Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336: Secretly Pointing

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"What's the matter? Isn't Lu Buping provoke the Xinlan girl!" Xue Gongzi immediately guessed seven or eight points as soon as he saw the scene, suddenly glared at the uneven road, and said coldly, "If you do this again We dont even have friends between us!"

"Brother Xue misunderstood, misunderstood! I did nothing." Lu Buping hurriedly explained.

"Okay! Master Xue, has Master Chef agreed to see me?" The woman in black waved her hands, but he didn't have time to talk about these things with the other party.

"Xinlan girl, I gave up a lot of tongues, Master Chef, I promised to see you, but the girl must not be reckless when she sees Master Chef, everything is up to me to say the girl..." Xue Gongzi's acting skills, but just The woman in black nodded in a few words.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help laughing. The black woman seemed to be savvy. She definitely didn't walk around often. She was a pure woman who had not experienced a trick.

If this is not to meet myself, I am afraid that the other party will be planted here.


The door closed tightly, and Zhao Yuande's figure flew into the air.

Although Ling Tiancheng is not allowed to fly in the fairyland, Zhao Yuande has yin and yang shining mirrors on his body. If he does not want people to know, the powerful under the fairy king will not see him.

He flew over the Beyond Garden and watched the three pass through the gardens and came to a grand palace.

"Miss Xinlan, here!" Xue Gongzi nodded to the woman in black, and then said loudly, "Master Chef, we are here!"

The hall was very quiet. After a while, a faint voice came out: "Come in!"

I have to say that this Xue Gongzi is definitely a qualified good actor, and the acting is definitely a full set. Even at this time, many details are still well grasped!

For example, if this fake chef in the hall, if Xue Xuezi asks and answers immediately, it will make people feel irritable and will doubt.

But the other party's pause makes people feel right.

This is also Xue Gongzi's mastery of the human heart, otherwise it is impossible to deceive the woman in black from Xuanji Zongfang City.

"Yes!" Xue Gongzi answered respectfully, then turned to the two of them, "Go! Let's go in! Master Chef's time is very precious."

"Good!" The woman in black nodded.

At this time, the uneven road standing behind the woman in black was a pair of thieves' eyes, and fell involuntarily to the round place of the woman in black.

The woman in black perceives how keen she is, and her long sword can't help but break out again.


At this time, the door of the hall was pushed open, and a figure stood alone in the empty hall.

"Go in now!" Xue Gongzi glanced at the road unevenly, and whispered to the woman in black.

The woman in black hesitated and stepped into the hall.

What everyone didn't find was that a figure passed over their heads at this time and entered the hall before them.

As soon as the three entered the hall, the door of the hall was closed directly.

A red light flickered, and the whole hall was suddenly enveloped by a red light curtain.

"What is this for?" The woman in black suddenly felt something was wrong. The long sword in his hand shot a bright sword.

Jianmang cut on the red light curtain, but only a slight ripple was swayed.

"Hey! Little girl, what do you say we are going to do! Obediently obediently obeyed, maybe Brother Xue will be sorry for you. If you dont know brother, Brother Xue might strengthen you, and then throw it to me to try it out. !" Lu Buping's voice was a bit of pleasure in the wicked evil. He was suppressed by the other party just now. Although he didn't cause any harm to him, but that kind of psychology made him very uncomfortable.

"Road is uneven! You shut up for me!" Xue Gongzi glanced coldly at the uneven road, and then smiled at the woman in black, "Xinlan girl don't listen to him talking nonsense, in fact, I painstakingly put the girl Please come, I want the girl to be a guest in my Xue family."

"Huh! You don't think about it! Master Chef might be fake!" The woman in black glanced at the figure,

The figure turned around, but it was an old man in black, and his body was full of breath. He was actually a strong man in the late period of the Divine Emperor.

"Little girl, you are too naive! Immediately agree to my son's request, otherwise I will personally do it!" The old man looked expressionless.

At this time in his heart, he also admired the means of his son-in-law. The black woman in front of me may be the eleventh cheated!

"Huh!" The black woman exhaled for a long time, and her eyes were a lot colder. "Don't be delusional, you can do it!"

"Senior Xue, you help me suppress her, I'll do it!" Lu Buping rubbed his hands and took out a scimitar, his eyes showing a eager look.

The old man glanced at Xue Gongzi, and when he saw that Xue Gongzi nodded slightly, he couldn't help saying: "Master Lu, you have to be careful, this woman is extraordinary!"

"There is a senior, I'm afraid of anything!" Lu Buping's scimitar flashed brightly in his hand, and he attacked the woman in black.

The woman in black had calmed down at this time, and her long sword greeted the opponent's offensive.

Lu Buping unreservedly shot with all his strength, while the black woman was suppressed by the old man, and had some scruples to retain a part of his strength. The two even became a tie in a short time.

The sword and the sword flashed, Xue Gongzi, who was onlookers, always smiled, and the old man in black released the powerful force of the world to threaten the woman in black.

Zhao Yuande watched the battle in the dark and probably knew about the woman's cultivation.

This woman's combat strength is very strong, and her powerful flesh has not yet been revealed at this time, she should not be difficult to overcome the uneven road, but there are still some gaps in wanting to fight the old man in black.

But if you have your own help, it will be different!

"Girl, don't show any abnormalities when you hear me!" Zhao Yuande's first sentence directly reminded the other party, "I will help you solve the old guy in a moment, you will kill this road!"

The woman in black was shocked when she heard Zhao Yuande's voice, but Zhao Yuande was reminded in advance, but her face showed a strange color.

This sound seems familiar, as if it has been heard somewhere!

But no matter how she imagined it, Zhao Yuande didn't think about her.

When the two met, Zhao Yuande was blown away by her, but she just said the word "me" just now!

His eyes looked in the direction of the sound, but found that the direction of the sound was empty.

"Don't look over, otherwise it will cause the old guy's attention, then it's not good!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded again in her sea of knowledge, "I will talk about it and you will explode with all your strength!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande was covered by yin and yang according to the sky mirror, not to mention that the old man in black couldn't find it even if he was a strong fairy.