shocked look in his eyes.

"Who are you? Why do you want to follow me?" The woman succeeded in a blow. Although she was a little late, she didn't care, stepping toward Zhao Yuande step by step.


Zhao Yuande hadn't spoken a word, and suddenly there was a blame from a distance.

"Whoever dares to start in my Xuanji Zongfang City!"

Dozens of figures flew in the direction of the two, incredibly fast.

The woman glanced at the group of people, her figure flickered and disappeared into the void.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande sighed for a long time, and his face was not very good-looking, "It seems that she won't get any news from her today!"

Between his long sighs, dozens of figures fell in front of him.

What Zhao Yuande did not expect was that among these dozens of figures, there were still two familiar faces, Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang.