Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: Void Bead

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"Maybe my predecessor will take me to see it! We lack everything, but there is no shortage of fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande begged.

"I'm guarding Noda's Rift Valley, and I can never leave half a step!" Jin Yuanzi smiled in his eyes.

"Senior, please don't cover me, otherwise I'll go to the Sun's family if I'm unhappy..." Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"Cough! You little rabbit, is this a threat to me?" Jin Yuanzi pretended to be angry.

"How dare I! But would you take me with me, Senior? If I don't go, I'll leave quickly." Zhao Yuande hurriedly left.

"You little rabbit, eat me!" Jin Yuanzi's helpless roll of sleeves directly took Zhao Yuande and disappeared into the Valley of Secrets.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande appeared in front of a huge palace.

In front of the palace, there are two rickety old men dozing off boredom.

"Two elder brothers! I brought my juniors to pick something, and I hope the two will be convenient." Jin Yuanzi respected these two old men very much, as if facing his elders.

"It's little gold! Let's go!" One of the old men didn't seem to have good eyesight. He looked closer at Jin Yuanzi. Then he grinned and revealed two loose teeth.

"Thank you brother!" Jin Yuanzi hurriedly arched his hands.

"Oh! This little guy is good, very good! Cultivate well!" Another old man glanced at Zhao Yuande, and there seemed to be golden light flashing in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande felt as if he had been stripped off just a moment ago. His whole body was clean and smooth, and everything was seen by the other party.

"Ah!" Jin Yuanzi nodded.

The two old men no longer lifted their eyelids after saying two words, as if they were tired.

"Go!" Jin Yuanzi pulled Zhao Yuande closer to the palace.

"It can only be found on the first floor. I can't even get in on the second floor. I have no authority!" Jin Yuanzi was also embarrassed.

"You are too elder, don't you even have the authority?" Zhao Yuande felt a little weird. He was curious what the second floor had.

"I'm just too elder!" Jin Yuanzi shook his head and smiled bitterly. "Xuan Jizong is not the only force you see outside. Taishang elder is only a high-end force, and can decide whether Zongmen is strong. You need to see how many fairy emperors there are!"

"How many fairy emperors do we have?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"This..." Jin Yuanzi hesitated a little, and finally said, "Just as far as I know, there are eight immortal emperors, four in the early stage, three in the middle stage, and one in the later stage! , I dont know how many fairy emperors there are!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

It is normal for ten or eight immortal emperors to be on the surface of a sect, so they don't know how many forces are hidden.

"Okay! These things shouldnt have been known to you, but an immortal ancestor from Zongmen took a fancy to you and thought you might have the opportunity to become an immortal emperor in the future, and you still have a strange connection with that little guy, so I will tell you this, you must not let the ancestors down!" Jin Yuanzi said these things directly, but actually got the ancestor's instructions.

"Relax! As long as Xuanji Sect fails me, I will not lose Xuanji Sect!" Zhao Yuande solemnly agreed.

"Good! Xuan Jizong is your backing, we will let you grow up faster, and provide you with protection before you grow up!" Jin Yuanzi saw Zhao Yuande solemnly, could not help but nodded secretly in his heart. .

"Let's do something real! Go inside and choose the treasure area!" Zhao Yuande rushed into the hall.

The main hall is divided into three areas, namely Xianbao District, Xiandan District, Xiancai District!

Zhao Yuande went straight to the fairy area without hesitation!

The materials here are dazzling and can be seen from the first-grade to the fourth-grade fairy medicine. The large number makes Zhao Yuande's heart beat faster!

"Boy, my authority allows you to take a fourth-grade fairy medicine, or two third-grade fairy medicines, four second-grade medicines, and eight first-grade medicines. You can choose as much as you want! But these must be recorded in the future. ," Jin Yuanzi's voice rang in his ears.

The old guy didn't follow, but found a place at the door and sat cross-legged.

"My God...Nine Impatiens, Blue Sky Immortals, Xuanbing Tianlan, True Dragongrass..." Zhao Yuande only felt that his eyes were not enough!

Jin Yuanzi did not urge him, so he began to identify a strain of fairy medicine.

But after an hour, Zhao Yuande shook his head in disappointment.

Although he found many recipes, he also found a few recipes of time and space, but those are not what he wants!

"What's wrong, why is it listless? Didn't I find what I wanted?" Jin Yuanzi looked at the disappointed Zhao Yuande and couldn't help asking.

"Hey! No..." Zhao Yuande's mood was obviously not high, and a long sigh.

"What the **** are you looking for? Say it, maybe I can give you some advice!" Jin Yuanzi asked Zhao Yuande curiously.

correct! This old guy is an immortal and strong man, and he has a lot of knowledge, maybe he can really help himself.

He thought of the last time the Void Bead was obtained after beheading the Nine Infants in the Fifth City World, Endless Black Prison, and he realized the Void Avenue with one shot.

If you can find another one, you can use it to directly comprehend the Void Avenue, which is a level higher than the law. I believe that the sword of comprehension of the Tao will be more powerful!

But this will also have its disadvantages, as long as you understand the avenue, it will naturally enter the Emperor Realm!

Despite his practice, it still matters to practice. If he cant do it, he will participate in the qualifying competition for inner disciples. The qualifying contest for inner disciples has not started yet. There should be no problem with this old guy.

"I need the void beads born in the head of Nine Infants. I don't know where my seniors can get them?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"You want void beads! Do you know how much fairy jade is worth?" Jin Yuanzi almost jumped up in shock, "What do you want that thing to do?"

"Senior, you don't care about this, you say you know where it is!" Zhao Yuande just looked at each other and didn't answer his question.

"Hey! Okay! Your kid is mysterious, and I will tell you that I saw a void bead in Volley City three months ago. At that time, I was sold at the auction because the price was too high!"

"How much was the bid?" Zhao Yuande asked nervously.

"50 million! Many people think it is not worth it. This kind of thing is only effective for practitioners under the fairyland. After arriving in the fairyland, they can gradually communicate with the fairyland. All the roads to understand are only a matter of time. The price of a Liupin Xianbao is too extravagant." Jin Yuanzi sighed.