Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330: Qualifying

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Zhao Yuande doesn't care what other people say, he just keeps comprehending and continually blending his soul into the sword in his hand.

Qing Mingzi said that if you want to understand the sword's meaning as soon as possible, you must first fully integrate it with your sword. Only if you really feel that the sword in your hand is like a command, then you are qualified to begin to understand the sword's meaning!

This theory, Zhao Yuande, has never been seen in other classics. This is just Qing Mingzi's comprehension of swords, which is also his own original creation.

According to this, Zhao Yuande felt the speed of comprehension greatly increased...

"Fifth game, Zhao Yuande vs. Zhan Hai!"

Hearing his name, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes momentarily, with a sharp light flashing in his eyes.

He stepped onto the battlefield step by step.

As he walked, he gradually recalled his understanding of the sword just now, and he will be able to communicate it one by one.

At this time, a tall man was standing on the ring. This man had thick hands and feet, and his body was full of blood. At a glance, he knew that the physical body was the other party's biggest advantage.

But at this time, he just realized the sword just now, and finally he met such a beating person. He could not confront him hard. If he defeated his opponent by one move, he wouldn't have anyone try the sword.

"No matter who you are, you will definitely lose today!" Zhan Hai said with a sudden, full of confidence.

His body shuddered slightly, and an imaginary shadow of an ancient giant Yue appeared on his back. His body instantly seemed to really press a mountain. He walked forward every step of the way, the entire battlefield, and even the entire outside. Men Shanfeng are trembling constantly.

"This...this is..."

At this time, even the old man in charge of the first round couldn't help but be stunned. How heavy is the phantom of the great Yue on this person?

"This is an ancient supernatural power! I have worked hard for thirty years and finally succeeded. Today you are the first to see it. Even if you lose, you will be proud of yourself!" Zhan Hai shivered every step he took. The huge Yue carried on his body is a huge point.

Listening to his words, everyone on the scene couldn't help but stunned, ancient supernatural powers, thirty years of cultivation! This person is really able to endure!

"I have seen this person many times before. I have always been cautious and very low-key, but I did not expect the other party to hold such a big move!"

"Hey! This Zhao Yuande was also rated as one of the ten strongest, but I did not expect to meet this person, it seems that this time he is hanging!"

"No, this terrible power is suffocating with pressure alone, let alone fighting him, Zhao Yuande is defeated!"


Zhao Yuande shook his head slightly as he watched the discussions around him and looked at Zhan Hai who was only ten feet away from himself.

The other party's supernatural power relies on two points. One is the horrible repressive power of Taikoo Juyue. It makes people feel a sense of repression by Taikoo Juyue as soon as they approach it.

And the second point is the terrifying defense. With Taigu Yue Yue's self-defense, most people can't hurt the other party.

With these two points, if the other party meets ordinary people, it is a victorious victory.

But can the opponent's flesh be more powerful than the Chaos Eucharist?

So the first point has no effect on Zhao Yuande, but the second one is what Zhao Yuande most hopes to see!

Only when the defense is strong can he attack and check his understanding of the sword.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" The other party walked step by step. Zhao Yuande suddenly showed a smile on his face. He inserted the Void Sword behind his back, and the Void Sword behind him, as if integrated with him, giving a feeling of sword. Has become a part of his body.

"Huh!" At this time in the crowd waiting for the battle, a young man hummed, a dignified look in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Brother Sun?" a disciple beside the teenager asked curiously.

"This man has become a sword man, and he is one step closer to the sword intention!"

"What's the use of this, can he beat Zhan Hai?"

"Not necessarily, this person has a strong atmosphere, I think his physical body is not far from that of Zhan Hai..."


Zhao Yuande puts your sword behind his back and refers to the sword to shoot out an invisible sword awn.

This trick feels a bit similar to the cut off finger, but this time Zhao Yuande shoots an invisible sharp sword, which is unique to the Void sword!


Fengmang approached at that moment, and suddenly stabbed in front of Zhan Hai.

Zhan Hai felt that Ling Li Feng Mang was approaching and did not dare to neglect. The Taikoo Yue behind him hung down the Dao God Mang, blocking the attack of Jian Mang.

"It's useless, you can't break my defense at all, you should concede defeat now!" Zhan Hai grinned and smiled proudly.

"Acknowledge defeat is also your admission, eating me a hundred swords!" Zhao Yuande's figure is like a big grasshopper, continually jumping around in the field, constantly shooting invisible sharp angles at tricky angles.

Zhan Hais biggest weakness at this time was speed. He couldnt catch up with Zhao Yuande at all. He was so exhausted that he always followed Zhao Yuande.

The sharp edges shot by Zhao Yuande's fingers are getting tougher, more and more traceable, and more and more elusive.

Zhan Hai felt like a big tortoise now, holding a rabbit in the field, I am afraid that the rabbit has not been picked up, he will be exhausted first!

But he couldn't give up on it. Thirty years of hard work and thirty years of forbearance were for the sake of flying into the sky today, and he must never be defeated in this way.

"Don't force me, if you force me again, I will sacrifice the trick!" Zhan Hai's face was blood red, which was completely caused by tired qi and blood rolling.

"Come out! If you don't kill, you have no chance at all!" Zhao Yuande's image of this person is not bad, the other party is not too bad, and he still reminds before using the trick.

But he will not let water drain because of this, let him lose.

"Hi! Taikoo Shrine gave me repression!" Zhan Hai's body was shocked, and the Taikoo Shrine carrying him directly flew high and suppressed directly in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

The battle platform at the foot of Zhan Hai suddenly cracked open, and his legs and feet fell deeply into the battle platform.

The ancient gods are hundreds of feet in size, and if they are pressed down, they almost occupy most of the battle platform.

Zhao Yuande felt as if there was really an ancient God Yue Dynasty suppressed by himself. The horrible force of suppression was crushed down, almost comparable to the full blow of a powerful player in the late Emperor Realm!

However, Zhao Yuande is ultimately Zhao Yuande, and his physical body is now comparable to the God Emperor Realm Powerhouse. This pressure is still within his tolerance range, and it will not have much impact on his actions.