Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327: Fuck Me Off

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"Okay!" Tian Qi saw the other party saying this, and immediately agreed.

"You are not his opponents, come back, let Brother Wu take action!" Tian Qi nodded to the inner disciples, and these inner disciples returned to him.

Wu Qiong stepped out in one step and walked towards Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Tianqi..." Zhang Zheng saw what Wu Qiong shot, and he immediately thought of something in his heart.

"Don't say it!" Tian Qi waved his hand, beckoning Zhang Zhengyi not to speak.

Zhang Zheng sighed, and turned away.

He heard this news, mainly for his gang of inner disciples!

Zhao Yuande's life and death, Wu Qiong and even Tianqi's life and death did what he did.

"Boy, I can see what tricks you can come up with. Will anyone come back to save you!" Wu Qiong looked indifferent, his big hand slightly opened, and he shot directly towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a dark sky fell from the top of his head at once, and the endless and terrifying power of darkness invaded. A force of space restraint instantly prevented him from moving.

Hey! Still the gap was too big, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show his helpless face.

At this time in front of the other party, he did not have a little backhand!

He even wants to be active now!

In desperation, he only inspired a piece of jade with a trace of soul.

At the moment he inspired Yufu, the dark sky shattered, and the power of darkness disappeared in an instant!

An old man with a great body slowly walked out of the void!

"Boom!" Wu Qiong's body flew out like a meteor, and he didn't know how many shops were smashed at once.

It was shocking all around. Many people saw the old man stunned for a while, and then there was an incredible look on his face.

There is no trace of breath in this old man, as if he has merged with the whole fairy world, and the fairy world is him, and he is also the fairy world!

As long as he is willing, any place in the fairy world can come and go in an instant!

Of course, this is just an illusion of everyone. No fairy emperor in the fairy world can do this step!

At most, this old man is only in control of the fairyland in a certain area, and he can come and go freely in this area.

Countless onlookers no one dared to make a sound at this time, and the whole world suddenly became silent.

"You... who are you? Why did you hurt someone in my Xuanji Sect's territory!" At this time Tianqi's voice trembled, and he already felt that things were not good.

An immortal king suddenly arrived, this is not the result he can imagine!

He suddenly regretted this time, why did he not listen to Brother Zhang's advice just now...

But now that he has reached this point, he can only use the name of Xuan Jizong to suppress the other party.

The old man didn't seem to hear Tian Qi's words, but kept looking at Zhao Yuande up and down.

"Boy, who are you? Why is that piece of jade in your hand?" After looking at it for a long time, the old man asked him.

"Don't ask about this, your duty is to protect, not to ask." Zhao Yuande is helpless, but he doesn't intend to make it clear, he can only use this kind of words to obscure.

"Also!" The old man nodded, but still looked at Zhao Yuande up and down.

This old man is naturally a star picker

"That senior came to my Xuanji Zongfang City!" At this time, an old man in purple dress appeared beside Tianqi.

As soon as the old man came, he felt that the figure on the opposite side was as strong as the sky, and just a back figure gave him an indescribable sense of horror.

"Get off, don't bother Lao Tzu!" The star picker waved his hand, and the flies generally let the other party get out.

"You..." The old man was almost **** off by the star picker.

You should know that he is one of the elders of the Xuanji Sect, and one of the three elders of the Law Enforcement Hall is inferior to the Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Now being humiliated in front of countless people, this is simply not to put him in the eyes, not Xuan Jizong in the eyes.

"What happened to Tianqi?" But the opposite is an immortal king, he must first ask what is going on, if he is reasonable on this side, the elder Taishang can come to the fore, but there is no way. Several ancestors!

"Elder Qian..." Tian Qi on the side said things back and forth.

Of course, he also knew the weight, not too much oil and vinegar, just picked himself out.

At this time, the star picker was talking with Zhao Yuande's big eyes to the small eyes, and the boy opposite was not so good, but he was calm and calm enough, facing the strong man of his level, he didn't even have a trace of fear. meaning.

"Who the **** are you?" The star picker couldn't help asking again.

"I'm a little outside disciple of Xuan Jizong, you just passed by here, the road is uneven! It's that simple!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"Okay! Who asked Lao Tzu to sell himself..." The star-picking hand retreated under Zhao Yuande's smile.

In order to facilitate the protection of the food court, he gave the other party a jade rune. As soon as he urged him to appear, he would appear immediately.

Now this kid is holding a jade rune, is he the **** chef?

However, he soon felt that this idea was too naive. The **** chef felt a mysterious anomaly in his eyes. Although the other party's cultivation base was not high, but he had a kind of awe-inspiring momentum, and the kid in front of him was clearly just one Just kid in the world!

This also has to say that the power of Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing on Zhao Yuande's body is powerful. A seven-grade fairy treasure is indeed not a fairy king to see through!

There are yin and yang shining mirrors integrated into the gods. I am afraid that even a fairy emperor faced face to face, and I could not see Zhao Yuandes disguise without paying special attention.

"This senior, this son is my disciple of Xuan Jizong. He injured his fellow students and undermined the rules of Xuan Jizong. Please also ask him not to take care of our internal affairs!" The elder Qian thought he had mastered it The truth of the matter also changed a lot of confidence, he continued, "If the seniors insist on this, I can only invite my Xuan Jizong's Taishang elder..."

"Fuck off for Lao Tzu! You can give Lao Tzu a blind eye, believe it or not, I will scrap you directly!" The star-plucker ate it in Zhao Yuande's place, and immediately spread his anger on the elder Qian.

" are too crazy! Don't think that our Xuanji Sect...ah!" Elder Qian was so embarrassed that he was scolded in front of so many people, he always had to say a few harsh words to get some face back.

But before he said anything, he felt that the world was dim for a while. He seemed to be crushed by the whole fairyland, and his body flew out like a broken kite.

The hearts of everyone present were horrified at this time, who is this person!

He even started in the city of Xuanji Zongfang without any worries, and also injured an elder of Xuanji Sect.

This is not the second time to directly fan Xuan Jizong's face, this person is simply bold!