Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326: Too Impulsive

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After understanding it, there was endless anger. The other party even sent him only half a million!

"Huh! It doesn't matter what you do, let's go!" Tian Qi's eyes looked coldly at Wu Qiong, which had a slight murderous intention.

Seeing this look, Wu Qiong suddenly knew that the other party wanted to swallow!

"Brother Tianqi, my esteemed elder Zheng Yang also knows about this matter. If Brother wants to take it alone, I am afraid that the old master will not be happy!" Wu Qiong already had a countermeasure in his heart, and he lifted his own master out. .

"Elder Zheng Yang!" Although Tianqi is a divine realm, he cannot ignore an elder in the face of an elder deacon.

"Okay! Since Elder Zheng is also involved in this matter, then we will share evenly!" Tian Qi glanced at the dozen disciples behind him, "I'm gonna block the mouths of these disciples. If you think so, we will join forces. , If you dont think so, then you go!"

When Wu Qiong gritted his teeth, the master's name was just borrowed. Since the other party agreed to share equally, what other reason did he not agree to.

"Good! Done!" Wu Qiong nodded.

Zhao Yuande looked at the two people who were not speaking, but looked at him as if he saw a prey. He knew that they must have made some kind of agreement and were bargaining!

He didn't care anymore, just stared quietly, letting the other party do a thousand tricks, he stood still.

"Has the two discussed? What do you want to do with me? Do you want to kill me evenly? Or do you plan to?" Zhao Yuan's expression was faint with a smile on his face.

They were also shocked by Zhao Yuande's calmness. An outside disciple could never be so calm and calm!

Many people who saw the surroundings here gradually saw a little eyebrow.

"The identity of this young man is absolutely extraordinary, there may be other hidden things in this matter!"

"I think so! Did you find that, Wu Qiong's eyes seemed to be greedy, could it be that this young man had a baby caught by him?"

"Right! I remembered that this young man seemed to have come out of Wanbao Building just now!"

"Is it something valuable he bought that was..."

"Will this happen in the Xuanji Sect?"

"There is darkness everywhere..."


"You are calm!" Wu Qiong's expression on his face was strong. He was not afraid of what kind of power was behind Zhao Yuande, nor was he afraid that Xuan Jizong would find him in trouble, because just now he decided, as long as After he succeeded, he was about to leave Xuanji Sect, and his mission in Xuanji Sect had been completed.

"Wu Qiong, don't talk!" Tianqi stepped forward and looked up and down Zhao Yuande. "I don't care who you are. You just hurt someone and even humiliated my Xuan Ji Sect. These things are enough to make You go to the Law Enforcement Hall, you dont want to resist, its useless to resist, follow me to Xuan Jizong only Enforcement Hall!"

Tianqi didn't want the situation to continue, otherwise there would be more and more people watching, and things would spread faster and faster. Since it was already in the water, he didn't want the bamboo basket to hit the water.

"Law Enforcement Hall? If I really go to the Law Enforcement Hall, I have no opinion!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, and said, "Unfortunately, you may not want to take me to the Law Enforcement Hall, but another place!"

"Give me! Grab him! If he dares to resist, he will kill me on the spot!" Tian Qi didn't say much. After a wave of hands, many inner disciples hulled and surrounded Zhao Yuande in the middle.

One of the round-faced youths first grabbed Zhao Yuande and wanted to directly grasp Zhao Yuande's shoulder and control him.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you that you are disabled!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and his voice sounded like he heard from Nine Nether Hell.

His palm turned back with lightning.

"Click!" When the palm of this round-faced disciple met Zhao Yuande's palm, it was crispy like sugar cane.

"Keep him killing me at all costs!" Tian Qi saw Zhao Yuande dare to resist, and immediately gave a cold-faced order.

With the command of Tianqi, these inner disciples no longer retain their strength, a strong breath surging out, a sharp sword, a magnificent brilliance, a huge world phantom, with absolute The crushing gesture instantly enveloped Zhao Yuande.

"It's over! This young man is over, he is too impulsive!"

"Hey! The forces behind this person will definitely not give up on this, it seems that this time it will be hilarious!"

"If the identity of this young man is high enough, Xuan Jizong may be turbulent because of this, we will quickly pass this news back!"

"It shouldn't be! Xuanji Sect is one of the five recognized forces!"

"This is not good..."



At this time, someone suddenly shouted.

Many inner disciples were about to fall, but when they heard this voice, they all stopped.

A young man in a red robe flew by, and he saw a sigh of relief when he saw the crowd stop.

Zhao Yuande had originally planned to use the hole card, but when he saw this person coming, he could not help showing a strange look on his face.

This person turned out to be Zhang Zhengyi, the law enforcement disciple he met in Fangshi last time.

"Senior Tianqi, this person has a great future, you must not be reckless!" Zhang Zhengyi came to Tianqi and whispered, "He is a disciple of Elder Zhong, and he is very popular with Elder Zhong. If you hurt him, I am afraid that Zhong The elders will be furious!"

"Elder Zhong's disciple? That Elder Zhong?" Tian Qi heard Elder Zhong and felt a little out of ears. He didn't know the news of Zhong Wuquan's promotion soon after he returned from training.

"Elder Zhang Wuliang Zhong!" Zhang Zhengyi lowered his voice.

"What! Deacon Zhong has been promoted!" Tian Qi couldn't help but change his face when he heard the news.

In my heart, I was constantly thinking about the benefits of beheading this disciple. Was it worth the offense to Elder Zhong?

"Brother, don't be reckless!" Zhang Zhengyi persuaded again.

"This..." Tian Qi hesitated. If it was okay to say to other elders, this Zhong Wuquan was a famous moody mood. If he really killed his opponent's disciple, if the other party killed himself, he would have no reason to say.

"Brother Tianqi! Since you are afraid of this Elder Zhong, you don't have to shoot! Let me come, and after I win him, I will still distribute according to what we just said!" Wu Qiong hesitated to see Tianqi again. He couldn't help but show joy on his face and directly transmitted the sound to him.

As soon as something came into his own hands, he just found an excuse to leave Xuan Jizong directly and sent it to other big cities, so that he could not find himself.