Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334: Heart Orchid Girl

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After the fairyland can communicate with the fairyland...Zhao Yuande listens to the other person's saying, naturally he can imagine the real power of the fairyland, and he knows how difficult it is for the lower realm to cultivate into the fairyland.

"Three months ago...I'm going to Lingtian City!" Zhao Yuande felt that the price of 50 million was acceptable to him.

He just wants to be strong now, and he can do everything at all costs to be strong.

"Okay! Ling Tiancheng is about 30 million miles away from here. The teleportation array can be reached directly." Jin Yuanzi looked at Zhao Yuande's determined attitude, not only curious about how many fairy jade he had in his body, but also admired the boy's resolute behavior.

"Senior, goodbye!" Zhao Yuande rushed out of the hall, identified the direction of the hall, and flew away.

Ling Tiancheng is out of the scope of Xuanji Sect, it belongs to Tianyi Zong.

Tian Yizong is now the only sect with a tense relationship with Xuanji Sect. There is much competition in the dark between Xuanji Sect. There is always some friction between the two disciples in the dark, and there have been many battles between the two sides.

However, these battles are generally controlled under the fairyland, and the high level above the fairyland did not participate.

Zhao Yuande was in a hurry, afraid that the Void Bead would be bought.

He was so busy that he even forgot to ask at which auction he appeared!

It is convenient to have a teleportation array, but Zhao Yuande has appeared in a strange city after Kung Fu's effort.

The style of this big city is obviously different from the city to which Xuan Jizong belongs. It is not possible to see the powerful cultivator soldiers going back and forth on the street.

Many cultivators walked on the street in a hurry, and there was a tense atmosphere on their faces.

As soon as he walked out of the teleportation circle, he was stopped by a group of soldiers and asked the purpose of coming here.

Zhao Yuande is not the kind of arrogant person, he just made up a reason and stifled the past.

But soon he found his mistake, the huge Lingtian City, where he went to find the auction three months ago.

As he turned around the street, he suddenly saw the words "Wanxianglou", and he walked in without help.

"How many are you, son?" A pretty little maid saw Zhao Yuande entering Wanxiang Tower and hurried up.

"Oh! I'll be alone, help me find a place in the lobby!" Zhao Yuande saw the crowd in the lobby, very lively, and should be able to hear some news.

The little maid took Zhao Yuande to a position near the window, and Zhao Yuande just ordered a little bit of wine and food, and drank himself here.

After serving the wine, the little maid was leaving but was stopped by Zhao Yuande.

"Little girl, are you familiar with Ling Tiancheng's auction?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Auction? I know this." The little maid nodded and explained to Zhao Yuande, "We have three major auction houses in Lingtian City, Lingtian Auction House, Hengyi Chamber of Commerce, and Baihe Chamber of Commerce, of which Lingtian Auction House is once a year. A big auction, a small auction once a month! While the other two auctions are indefinite, Hengyi Chamber of Commerce held a large auction one month ago, and Baihe Chamber of Commerce seemed to have been held three months ago. once!"

"Well, where is this Baihe Chamber of Commerce?" Zhao Yuande said.

"The tallest building in Chengdong District." The little maid answered.

"Well! Yes, this is for your reward." Zhao Yuande randomly throws a few top-grade fairy jade to the little maid.

"Thank you, son! Thank you, son!" The little maid held Xianyu tightly in her hand, and her face was a little red with excitement.

Now that he has found his goal, Zhao Yuande is not too long-winded, so he has to get up and leave to go to the Baihe Chamber of Commerce. At this time he felt the familiar breath again.

He turned his head to look in the direction where the breath came, and suddenly saw a woman wearing a black dress and a black veil, and slowly walked into Wanxiang Tower.

"It's her!" Zhao Yuande immediately recognized that this woman was the one who couldn't track herself that day, but was found, and was beaten by the other party.

However, this woman's slim figure, although covering the veil, could not stop the moving posture. Wherever she went, it attracted the attention of countless people, so Zhao Yuande's eyes did not make the other person feel his presence.

I met again today, and I can't say that this is not fate. He couldn't help but have the idea to explore whether this woman is Yimeng Yizu.

Zhao Yuande urged Yin and Yang to shine on the water surface of the sky mirror, shielding his breath and changing his appearance.

Last time, if the atmosphere was covered with a yin and yang sky mirror, the other party would never be able to discover his existence. In fact, he was careless.

The woman did not go upstairs, but also found a place in the hall to sit down, ordered a few dishes, but did not start, as if waiting for someone.

Soon, a young man in white walked down the stairs.

The young man had a faint smile on his face, his chin lifted slightly, and the clouds were flowing between the walks, with grace in his grace, letting people know at first glance that this person was of extraordinary origin.

Seeing the young man in white appeared, the woman's eyes flicked slightly, but there was no movement.

And this young man looked around the hall for a week, and immediately noticed the presence of the woman in black. His face was slightly bright, and he took a few steps to come to the woman.

"Why is Miss Xinlan in this noisy hall, it is better to follow me to the second floor elegant room, there are just a few friends here, so I can introduce Xinlan to the girl." The man spoke slowly. Very gentle, and very enthusiastic, the two seem to have known each other for a long time.

"No interest!" The woman in black didn't even raise her eyebrows, but just said lightly, "Mr. Xue, don't you mean you can take me to the **** chef? Now you can go!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown slightly, God Chef? Is there anyone other than myself called the God Chef?

"Don't worry, Miss Xinlan, Master Chef travels everywhere, and settled in Lingtian City today. Even if my grandfather is the owner of Lingtian City, he doesn't dare to neglect. His old man is now visiting Master Chef, we always have to wait for this visit to end. Come on!" The young man, called Xue Gongzi, said of his grandfather, his face could not help but show an arrogance.

But in the eyes of the woman in black, she frowned only slightly, as if the lord of Lingtian City could not catch her eyes.

"Then I'll wait here!" The woman in black was sitting still, but she didn't mean to move on the table.

"Oh! Well, I'll go upstairs to greet some friends." Xue Gongzi accused him and turned upstairs.

But just as Xue Gongzi walked up the stairs, a strange smile appeared on his gentle face.