Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: Sun Wen

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His body flashed in place, but he came to Zhan Hai's side in an instant, his fingers spit lightly, and reached Zhan Hai's brow.

"You lost!" Zhao Yuande's voice was soft.


At this time, the ancient **** Void Shadow crashed down on the battle platform, smashing most of the battle platform, and the defensive formation on the battle platform that could withstand the attack of the powerful emperor of the emperor realm also made an overwhelming click It was all destroyed by this heavy blow.

"It's so powerful! If you look at the attack power alone, Zhan Hai is probably the most powerful among this group of outside disciples!"

"Hey! It's a pity! Although his attack is powerful, he has a fatal weakness... Speed! If he fights with people, maybe he can exert the strongest power of this ancient supernatural power."

"Good! It seems that in the future Zongmen mission, this person will be in demand!"

"Yes! How come I didn't expect..."


"Zhao Yuan Desheng!" At this time the old man in charge also shook his head slightly and sighed, but the battle was still going on. He immediately announced the result of the battle.

At this time, Zhan Hai looked down at Zhao Yuande with a bit of frustration. His mouth was extremely bitter, and he remembered his confident words just now, and made people directly admit defeat. His face was like a fire.

"It's okay, victory or defeat is a common matter for military strategists. You haven't fully grasped the essence of this supernatural power, and you met me..." Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"Zhan Hai, I intend to accept you as a disciple, what do you think?" At this moment, a figure in the sky slowly appeared.

It was actually a middle-aged man with a taller and stronger body than Zhan Hai. This man had a beard with a beard on his face, and thick black hair on his arms. A big bear that had not evolved completely.

"It's Elder Bear... It's actually valued by Elder Bear, Zhan Hai is really developed now!"

"Being valued by Elder Bear, this battle is worth it even if it is defeated!"

"Who is this elder bear?"

"You don't know this. Although Elder Xiong is only a strong in the fairyland, but if it comes to the strength of the flesh, I am afraid that there will be few people in the entire Xuanji Sect!"

"He is known as the strongest person among the elders, and his combat effectiveness ranks among the top three among all elders!"

"so envious"

"Hurry up and apprentice!" Zhao Yuande saw Zhan Haizhen on the spot and couldn't help but pat him lightly.

"Tu'er has seen the master!" Zhan Hai just sobered from the shock and fell to his knees directly with a thump, his head down was the sound of nine bangs.

"Haha! Good..." Elder Xiong beckoned, and Zhan Hai flew into the air involuntarily, "Come on, because the teacher can't help but have to teach you well, you will beat this kid next time!"

"Thank you Master..."


Zhao Yuande won the victory, and at the same time, he confirmed a lot of things he had learned on the other side. He no longer cares about the next battle.

He returned to the cave, and Ma sent a letter to Qing Mingzi.

Soon Qing Mingzi came to Zhao Yuande's cave, and the two people quickly asked one question...

I don't know how long after that, Qing Mingzi left, and Zhao Yuande couldn't retreat in Dongfu.

Zhao Yuande retired, entered the trial space, and began to continuously study the Qingming Sword Classic!

Soon the second knockout will begin, and Zhao Yuande reluctantly left the trial space and returned to reality.

He felt that Jianyi was already in front of him, but he could not grasp it. He felt that he needed an opportunity, or an enlightenment, an introduction.

Suddenly he remembered the sword demon and Sun Wen among the disciples outside, both of them mastered the sword, and the other mastered the sword more powerfully. If they watched their battle, or if they played against them, maybe There will be income.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but get excited, and he emerged from the cave mansion in a flash, and soon appeared before the battle platform.

At this time the second knockout has not yet started, but everyone has gathered here, waiting for the old man to announce.

In the second city knockout game, seventy-four people were left. After a victory, their faces were full of confidence, and the eyes of the people around them all had a strong fighting intention.

"In the first scene, Song Shuwen played against Wang Dong..."

"In the second game, Wang Yanbin played against Zhao Lei..."

"The third game..."


"Tenth Sun Wen vs. Zhang Wenyan!"

The white-skinned teenager walked on the battle platform, with a long sword in his hands, and his face was smooth.

When he came to the field, the young boy in white stood so quietly, his eyes closed slightly, as if he were like a monk.

"Sun Wen, I know you are very powerful, but I won't admit defeat!" A woman came up across the street. This woman was born very tall, and she was a head taller than Sun Wen. It didn't look beautiful, but Exudes a strong heroic spirit!

"If this woman Zhang Wenyan didn't meet Sun Wen in this scene, she might still be able to enter the next round, and now it can only be regarded as his luck!"

"Hey! Who said no! Although this Sun Wen relied on the power of the Sanpin Immortal Sword, but he also realized the essence of the sword intention, he will definitely be within ten of this ranking!"

"Well! He is very promising even if he is in the top five!"


"You do it! Otherwise, you will have no chance!" Sun Wen heard Zhang Wenyan's words, but shook his head slightly, his tone was indifferent.

"You... you don't want to be arrogant! Thousands of waves!" Zhang Wenyan only felt that he was being despised by the other party.

She shot angrily, and shot with a palm in her hand. There were waves of waves all around.

Everyone only felt that the air around them became wet at the moment, and the next moment seemed to come to a sea of huge waves at once, and the heavy waves piled up and slapped towards Sun Wen!

"What! Qianlang Jue can be used to such a degree, this is already a glimpse of the mood, this girl is not easy!"

"Qianlang Juyi is more powerful than Yizhong. If you let her gather in Baizhonglang, even a powerful Emperor Realm will be easily defeated!"

"I don't know how Sun Wen can break this trick?"


Everyone's eyes are bright, they like this strong confrontation!

At this time, Zhao Yuande is also attentive, feeling the change of breath in the other party, observing each other's movements and eyes in the blink of an eye!

Sun Wen stood in front of the heavy waves, his eyes were still closed, and Taishan collapsed without changing his face.

"Sword Qi rushes to the Han, Hanguang shocks the five continents!"

Sun Wen once again sang a sentence or two, and at the same time the fairy sword in his hand seemed to disappear all at once, and his entire person also disappeared together at this time.

A great sword looms between heaven and earth.

The Great Sword did not attack, nor did any movement, just stood quietly!