Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343: Zhan Sunwen

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"It's finally my turn. This battle is what I look forward to the most!" Zhao Yuande tightened the nihility sword in his hand, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then strode onto the battle platform.

Sun Wen was also holding the third-grade fairy sword and embarked on the battlefield.

"You are not my opponent!" As soon as he came to power, Sun Wen spoke lightly.

"Why?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other curiously.

"You will lose no less than the sword with me, my opponent is Jiang Jian!" Sun Wen glanced at Zhao Yuande, and finally turned his attention to the thin young man standing quietly under the stage.

The eyes of the two contacted, and suddenly a bright brilliance burst out, as if two swords collided, and there was a sound of a sword.

"Hey, Sun Wen, your enemy is me, and you have to defeat me if you want to fight Jiang Jian!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other helplessly, which clearly did not put himself in the eye.

However, Zhao Yuande doesn't blame him. First of all, if you want to cultivate a sword immortal, you have an arrogance. If you lose this kind of temperament, you can't talk about becoming an sword immortal.

"Well, then! Let me defeat you first!" The interrogation against Jiang Jian's eyes just now did not result in a victory or defeat, which gave Sun Wen a sense of urgency. He wanted to defeat Zhao Yuande as soon as possible. Standing on the battle platform for a fight.

"Opinions cut the sky!"

Sun Wen shouted in his mouth, and his breath suddenly became extremely bully.

Although he was confident, he had also seen Zhao Yuande's battle and knew that Zhao Yuande was powerful.

Since he decided to defeat Zhao Yuande as soon as possible, he must show his true strength.

The fairy sword in his hand suddenly skyrocketed and turned into a heavenly sword, and his whole person suddenly merged into the sword.

The Shenjian Hengkong chopped down towards Zhao Yuande directly.

Zhao Yuande felt the horror of this sword, but instead of showing panic on his face, he showed an unusual color of excitement.

He felt a lot of things from his opponent's sword, and many things Qing Qingzi explained that were ignored in the sword meaning.

He did not avoid flashing, standing still, but the nihility sword whispered in his hand.


At this time, everyone seemed to hear the sound of waves, and I didn't know when the sky and earth became a blue sea.

Zhao Yuande stood quietly in the middle of the sea, and waves of waves surged toward the sword falling down in the sky.

"You will do the same thing? It's a pity..." Sun Wen's voice sounded from the Excalibur, but it's a pity that he didn't say anything later, and he felt that he was getting farther and farther away from the other side. Space, across the ocean.

"Break me!" Sun Wen shouted.


Sun Wen's sword fell, and the entire ocean was directly separated, but the tip of the sword was three feet away from Zhao Yuande. Although Jianmang was sharp, he didn't hurt him at all.

Because he also had a sharp edge, he completely blocked Jianmang's sharpness.

"No! What's the matter?" Many people in the audience showed a surprised look in their eyes.

"Just now it seemed to be a kind of sword intention... Did Zhao Yuande also understand the sword intention? How could this be possible!"

"It is the sword intention, but this kind of sword intention focuses on defense, but the attack is very lacking."


"This guy, I didn't expect to have some skills! But under my Zhenyue magical powers, even if you really understand the sword's intention, you must defeat me!" Lu Tian's eyes were full of fierce light.

At this time, only one of the audience burst into the eyes, that is Jiang Jian, he saw Zhao Yuande's powerful sword at a glance!

No... this is not entirely sword intention, just a mood!

Because Jianyi is only a little bit closer, only a little bit to realize!

If Zhao Yuande could comprehend the sword meaning, and could successfully integrate with this artistic conception, Jiang Jian thought that the excitement in his eyes would be more intense.

"Impossible! You will eat me another sword, and one sword will break everything!"

Sun Wen was the most unacceptable of this reality at this time. He didn't expect that the other party was also trying to figure out the sword intention, and he could understand the sword intention only a little.

The other party has been able to achieve this level before grasping the sword intention. If he understands the sword intention, wouldn't he be defeated?

No, he must not be allowed to understand the sword!

Sun Wen is another sword, and the world and all methods are retreating. All elements are cut in half under this sword. Even time is stagnant at this moment, and space is twisted under this sword.

But Sun Wen reluctantly found that this sword came out and once again fell on the surface of the sea, Zhao Yuande standing in the middle of the sea, this time even more ethereal.

After his sword fell, the other party seemed to disappear from the sky, and it seemed to be separated by thousands of mountains and waters, and endless oceans...


The artistic conception of the ocean was broken again with a sword, but Sun Wen found desperately that this sword did not hurt the other party again!

Not only did he not hurt the other party, but he was getting farther and farther away from the other party. Just three times apart, this time it was one foot apart!

"This... this is impossible!" Sun Wen felt more and more impatient.

Do you lose? He didn't know when he had such a thought!

If you go on like this, you can't hit the opponent at all, and your powerful sword moves are very depleting the power of the soul, which can support him to release seven or eight times at most.

If you can't hurt the opponent seven or eight times, you will definitely lose.

"No! Absolutely not! My opponent is Jiang Jian..." Sun Wen murmured again and again, "I'm going to use the strongest trick directly, although I prepared that sword for Jiang Jian, but now I haven't The solution! Only use it!"

"Eat me a sword, sword through the galaxy!"

A thick sword light shot straight towards Zhao Yuande, the speed of which simply exceeded the limit of human imagination, but it appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in a flash.

Zhao Yuande felt a surprise in his heart. If he was stabbed by this thick sword light, he might be cut in half in an instant. Although the undead body can be restored, it will directly reveal his own trick card.

"Fuse me..." Zhao Yuande shouted, and a clear blue ocean appeared around him!

The sword light suddenly penetrated into the ocean, as if walking through a quagmire of time, and the speed suddenly slowed down.

The distance between Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuande was extremely remote.


The swords rushed out of the turbulent sea and shot towards the huge sword.

Although the huge sword light is powerful and indestructible, but it can't bear so many sword-man attacks, the speed has suddenly dropped.


But at the next moment, the sea disappeared again. Under the powerful sword light attack, this time the artistic conception lasted for less than one breath, but this was enough.

Zhao Yuande's body was slightly on one side, letting the sword light pass.

But his body was still dripping with blood.