Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325: Finally Understood

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"Boy, are you?" Chen Tianqiang saw Zhao Yuande, and he couldn't help showing a happy face. He turned to look at a middle-aged man headed by these people, with a flattering smile on his face, "Brother Tianqi, we said Is this person!"

"It's him?" The middle-aged man known as Tianqi glanced at Zhao Yuande, his face showing a look of doubt.

"Yes! It's him. He is speaking badly to me in the Wanbao Building. If I don't take him to peel and cramp today, I can't get rid of the devil in the center of my heart, and I won't be able to enter again in the future!" Wu Qiong looked coldly. Zhao Yuande, what he said was even more cold and biting.

"This matter..." Brother Tianqi's eyes flashed, his face slightly hesitant, "Here is Xuanji Zongfang City, if I let you take him away, I might have a lot of trouble in the future."

Wu Qiong gave Chen Tianqiang a look, and Chen Tianqiang immediately put a storage ring into Brother Tianqi's hands.

"This is Brother Wu's intentions, and please invite Brother Tianqi to take it and take the brothers to Wanxianglou for a drink!" Chen Tianqiang blinked at Brother Tianqi.

Brother Tianqi glanced at the storage ring, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

There are 500,000 top-grade fairy jade in the storage ring, which is enough for him to work for several months.

"Okay!" Brother Tianqi said with a faint smile on his face, "This person blatantly destroyed the shop in Xuanji Zongfang City. According to the regulations of Xuanji Zongfang City, he was imprisoned for ten months and all his property was confiscated! The two brothers Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang were escorted to Tianyuan in the town of Xuanjizong.

"Wait!" As Wu Qiong and Chen Tianqiang walked towards Zhao Yuande, he opened his mouth, "This senior brother Tianqi should be a brother in the elite area! You just declared my crime indiscriminately, Dont you think it is unfair?"

"Humph! Brother Tianqi's words are fair. There is no room for your kid to speak! Shut up!" Chen Tianqiang raised his hand and slapped towards Zhao Yuande with a slap.

The strong wind screamed under this slap, no one would doubt the power of this slap, at least one ordinary world power can be killed at once.

He wanted to stun Zhao Yuande and save him from saying what he shouldn't say.

But how could Zhao Yuande let him do what he wanted? He had already been charged for a long time, and a star in his palm was very bright, and he greeted him directly in the palm of the other party.


Chen Tianqiang hadn't even cared about it, and thought that this slap would be stable and no problems would arise.

But the next moment he heard a sound of bone fragmentation, and then he felt his body flew all at once, flying very high.

"Boom!" Chen Tianqiang, who flew out hundreds of feet away, only felt the bones of the entire arm shattered and shattered into scum!

He only felt that his chest was stuffy, and a blood arrow spurted from his mouth.

"Ah! My arm...I'm going to kill you!" Chen Tianqiang screamed, his face pale and scary.

He couldn't believe it, why a cultivator in a world-wide world can shatter his arm with a punch, which is beyond Fan Zhou's imagination. Does the other party hide the cultivation behavior?

He did not dare to really rush to Zhao Yuande, but looked at Wu Qiong for help.

At this time, the battle just now has also attracted the attention of many people, and many onlookers gradually appeared around.

They pointed at everyone in the field.

"This is what happened, and dare someone to make trouble in Xuanji Sect Square City! That injured person seems to be Chen Tianqiang of Xuanji Sect!"

"No! It turned out to be a kid in the world?"

"Who is this kid..."

"do not know"


"Huh! One rubbish, you are still called a true disciple of this kind of rubbish, is there no one in Xuan Ji Sect?" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, his eyes glanced around, the sharp edge made many people can't help but reveal his face A very shocked look.

"You... who are you, and dare to insult me Xuan Jizong!" Brother Tianqi saw this scene, and his face changed suddenly. With the strength of the other's body, he must have a strong physique!

And the other party is so arrogant, as if there is no fear, there must be a powerful force behind him. Whether such a person can provoke or not, it is better not to provoke!

"Senior Tianqi, this person has openly wounded in Xuanji Zongfang City. This is already a sin plus one. I will never let Xuanji Sect let him go, so let me take him down!"

Seeing Tianqi's changes, Wu Qiong immediately rushed to win Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt the strong breath in the other party, and naturally knew that he was not the opponent, but he was not nervous.

He had more chaos spears in his hand, as long as the other party really dared to come, he would go out and inspire the strongest power that he can now inspire, and the other party would certainly be afraid that this is the trick that Xuanji Zongfang City dare not use the great power , He believes that he can definitely fight against one or two.

"Slow down!" Tian Qi hurriedly blocked Wu Qiong. He felt that something was wrong, Wu Qiong was too anxious. There must be a lot of secrets that he didn't know.

"Brother Tianqi!" Wu Qiong was anxious, but the other party was a strong emperor, and he couldn't confront him at all.

"Shut up!" Tian Qi glanced coldly at Wu Qiong before looking at Zhao Yuande, "Say! Who are you?"

"Who am I? Why did Brother ask this sentence?" Zhao Yuande pointed at himself and sneered. "I'm just a little outside disciple of Xuan Jizong!"

"Senior Tianqi, he is so arrogant. An outside disciple has openly wounded my true disciple of Xuan Jizong, and he has also spoken out loud and insulted my Xuan Jizong. Such disciples might as well let me take him down... ..." Wu Qiong took the opportunity to speak again.

"If you don't shut up, believe me or not, I will catch you directly!" Tian Qi's eyes suddenly became cold.

"..." Wu Qiong's face changed, and he felt that his face could not be hung. He knew that now was the most critical time. If he didn't give up, I am afraid that this matter would be ruined today.

He rushed to the other party and said: "Senior brother, the other party just bought a third-grade fairy sword in Wanbao Building, and a fourth-grade fairy sword cost a total of more than 20 million yuan, and it seems to feel no pain! He does not know how much wealth he has. , It may have been a great opportunity in a certain ruin! You are still on the Sipin Immortal Sword. If Brother and I join forces, how will we share them?"

"What!" Tian Qi's eyes widened when he heard Wu Qiong's voice!

No wonder the other party has always wanted to take this guy away, this time finally understood!