Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335: Scam

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After listening to Zhao Yuande for a long time, he felt misty and foggy, but he felt that the **** chef said in the other person's mouth was himself, which made him have a strong interest.

In his body, the water surface of the yin and yang sky mirrors flipped over, and the figure of Xue Gongzi was clearly reflected on it.

At this time, Xue Gongzi had already walked to the second floor and entered a elegant room.

There were two people in the elegant room. When they saw Xue Gongzi coming in, they couldn't help smiling.

One of them is also a young son of Yushu Linfeng. This person has slender eyes and heavy eyebrows, which is different from Xue Gongzi's elegant calmness.

"Brother Xue, is this Xinlan girl so outstanding? Is it worth your so much trouble? In my opinion, Brother Xue has countless beauties and is really at ease, why should he do these flies and camps!" The young man's face was curious Color.

"Hey! Brother Liu, you didn't see it. At first, I just hurriedly glanced on the skyship and saw her veil raised. That kind of beauty is definitely not comparable to those vulgar powders. I decided at the time that I must Get this girl." Xue Gongzi didn't care about the other party saying that he was flying a camp, but he became more and more excited, and his eyes showed a lot of excitement.

"Brother Xue! I can't intervene in this matter, let's both of you do it!" The young man, called Brother Liu, excitedly shook his head when he saw the other's eyes excited.

"Brother Liu... Hey, forget it, I still have some strong people next to Xue Shenfeng. It's not difficult to win the other party, so I won't bother!" Xue Gongzi's face showed an indifferent smile.

"No! I'm going to participate in it this time. My heart tickles when I hear you. I want to see what series of beauties it is!" At this time, the last person couldn't help but open his mouth, his face hurt and an evil smile. .

Although this man is also gorgeously dressed, he is similar to Xue Liu and Liu, but this man is born with a face full of flesh and thick bones. No matter what he wears, he looks like a bad person.

"Brother, you can participate, but don't try to make Xinlan girl's idea, otherwise don't blame me and you!" Mr. Xue looked at each other, unconsciously revealing a dangerous breath.

"Brother Xue! Is my kind of road bumper? We are brothers and friends! As the so-called friend wife cannot be bullied, don't you believe my character?" Lu Buping was indignant.

"Do not believe!"

The other party's answer made Lu Buping want to be angry but he was afraid to be angry, but he didn't feel angry but felt embarrassed and full of embarrassment and atmosphere for a while.

"Okay! Don't talk too much, all friends, don't be so stiff." The young man named Liu from the side came out to play the round.

"The road is uneven. It's okay for you to participate this time, but if you are pregnant with me again, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Xue Gongzi's eyes flashed through the eyes.

"OK! Absolutely no problem!" Lu Buping heard letting himself participate, and suddenly his eyes showed excitement, and the corner of his mouth was unconsciously with crystal liquid dripping.

The young surnamed Liu could not help but smile and shook his head, secretly secretly, really dogs can't change to eat shit!

"This time we are so..."


"Okay! Let's go, don't show me any horse feet when we go down!" After deliberation, Xue Gongzi got up and walked out of the door of the room.

After listening to Zhao Yuande for a long time, he finally understood that what the chef said in his mouth was himself!

The woman went to the food court to find herself unsuccessful, but was found by Xue Gongzi.

Xue Gongzi used his own name to deceive this woman into Ling Tiancheng, and wanted to implement her mischief.

Zhao Yuande looked weirdly at the black woman sitting in the distance, he was very curious what kind of face was under the woman's veil, which made this Xue Gongzi not such a big Zhou Zhang.

"Hey, since I met this matter, I can't ignore it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

Not to mention that the other party might be Yi Menggui's clan, let's say that this Xue Gongzi wants to do bad things under the pretense of his **** chef's name.

As for the Void Bead, although important to him, it cannot be more important than the principles he insists on.

If it is not available, it wont be too bad.

If the woman suspected of Yimeng Guizu was murdered for the purpose of Void Beads, he could not pass this level.

At this time Xue Gongzi and the three men came to the woman in black. After a few words, the woman in black left with them.

Zhao Yuande quietly followed, hanging behind them.

After walking out of Wanxianglou, the young son named Liu casually found an excuse to leave.

Xue Gongzi and Lu Buping took the woman in black and hurried away to the east of the city.

Zhao Yuande concealed his own breath with a yin and yang sky mirror this time, not to mention the first three people, even if he came to the powerful existence of a fairyland.

After three in one, they quickly reached a secluded garden in the east of the city.

"Xinlan girl, I'll go to the report first and ask the girl to wait outside!" Xue Gongzi cast a warning look at the uneven road, and then pushed the door into the Bieyuan.

Lu Buping watched Xue Gongzi enter the Beyond Garden. He couldn't help but squinted slightly, and a pair of eyes couldn't help but sweep around the woman in black.

How keen the woman in black suddenly felt the other person's gaze.

But at this time, she wanted to see the **** chef early, and did not want to offend the person too much, so she quietly took a step back.

"Hey!" Lu Buping chuckled, and even unconsciously took a big step back and came directly behind the woman in black.

A pair of eyes swept unscrupulously in the round and upright place of the black woman.

The woman in black only felt like there were two small bugs running up and down behind her, and a chill came to her heart.


In the woman's hand, there was a long sword with cold light, and the sword light shone with a blue light, and an invisible sharp edge swept around.

Lu Buping thought that the other party would suddenly shoot, and suddenly felt a murderous death locked himself, and a chill came to his heart.

"Hey! Girls don't get angry, they are all misunderstandings and misunderstandings!" Although Lu Buping was also the practice of the late Emperor, but he felt the breath of death from the other party, if he continued to do so, he might be directly beheaded.

"Humph! Next time I will blind your eyes directly!" The black woman snorted coldly, her long sword was not put into the storage space, but embraced her chest, deterring each other at any time.

"Yes! Yes!" Although Lu Buping showed a sneer on his face, he was incessantly cursing in his heart, and various kinds of swear words continued.

Fortunately, at this time the door of Bieyuan opened at once, and Master Xue came out from inside.