Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339: Why Should I Save Me

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There is also a woman in black who has also changed color. She seems to have heard of this physique. Her blinking eyes seem to be recalling the battle just now, but in a moment she understood that what Zhao Yuande said is absolutely true, and at the same time I also admire Zhao Yuande!

It can be seen that this physique can also anticipate a crisis and treat it as a hostage. It is older than myself and I do not know how many times it is.

"You... how did you know!" The black-faced old man's face changed dramatically, and Xue Gusheng gave them the hope of the Xue family.

It is the only hope in these tens of thousands of years that can be promoted to Immortal Emperor Realm. For this hope, they spent endless resources and countless manpower and material resources to cultivate them into the true body of the Holy Spirit.

But he did not expect this hope to be hijacked now, which made him the head of the Xue family panicked!

As Zhao Yuande said, even if he gave up his old life, he will not give up Xue Gusheng, the other party is the hope of the Xue family's rise for countless years!

As long as there is a fairy emperor, the family owner will truly become a big family, and will gradually flourish in the world of people who eat people and eat fairy.

"How I know it is not the key. The key is to let us go, otherwise your Xue family's rise plan will be overwhelmed!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be more determined when he saw the change in face.

"" The black-faced old man had no solution. Although he hated Zhao Yuande, he did not dare to act.

"What are you, if you don't let us go..." Just before Zhao Yuande's words were finished, there was an angry roar in the distance.

"Who is it! Who killed my son! Who is..." A stream of light crossed the horizon, and the next moment a burly man appeared in front of everyone.

"! I felt the **** air on your body, it must be your hand!" Dahan showed a cold killer on his face, "I will kill you and avenge my son!"

The big man slaps towards Zhao Yuande and shoots them.

"Quickly stop him, otherwise our grandson will die if we die!" Zhao Yuande felt the crisis of death. He had fastened the jade charm and was ready to activate it at any time.

Seeing this big man, the black-faced old man's face changed, but his grandson was still in the hands of the other party. If this guy succeeded, his grandson would definitely die.

"Lu Donghai, you stop me!" The old man blocked the big man without hesitation. "My grandson is still in their hands. You will wait until I rescue my grandson!"


The two of them collided with their palms, the terrible impact broke the radiation, and the mountain below was instantly leveled!

"Old things, my son must have been implicated in your grandson and died. Since my son died, your grandson will also be buried with him!" Dahan roared again and again, and the old man immediately fought together.

"Fuck your mother's ass, Lu Donghai, you want to break the root of my Xue family, I fight with you!" The black-faced old man also shot with all his strength, he can't let Zhao Yuande and the woman in black have an accident.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a smile on his face.

At this time, even the woman in black gradually recovered.

The black-faced old man and the big man are evenly matched. The two of them are attacking and defending one by one, and the indiscriminate play is inseparable.

"You come to my inner world, and I will take you to another place!" Zhao Yuande looked at the woman in black.

The woman hesitated slightly and nodded gently.

Without Zhao Yuande, she might fall into the Xue family today, so she quickly chose to believe Zhao Yuande. She knew that the other party had a special method to hide her body.

"Don't resist." Zhao Yuande's sleeve flicked, and the woman in black entered his body world.

Of course, Zhao Yuande did not send her into the other side of the world. There were too many secrets there. The identity of the other party was not clear. He did not believe the other party that much.

The moment the woman in black was sent into the body world, Zhao Yuande launched the powerful effect of Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing.

The next moment he disappeared in place.

"Old stuff, they ran away!" Dahan felt the two men's breath disappeared, and suddenly burst into thunder.

"Leave? How is it possible, how could they disappear out of thin air under the supervision of our souls! This is totally out of the ordinary!" The black-faced old man was a little cold.

"His mother, if Lao Tzu catches these two guys, they will inevitably put them down..." Dahan pressed the palm of his hand emptyly, and he was covered under his palm for thousands of miles.


Thousands of miles of huge palm prints appeared on the earth, the mountains were collapsed by the rock, and countless monster and beast cultivators were directly shocked into the powder.

Zhao Yuande was also pressed by this palm at this time, and the whole person was photographed directly into the ground.

A bite of anti-blood came out of his chest, and he felt that he didn't know how many bones he had broken.

Fortunately, this palm is just a vent of anger, if you shoot him exclusively, I'm afraid it will be photographed directly.

Zhao Yuande was a little afraid at this time, he didn't dare to move at all, so he quietly lay in the palm of Deng Zhong, which was hundreds of feet deep, but he was submerged by the groundwater gushing from the ground a few breaths .

The black-faced old man saw this chapter fall, his face changed, and he couldn't help but cover the area covered by this palm.

It took a long time for the black-faced old man to exhale for a long time. This palm did not kill the two of them just now. They should have escaped.

Zhao Yuande used the yin and yang shining mirrors to monitor the two immortal realm strongmen, and took a long breath until they left.

He knew it was a disaster!

"Come out!" After Zhao Yuande's immortal body repaired the flesh, he waved and released the woman in black from the inner world.

"Are you okay!" The woman asked Zhao Yuande with blood at the corners of her mouth, and couldn't help asking.

"It's okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Why are you saving me?" The woman in black looked at Zhao Yuande and asked, "And why did you follow me in Xuanji Zongfang City that day?"

"I said girl, I have saved your life, at least tell me my name! Besides, don't use this kind of trial prisoner's tone!" Zhao Yuande's face is still a little ugly at this time, not only hurt with a palm He has shaken his consciousness, and if it is not strong and stable, I am afraid that it will collapse directly.

"That! Sorry, my name is Yi Xinlan, a child of the Yi family in the central fairyland." The woman in black introduced herself.

really! Zhao Yuande was overjoyed when he heard the name and identity of the other party, and it turned out to be Yi Menggui's family.

"Zhao Yuande, a disciple of Xuanji Sect! I saw you in Xuanji Zongfang City that day. I feel like a friend of mine. I haven't seen that friend for many years. I want to keep up and say hello. As a result... you all know "" Zhao Yuande said all the facts.