Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Do Not Trade At A Loss

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But Zhao Yuande finally shook his head!

"Becoming a deacon of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, I lost my freedom. If I were an honorary elder, I might even consider it!" Zhao Yuande obviously refused.

And the Honorable Elder knew that this special envoy was not qualified to appoint such a position, even if I promised her temporarily that she would not be qualified, because every elder of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce is the cultivation of the Divine Emperor Realm. There is no special requirement, but it needs the unanimous approval of the elders.

The one in front of him may just be a special envoy of an elder.

"Honorable Elder! You dare to think that this is absolutely impossible, and your cultivation is too low! And you are a chaotic sacred body, and it is difficult to grow up, and you will not be able to spend the yin and yang union after one day. One of those hurdles will always be a waste. We are the chamber of commerce for the purpose of making profits, and will not do loss-making transactions!" The envoy rejected Zhao Yuande very happily.

"That's good! Or auction at the price I said, what do you think?" Zhao Yuan Deyan returned to normal.

"No problem, this is a VIP card. In the future, we will get a 20% discount on the consumption of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, and every time it is a VIP private room service!" The envoy still throws out his sincerity, "If you are in danger, you can also hide Go to all the treasure houses of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, as long as you present this card, someone will protect you, but only in the treasure houses!"

"Thank you special envoy!" Zhao Yuande took a deep look at this envoy. He knew that the other party wanted to pay for himself and the bargaining chips. "Zhao Yuande remembers the special envoy's feelings. If the envoy has any cultivation needs in the future, You can come to me and I will make the envoy happy!"

"Good!" The envoy nodded with relief. She felt that the kid in front of her was really thoughtful, and that her future achievements might really shake the entire starry sky.

After several days of searching materials, Zhao Yuande has gathered three sets of Yin and Yang packages. He has considered it in many ways, carefully arranged and carefully demonstrated it. The final conclusion is that as long as he is not a fool, he can be among these three Successful promotion to Yin and Yang!

In the second package, he only had enough of two sets, but he was able to achieve the power of Yin and Yang in the later stage. His perception, mentality, and physique were the best choices. Among the two, the power of the realm in the field should not be. problem.

As for the third package, he has enough blood **** stone, other materials need to be prepared by the strong players who took the jade brand. Although the three materials are rare, they are for the strong people who can take the third jade brand. It is not very difficult to say.

There are still ten days before the auction starts. With the help of everyone, he began to select materials, match food ingredients, place them in categories, put each piece of material in a storage ring, and did it in different categories. Callout.

As soon as the ten-day deadline expired, the five people changed their appearances and set off from the world's best food to the most prosperous Shenxu Square because the Wantong Baolou was chosen to be held here.

The original auction venue of Wantong Baolou could only accommodate tens of millions, but at this time the Shenxu Square had gathered enough hundreds of thousands of people. Many air pavilions were floating quietly, and a large number of terrible strongmen laid back leisurely products in these pavilions. With incense tea.

These sky pavilions are a VIP room of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. There are good people who count carefully, and there are thousands of them!

Zhao Yuande and the five of them were led to a VIP pavilion when they arrived here.

In front of the VIP Pavilion is a crystal wall, which is very clear from the inside to the auction stand in the middle.

The icing in the VIP Pavilion is very soft, covered with gorgeous murderer fur.

"This is the fur of the golden-winged tiger. The seventh-order murderer is equivalent to the existence of a strong man in the field. It is actually luxurious." Zhao Yuande saw the material of this fur at a glance, and he was not in the heart of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. Shocked by financial resources!

"He **** an egg! These are the fifth-order Lingguo, and the real one is going to have a big mouthful today!" Heifeng saw two plates of Lingguo on the table at a glance, and a bear fluttered up, holding it directly A plate of fruit.

"You, let go, this plate is mine!" Yi Jie also grabbed another plate at the same time, and pulled the other hand of the black wind.

"Dare you dare to rob me, believe it or not..." Hei Feng bit his hand with a wide mouth toward the ring.

"Okay! This is the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, and it's still in the VIP Pavilion. What if you do get it drowned?" Zhao Yuande also had to persuade him at this time. After the person, it is a tear.

This time, the two guys were holding a plate of Lingguo one by one, and they gnawed loudly, and no one would be weak.

"Sister Luan, you see there are demon races over there too!" Ji Yuling was already sitting with Zhu Luan at this time. Since the two united the front, they have been known as sisters.

Zhu Luan is 18 years old and Ji Yuling is 16 years old, so the two call each other sisters.

"That's the third prince of Jintong Yaozu, Jin invincible! One of the top ten young kings of underground Yaozu!" Zhu Luan looked at some of the Yaozu, and his mood fluctuated, but soon he calmed down!

Ji Yuling saw that in the light field of Shenxu, there was an area all demon clan powers, and this group of demon clan heads was a handsome man with golden eyes and blue hair. This man has a strong breath and blood, and it is indeed a unique. Strong.

"There is the camp of our Ji family! One of my cousins, Ji Chengyun, is also here!" Ji Yuling's eyes swept to another corner, a happy smile appeared on his face, and it seemed that this cousin had a good relationship with her.

"I think where is the uncle?" Zhao Yuande leaned up and leaned against the two girls and laughed. "When the auction is over, I think this uncle will definitely come to you!"

"Go to you!" Ji Yuling heard the words of Uncle Brother, and suddenly his face was a red, almost buried his face directly into the choppy waves in his chest.

"That's the Jiang family camp. Jiang Tianyue was there that day. How do I feel sick when I looked at her flattering expression!" Ji Yuling saw Jiang Tianyue at this time, and was moving towards a heroic young man at this time. court.

"That young man is very strong! Stronger than his uncle!" Zhao Yuande looked at the heroic young man and seemed to be insulted by Jiang Tianyue's favor. His face did not change color, and he could not help frowning slightly.

"Jiang Tianchen, the elite of the Jiang family, the late yin and yang unity, Zhenyang treasure...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe "True Anode Spirit", can help people practice to the flame of "Nine Heavens Star Flame", ingredients list Jiang Tianchen, Extreme sun branch, star fire... Difficult to catch is impossible!"

"This person is the second strongest of Jiang Tian's younger generation. He is ranked in the top ten in the entire East Emperor's world, but my cousin is only ranked eighteenth!" Ji Yuling continued with some concerns and envy, " This Jiang Tianchen's physique is a Zhenyang treasure. This is one of the ten special physiques. My Yuling's body is just controlled by him!"

"It's okay! I can't restrain you from being with me!" Zhao Yuande touched Ji Yuling's hair. "It's really impossible. I will help you improve your physique and make you a'Yuqing body'. Let you restrain him!"

"Really? Brother Zhao, you must help me!" The light in Ji Yuling's eyes flickered like little stars.

Ji Yuling turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande. The expectation in his eyes made him regret. He just wanted to motivate the other party. He didn't expect the other party to take it seriously!

"Really!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth. "But now there are still some rare materials. I will help you when I get it!"

Zhao Yuande had cold sweat overflowing above his head. He didn't know if there was such a recipe. He promised to say it first!

In addition, he also had some ways to improve the system in his previous life, but the materials were too cherished, and even a large family like the Ji family might not be able to get together.