Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342: Fighting

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Zhao Yuande listened quietly and nodded. Since then, no one will have any objections. He will also feel the humanity of Zongmen, which has increased the cohesion of many addresses.

"This time there are exactly ten remaining people, we will decide by drawing lots, the same number is your opponent!"

The old man in charge took out the nephew's signature again and held it in his hand.

"Now the two disciples who have drawn No. 1 begin to compare!" The old man in charge looked at everyone.

"I'm number one!" Lu Tian quickly saw his numbers, and he couldn't help glancing away.

"I am also number one!" At this moment, a young man with a square face raised the jade sign in his hand.

The face of the square faced young man was all dignified, and he looked at Lu Tian with a slight fear.

"Hey! Fang Zhenyuan, do you still fight?" Lv Tian looked at the young man, and a ridiculous arc was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

"Fight! Why not fight, although I am not your opponent, but I will never be afraid of fighting!" Fang Zhenyuan came to the center of the battle station in one step.

He cultivated the tactics of a hundred battles, experienced a hundred battles, and made continuous progress in the battle! Descending without a fight will make him lose confidence and ruin his efforts.

"Since that is the case, I will fulfill you!" Lu Tian also stepped across from Fang Zhenyuan and sneered, "I'll let you go first! Otherwise, you may not have a chance!"

"Hundreds of battles!"

Fang Zhenyuan shouted, waving an euphorbia in his hand, and suddenly the world changed color and the sun was dark.

Everyone instantly felt that they appeared in a tragic battlefield, countless powerful warriors were fighting, countless flesh and blood flying, their heads rolling, the scene was very terrifying.

"Carving insect skills! Break me!" Lu Tian entered the battle without the kind of arrogance and domineering.

He emptied a palm wind with his bare hands, and suddenly there was a violent wind between heaven and earth, and there was dust and smoke.

An ancient mountain came down from the void, and the void around it crushed rumbling noises.

"Oh! The perfect fusion of wind and mountain, this person has fully comprehended the law of wind and the law of the earth, and they have perfectly integrated them. If this is his own understanding, this person's perception is absolutely against the sky!" Zhao Yuande looked Fighting in the field, whispering to Li Jingyang around him.

"No! This is Lu Taishang's famed magic power and one of the strongest magic powers of my Xuan Ji Sect "Zhenyue", but Lu Taishang has made some changes to incorporate the wind way into it." Li Jingyang explained.

"Even if this guy didn't understand it himself, it was terrible, and he was called one of the strongest geniuses! Brother Zhao, you have to be careful." Ning Xin on the side also showed dignity on her face.

After she lost to Zhao Yuande last time, she returned to Zong Menqin to practice hard and retreat. When she thought she was qualified to challenge Zhao Yuande, she was defeated by Lu Tian in one move.

At that time, the other party was the actual combat!

"This person is just a trick under my hands!" Zhao Yuande's words were faint, but the two people around him were stunned.

"This... Brother Zhao still don't care about it!" Li Jingyang froze for a long time, reminding.

"Good! Good! Brother Zhao, I am waiting for you to defeat him!" Fan Ying's eyes are crystal clear.


Under the pressure of Zhentong Zhenyue, the virtual image of the battlefield collapsed at once, and Fang Zhenyuan snorted and flew out, almost fell directly to the stage.

"Ah!" He climbed up, his pale face slightly disappointed.

"Lv Tiansheng!" The old man in charge announced immediately.

Lu Tian turned proudly and looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes had a provocative meaning.

Zhao Yuande was too lazy to care about the other party, but just joked with Li Jingyang.

Seeing this scene, Lu Tian's smug look disappeared, but the gloomy color on his face was getting stronger and stronger.

"Two people who have reached number two come to power!" The old man in charge looked at the remaining eight.

"Me!" Ning Xin was a little nervous when she heard this and jumped onto the stage.

"And me!" A sound that sounded very calm, and Jing Yi came into everyone's ears.

"It's Duanmu Feiyun! It seems that Ning Shimei is going to lose this time!" Li Jingyang saw a quiet woman on the stage, and she couldn't help showing a worried look on her face.

"Yes! Zhenyue's body is not what Ning Shimei can overcome, even Brother Li you are not necessarily......" Zhao Yuande said here, not only can he feel a little more talkative.

"It's okay! I know that I have personally battled with Duanmu Feiyun, and I am not her opponent at all! This woman is not much worse than Lu Tian!" Li Jingyang waved his hand, a trace of loneliness appeared on his face.

A person who claims to be the number one outside the door will be defeated in a row and anyone will lose.

"Brother Li, don't be discouraged. The road to cultivation is long. No one dares to predict what will happen in the future. How many geniuses will fall into the long river of time. There are a few people in the current fairy emperor who were sharp geniuses!" Zhao Yuande's words were faint , But it is thought-provoking.

As the so-called authorities are obsessed with bystanders and clear, Zhao Yuande's remarks about Li Jingyang's mausoleum broke out, and the kind of depression originally lost in the hands of Lu Tian and Duan Mu Feiyun disappeared all at once.

As they expected, Ning Xin tried her best to stand with the other party for dozens of breaths, and was eventually blown away by the other party.

Anyone can see that Duanmu Feiyun is merciful!

"Duanmu Feiyun wins! Next, the two of them will play on the third." Master Master announced.

"It's my turn!" Li Jingyang was struggling and strode to the battle platform.

"Brother Li, please enlighten me!" On the opposite stage was a beautiful and attractive woman.

"Sister Gong is careful!" Li Jingyang arched his hand.

He was told by Zhao Yuande that the fighting spirit was high, and the battle between the two was triggered at once.

Obviously, the two knew each other, and the woman named Gong Xiaodie also knew that she was not Li Jingyang's opponent. After ten breaths, she confessed directly.

"Li Jingyang wins! Two No. 4 players!"

A thin young man holding a long sword in his arms slowly walked onto the battle platform.

He was just a stop in the middle of the battle platform, and suddenly there was a sharp and fierce palpitation, which caused fear in the heart.

"The sword demon Jiang Jian is truly extraordinary. With this momentum alone, I have no guts to fight him."

"Good! Standing in front of him, I feel that Wan Jian will be put through my heart at any time."


Countless people in the audience were talking, looking at the thin young boy, both excited and frightened.

Appearing across from the thin boy was a veiled woman whose eyes flashed for a while, and finally shook her head.

"I admit defeat!" The woman's helpless voice came.

"Jiang Jiansheng! The next game is the last one!" The old man in charge turned his eyes to Zhao Yuande and Sun Wen. This last battle was what he most looked forward to.